50 Uniquely Beautiful Wall Sconces That Also Serve As Decorative Pieces

In need of fresh lighting ideas? Whether you’re looking for attractive fixtures to complement your decor, or need something stylish to illuminate a specific side table or favorite reading chair, we hope you’ll find a light you love in this diverse compilation of decorative wall sconces. From ultra-modern adjustable bedroom lamps to rustic farmhouse lights for the kitchen, there’s something here to complement any interior – and any budget. Hardwired, battery-powered, and plug-in, we’ve collected designs for every level of DIY know-how. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!


Modern Minimalist Circular Wall Sconce: This gorgeous flush wall sconce is a great choice for small spaces or areas that don’t have much room for fixtures that stick out from the wall, like hallways or bathrooms.

$127BUY IT

Arne Jacobsen Style Designer Wall Sconce: Designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, the AJ Lamp is an iconic modern wall lamp design that has never lost its appeal. While the original Arne Jacobsen lamps are highly sought-after, this reproduction offers a nice budget-friendly alternative.


Tolomeo Style Wall Spot Light: Exceptionally versatile, this wall lamp inspired by the equally fabulous Tolomeo design is perfect for the bedroom – simply swivel and maneuver these contemporary wall lights to provide fully adjustable illumination for nighttime reading, morning tasks, and general mood lighting. You can find the original Tolomeo by Michele de Lucchi here.

$269BUY IT

Serge Mouille Style Two-Arm Wall Sconce: With one bent arm for focused task lighting and one straight arm for ambient illumination, Serge Mouille’s classic wall lamp design is as functional as it is beautiful. This reproduction captures that magic with ease. Are you a serious Mouille collector, or just prefer to own originals? You can find an authentic version of this swing arm wall sconce here.

$465BUY IT

Marset Polo A LED Wall Sconce: Designed by Joan Gaspar, the Marset Polo wall sconce offers precise lighting that still feels wonderfully soft and warm. This piece would look sharp in any minimalist or ultra modern interior.


White & Wood Accent Wall Sconce: Are you looking for a stylish light to complement your Scandinavian style interior? With natural solid wood and white details, this piece would look right at home among another Nordic inspired decor. This piece is an extra exciting find since wood wall sconces are anything but common.

$117BUY IT

Modern Minimalist Style Black Wall Sconce: These black wall lights are super sleek and simple, a stylish yet unobtrusive choice for any contemporary interior. A small brass accent completes the look.

$115BUY IT

Modern Cylindrical Wall Sconces For Outdoor Use: This collection of outdoor wall mounted lighting will stand up to harsh sun and wet conditions without losing their luster. Because they cast light both upward and downward, they add tremendous visual appeal to home exteriors at night – perfect if you want to bathe a tall wall in soft and appealing light.

$101BUY IT

Secto 4231 Style Wall Sconce: Based on an iconic design by Seppo Koho, this Secto replica is a gorgeous light wood wall sconce that offers soft, warm illumination wherever you put it. It’s perfect for Nordic-inspired homes and minimalist interiors alike. You can find the original here.


Modern Decorative Wall Sconce: Unique white wall lights like this one offer a sculptural touch that goes with any decor style, all without sacrificing an ounce of functionality.


Globe Shaped Wall Sconce: Here’s another versatile white wall sconce suitable for just about any interior. Soft lighting radiates from the top and bottom to illuminate more of the room.

$310BUY IT

IO LED Wall Light: Beautiful! This curvy LED wall sconce appears to float just millimeters from the wall for an outstanding weightless effect. Simply rotate the body of the sconce to focus the light as you need it.

$121BUY IT

Modern Minimalist White Wall Sconce: Reduced to the most basic forms that make up a classic lamp, this handsome minimalist piece will fit beautifully in any style of home. Versatile indoor wall lights like these are great for commercial applications like restaurants and offices as well.

$125BUY IT

Type 75 Mini Wall Sconce: Designed by Sir Kenneth Grange, this simple wall sconce with shade offers easy adjustability and extremely versatile aesthetic. Both the shade and the wall plate are crafted from durable aluminum.

$683BUY IT

Scandinavian Style Scantling Wall Sconce: This design by Mathias Hahn easily rotates and holds its position without springs or counterweights. Its white body is complemented by a distinctive wood accent that glows warmly under the light. These wall sconce light fixtures include a handy switch on the mounting plate.

