How much time the cats are sleeping? Humor photos. Сute cats

Humor photos. Сute cats — Interesting facts about cats

How much time the cats are sleeping?

* Cats — the laziest mammals. They sleep 16 hours a day. Seven Years cat was awake only for two years of life!

* Cats are more active at night.

* Cats, when you do not sleep, take care of themselves 30% of the time.

* 95% of cat owners admit that talk with cats.

* Cat on average weighs 3-5 kg.

* If a cat’s ribs can not be felt, it is too thick.

* Whiskers help the cat to determine whether it crawl through the hole!

* If a cat’s hips stick out farther than the cheeks, then it loses the correct perception. Do not be surprised if the cat get into the hole in which one part of it is prolazit!

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