Why cats are so fond of the box? Funny cute

Why cats are so fond of the box?

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The first thing that comes to mind when trying to explain this craving for cardboard — that cat predators by nature, and therefore like to sit in ambush. But it soon becomes apparent that this, at least not one reason for such behavior. Researchers, veterinarians and behavioral biologists have long been interested in this issue, and that’s what they found.

Closed Spaces give protection

Veterinarian Claudia Wienke from Utrecht University in the Netherlands, working in the cat shelter, found that if the new cats to provide a box as a temporary shelter for a period of development, it is better to take root in the shelter, and then more willing to communicate with people. It logically corresponds with the cats reactions to stress, they tend to retreat and hide. As Wienke commented: «The retreat to the shelter — a behavioral strategy of this type, which is necessary to get used to a change in environment and the stress of confrontation.» Cats in the wild, hiding in the hollows, caves and trees — and prefer homemade box.

«Cats do not develop strategies to resolve conflicts, as do the herd / pack animals, and therefore they prefer to avoid encounters with the enemy.» Therefore, we can say they are trying to solve the problems instead of running away and hiding from them. However, even a cat in a good mood tend to boxes.

It is well known that cats cozy feel, not only in boxes, but also in other places with limited space.



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