#funny children

Today, no one doubts that laughter is the best medicine for depression, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and lung diseases, but happily smiling people you can meet in our time is not often. Officially it revealed that modern humans began to laugh less than 100 years ago. Most people in our time always somewhere in a hurry, the whole day walking around with serious faces, trying to pass off as gloom efficiency and mind. No wonder that, with work, they come home with a bad mood than «infect» and other family members. Meanwhile, not only our health depends on how often we laugh, but the welfare and well-being of our children. At the age of one month, a small baby starts to copy their parents and if they are constantly smiling, he also borrows from them the habit. Toddlers do not yet know the saying, «Laughter without reason — sign fool» that keeps adults from the desire to laugh, so they laugh even when they see a butterfly fly past.




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