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In London a few years ago at the ripe age of Wilberforce died cat, perhaps the most famous in the UK. His career began in 1973 when a stray cat picked up on the street and brought to the residence of the Prime Minister, which bred a mouse. And «the mouse problem» was solved soon. Since then he has carried stretch his watch, regularly serving four with successive prime ministers. It is said that he sometimes even present at the meetings of the Cabinet. He was particularly fond of the past prime minister Margaret Thatcher. From foreign trips she often brought home to him the various treats. When a cat grown old, he was sent to «retire» in one of the private houses. His demise of Margaret Thatcher was announced at a cabinet meeting.

Many British MPs expressed the proposal Commons hire the services of a cat for the extermination of mice terrorizing MPs. Mice quite insolent and is not harboring any respect for the parliamentarians, appear at the most inopportune moments of discussions, breaking the serious discussion of important issues. Attempts to get rid of the mice, of course, been made, but were unsuccessful. Labour MP Dennis Turner, a cat who gave birth to offspring, Parliament gave two kittens. Hang on, the mouse!


It is estimated that one cat hunting mice rescues them from a year to 10 tons of grain. In England, the cats used to protect food stores, were on a government allowance, as well as cats, mice preserving books and other relics of the British Museum. A cat in Austria, will serve on the protection of warehouses for several years, is based on a lifetime pension, issued to milk, meat and broth.


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