Сute cats. Interesting facts about cats

Сute cats

Cat heartbeat speed twice the human (from 110 to 140 beats per minute).

* 25% of cats breeders dried after bathing hairdryer.

The cat hunts mice, rescues a year to 10 tons of grain. In England, the cats used to protect grain stores and other food stores, they officially put on rations. Cats also protect mice from books and other relics of the British Museum. A cat in Austria, will serve on the protection of warehouses for several years, is based on a lifetime pension, issued to milk, meat and broth.

* If a cat is near you, and her tail shakes — is the greatest feeling of love, which she can express. When the tail starts to fall, then the mood changed — you can move, it will not be offended.

кошачьи ниндьзя

На двух лапах


Только в полете живут кото-леты

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