Interesting facts about the big dogs-1. Funny dogs

Сute dogs

Large dogs can bring much joy to the family, they are the favorites. Of course, they, like any other dog breeds has its pluses and minuses. On the positive side is their wonderful character — big dogs, with proper upbringing, as a rule, very gentle, good-natured and loyal creatures. They are fairly easy to served to training and do not require a lot of exercise. With regard to the content of the downsides of these dogs, they can be attributed fairly large food costs, as such large animals require a corresponding amount of food. The most distressing factor, perhaps, is the fact that representatives of large breeds often have a much lower life expectancy than their smaller cousins.
Despite the presence of cons and huge popularity of small breeds of dogs, many people prefer to have in your house a large dog that is not only loyal and good friend of the whole family, but also a reliable defender and guard the territory.






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