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Delicious diet cake «Raspberry tenderness»?

Ingredients: For cakes: * Rice flour-55 gr * Corn flour -55 gr ( can be replaced with any flour 110 gr) * Baking powder-1 tsp. * Ryazhenka-200 ml * Sweetener-to taste * Egg-4 PCs * Vanillin-1 gr For the cream: * Cottage cheese (I have fat-free in the briquette)-500 gr •Yogurt~300 ml

Chocolate cake with hazelnut

  Ingredients: * 2 cups hazelnut • 1 Cup dates, pitted * 3/4 Cup cocoa powder * 1/2 Cup 2 tablespoons maple syrup • 1 medium avocado Preparation:

Christmas decoration ideas

Interesting crafts for Christmas

Design of beautiful houses

In what style you would like to see the execution of the facade of your home (lately, you can see more and more mixing of two or more styles in the framework of the design of one building); construction and finishing materials (in many respects, the choice of building style is dictated by decisions about […]

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