An Industrial, Colorful Loft in London

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Located in an old factory near Edgware Rd, London, United Kingdom, this colorful and animated loft was thoroughly planned and designed by Cloud Studios. Playful and artistic, the apartment gives away good vibes at every step.

An open plan lounge, kitchen and dining room invaded by natural light sets the tone for a bright home with an original character. Dynamics is achieved through numerous lines that direct and redirect the viewer’s attention in all corners of the interior.
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Here is more information from the designers: “The apartment, which is in a converted industrial space, was completely reconfigured by Cloud to create two bedrooms and a large open plan living space. The architectural details have an industrial feel (concrete ceilings, Critall widows and exposed pipes). The clean lines and high ceilings were enhanced with a pale Douglas fir wide-planked floor and a contemporary kitchen.”

Unlike the energetic social zone, the bedrooms inspire peacefulness throughout. This feeling was achieved with the help of soft hues of white and beige and the lack of excessive ornamentation. Have a look and tell us what you think! [Photography courtesy of Cloud Studios]
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