25 reasons why you should not have a dog.Сute dogs

25 reasons why you should not have a dog. Сute dogs

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1. You will live a week. The cycle never ends. You never relax. Morning and evening walk is waiting for you. All year round, even in the morning on January 1st. You can not go on business trips and on vacation. Life will turn into two activities: Walking and feed. Walk. Feed. Walk. Feed. Walk. Feed. Walk. Feed. Walk. And walks meant a long and full, interesting and cheerful, with the inevitable energetic obozrevaniya surroundings for people, dogs, children, cats, rustling bags and open hatches. The reaction was developed, people and dogs hate.
2. Chill hate too. As the heat. Not to mention the rain and slush. All calendar will take place before your eyes. Magazine «Young Naturalist» is ready for the big money to buy your observing nature. Salvation Army for more money will be ready to buy your clothes gulyatelnye a la jacket and old boots. And stupid hats! You will learn to comfort himself that «but heat and blows, and the darkness is still not visible.»
3. Forgetting about booze, clubs, night spree and Spanier until it stops. Now more importantly — do not buy some brandy, and how much was the last time your dog pee. And if you go beyond the critical mark of 12 hours, you will not save even hara-kiri. Because conscience. And we do not like drunks. And sneeze from smoke and look pained eyes. And the offer to go out — refuse to quietly but emphatically. Type — I’m better, I’ll sit here. And then suddenly you have udumali.
4. Prepare the new nightmares. The most terrible horror — in a dream you dreamed that ended feed. Although you have just recently bought a pack of fucking trinadtsatikilogrammovy Pedigree and dragged him on his hump on the fifth floor. And he suddenly ended.
5. Learn to understand the supplements and vitamins; do not listen to all those who ship on the subject of «how to feed the dog, because I feed her well»; predict that the dog will carry milk from the eggs will turn the stomach, and a tub of bread + food + bucket steam cans will be for dinner at the time. to be continued…


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