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Dogs look dreams? Interesting facts about dogs


Anyone who has ever had a dog, noticed how she twitches and squints in the dream.

Dogs have dreams and their dreams are actually very similar to ours.

The size of the dog can also determine the duration of its sleep.


Larger species of dogs have dreams only once in 45-60 minutes, but the duration of their dreams is 5-10 minutes.

Small breed dreaming every 10 minutes, but the duration of their dreams is only a minute. Puppies and older dogs have dreams more often than middle-aged dogs.

The amount of sleep needed to rest the dog depends on its activity during the day.

Despite the fact that they spend most of their time sleeping, dogs easier to wake up than men.


Dogs can be a variety of dreams, including good and bad. If your dog has a nightmare, do not panic. When they wake up, they may feel disoriented, but soon realize that what they dreamed, it was a dream.






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