$101BUY IT

Minimalist Deer Head Shaped Wall Sconce: Now let’s take a look at some fun designs that will really stand out in your interior! This copper wall sconce takes the shape of an antlered buck, its unique stylized aesthetic falling somewhere between retro rustic and luxurious art deco.

$160BUY IT

Deer Head Shaped Wall Sconce: Inspired by children’s pop-up books, this origami style deer lamp makes a bold impression in any room. It gives off a soft glow rather than direct lighting, the antlers formed from the light itself. Don’t forget to check out our compilation post featuring other creative faux deer heads.

$190BUY IT

Peacock Wall Sconce: Here’s another creative wall sconce that gives off a decorative light pattern. When turned off, it looks like an abstract fixture – when turned on, a brilliant peacock tail appears on the wall. See our peacock home decor post for more interesting items like this one.

$148BUY IT

Bird Shaped Wall Sconce: Playful yet sophisticated, this bird-shaped wall lamp is sure to draw compliments. You can find more accessories like this in our bird home decor compilation post.

$261BUY IT

Owl Wall Sconce: Perfect for nurseries, bedrooms, or anywhere that needs a little extra character, this owl wall sconce is a fabulous way to add some whimsy to any space. Do you crave more items like this one? Complete your collection with the help of our owl home decor post.


Stylish Contemporary Wall Sconce: If you’re looking for a flush mount wall sconce that stands out from the ordinary, this sleek piece is sure to delight. It offers layers of indirect lighting to add to the ambiance of any space. Its smooth white exterior almost appears as a natural extension of the wall.


Modern Style Multi Faceted Wall Sconce: An obvious choice for interiors that follow the geometric decor trend, these faceted sconces make a stylish statement while providing indirect lighting above and below. These wall mounted lights are available in white and black.


Modern Minimalist Rounded Cube Wall Sconce: Offering more than just a cool contemporary look, these LED wall lights are available in three color temperatures so you can find the best fit for your chosen application, whether you need something brighter for an area like a kitchen or something warmer for a bedroom or library.

$104BUY IT

Stylish Linear LED Wall Sconce: Sometimes wall sconce lighting can double as functional artwork. This unique piece creates a dramatic play of light and shadow.


Clear Glass Cylindrical Brass Finish Wall Sconce: Shaped almost like a torch, this sophisticated brass wall sconce re-imagines an indispensable ancient light source as a contemporary statement piece. Its low profile and versatile appeal means it would work equally well in hallways and entryways as it would in living rooms or bedrooms.


IC C/W Style Light: With soft light that filters through its milk glass shade, this globe wall sconce serves as an excellent source of mood lighting. It’s based on a design by the prolific Michael Anastassiades – if you’d love to get your hands on an original, it can be found here.

$100BUY IT

Clear Glass 2 Light Wall Sconce In Chrome Finish: Fans of vintage-style bulbs are sure to appreciate the transparent shades on this clean and simple 2 light wall sconce. Choose how you’d like these lights to operate – use the switches included on the fixture or wire them to a switch for easier operation. This sconce can be installed facing upward or downward.

$160BUY IT

2 Light Crystal Wall Sconce: This gorgeous crystal wall sconce captures and scatters the light through its faceted diffusers. The rest of the fixture is crafted from solid brass that will develop a rich patina as it ages.


Adjustable Swing Arm Plug In Wall Sconce: Copper details make these black sconces pop with classic appeal. Highly adjustable, this model would be a great fit for mounting next to a reading chair, office desk, or other task-oriented space.


Industrial Style Extendable Accordion Wall Lamp: Here’s another light that offers superior adjustability – this accordion wall lamp easily extends or contracts and swings back and forth horizontally to shine light just where you need it.


Industrial Style Wall Sconce: Topped with a distinctive red knob, this industrial wall sconce lighting adds color and personality to contemporary warehouse-style interiors. Make sure to browse our industrial style lighting post for more ideas.


Industrial Style Wall Sconce With Switch: Whether you’re looking for vintage-style decor or something with a little industrial flair, this cage wall sconce might fit the bill. Low-output Edison bulbs are recommended for a warmer lighting effect.


Flexible Gooseneck LED Wall Sconce: With a sturdy gooseneck design, this adjustable wall sconce can accommodate any position you need to light your lifestyle. It’s a great choice for home offices, bedrooms, kid’s rooms, and spaces that require precise lighting like craft areas.

