Bookworms will Adore this Cabin in Upstate New York

Cozy Bed and Chair

Studio Padron’s clients asked for a standalone library and guest house in the woods behind their vacation home in upstate New York.  They got the Hemmelig Room, an idyllic space for bookworms to curl up and read undisturbed.

The name means ‘secret room’ in Norwegian, which is wonderfully fitting for this hidden space.  The one-room layout is just enough room for the bed, desk, and chair that the design team included in the space.

Cabin in the Snow

Studio Patron’s cozy design made the most of on-site materials.  Construction of the main house involved cutting down some mature oak trees on the property.  The design team reused them to make warm, richly colored walls in the Hemmelig Room.

They lay the logs horizontally with gaps so the owners can tuck their many books into the walls. This efficient design has a very cool look.  On a snowy day, you can hide out in this cabin where another story is always within reach. [Photography by Jason Koxvold and courtesy of dezeen Magazine]

Room for Bookworms

Secret Door

Black Exterior

Big Window


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