$139BUY IT

Beautiful Cylindrical Ribbon Wall Sconce: This ceramic wall sconce features an attractive matte texture that brings out tremendous warmth from the gentle light it casts. Each one is made by hand.


Rustic Farmhouse Style Mason Jar Wall Sconce: How cute are these? Made from classic Mason jars and string lights, this farmhouse wall sconce design features handmade appeal without the hassle. The lights are battery-operated so you don’t have to worry about hard wiring and can move the fixtures around as you wish. You can even change the flowers to better suit your decor!


Wall Sconce With Artificial Plant: A great way to add a touch of green to a kitchen, office, or living room, this plastic and iron wall sconce includes an artificial plant to bring a touch of the outdoors in.

$495BUY IT

Modern Wooden Wall Sconce With Walnut Finish: A nice compliment for contemporary and classic interiors alike, this oiled walnut wall sconce has a cool architectural quality that invites further exploration at every glance. It casts like both upward and downward, with ambient rays filtering through the slots in the face and sides. It’s also available in dark stained walnut.


Wooden Wall Sconce With Clock: This clock lamp combination would make an incredible housewarming gift for anyone who loves modern design. And it’s useful too – the included light makes it easy to read the time in the dark, great for hallways and living rooms. Don’t forget to browse our unique wall clock compilation post for more designs like this one.


Wall Light With Bluetooth Speaker: Portable, rechargeable, and adjustable, this color-changing LED lamp with speaker connects through Bluetooth to play music wherever you are. Consider using this piece in your bathroom or camping tent (away from moisture, though!) or even in a bedroom. Teens and children might also appreciate one of these as a multipurpose nightlight. Head over to our beautiful speakers post for more decorative speaker inspiration.


Motion Sensing Battery Operated Wall Sconce: Illuminate your space only when you need it with this battery powered wall sconce. It’s great for bathrooms, hallways, staircases, and anywhere else where on-demand lighting would come in handy.


Creative Wall Sconce With Spiraling Light Spots: Available with yellow, white, or multicolored lights, this creative wall sconce casts a decorative spiral of lights to bring visual interest to any wall. Consider this piece as a unique complement to futurist, ultra-modern, or contemporary interior decor styles.


Star Wars Lightsaber Wall Sconce: Any game room or home theater could use a super-cool lightsaber wall light, right? Use the included remote to choose between 8 different colors, or set the light to automatically cycle between all eight. We have an entire post dedicated to Star Wars home decor if you’re looking to complete a collection!


Funny Stick Figure Shaped Wall Lamp: Bring character to your favorite space with this silly stick figure sconce. Who wouldn’t smile at this little light’s huge personality?


Clear Glass Skull Wall Sconce: Decorate for Halloween, surprise your favorite gothic friend at their housewarming party, or complete your steampunk home decor scheme with this super detailed skull wall sconce.


Modern Concrete Wall Sconce: It’s adjustable, simple, and follows the concrete lighting trend – this versatile concrete wall lamp would work well in any room, alongside any style of decor.

$310BUY IT

Shell Shaped Nautical Wall Sconce: If you liked our nautical home decor post, you might find this shell-shaped light would look good in your sea themed home. This nautical wall sconce would also look good in bathrooms, covered indoor balconies, or anywhere with a coastal view.


Dragon Wall Sconce: Crafted from crushed stone resin, this incredibly detailed dragon wall sconce will bring mystery and medieval charm to any interior. If you know somebody who collects pieces like this, or if you have a themed room, have a quick look through our dragon home decor post, or maybe even browse our collection of Game of Thrones home decor.

$105BUY IT

Decorative Candle Holder Wall Sconce: Looking for something a little more romantic or moody than electric lighting? These wrought iron candle wall sconces offer a whimsical effect as seven tea lights flicker and dance across the branches. Because they don’t require the DIY know-how of wired sconces, unique tea light holders like this one make great housewarming gifts.

$106BUY IT

Angel Shaped Wall Sconce: If you or somebody you know collects angel statues, this lovely angel wall sconce could serve as a decorative complement.

$2200BUY IT

Viscosity Decorative Wall Sconce: Part sculpture and part lighting, this artistic abstract wall sconce is sure to draw eyes and spark conversation wherever you install it. Designed by Rob Zinn, it’s available in a range of color schemes to suit any interior.

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