I bring to your attention a recipe for a delicious cake-parfait from the famous Greek confectioner Stelios Parlyaros. Preparing is very simple, all products are available, and fun — the sea!

egg white (about 6 eggs) — 200 gr.
sugar (200 for meringue + 210 for parfait) — 410 gr.
powdered sugar (sift!) — 200 gr.
lemon juice — 120 ml.


lemon peel — 1 tsp.
Egg yolk (about 6 eggs) — 110 gr.
cream (fat, 35%) — 450 gr.
Milk chocolate (any, for decoration) — 40 gr.

French meringue:
Protein, beat with sugar (200 gr.) Until firm, soft peaks.
In three steps to introduce powdered sugar, stirring it with a spatula.

On a piece of baking paper, draw two circles with a diameter of 20 cm.
Place the meringue in a culinary bag or syringe with a thick tubular nozzle and deposit (starting from the center) two disks with a thickness of 0.6 mm.

The rest of the meringue is planted in the form of sticks (very similar to a choux pastry, only shorter) with a length of 7 cm.

Bake at t 120 * p. 1.5 hours. Focus on your oven. The meringue should be perfectly dry and crunchy, well move away from the paper.

Lemon parfait:
Juice, zest and sugar (210 gr.) Put in a saucepan with a thick bottom, heat well, to dissolve the sugar, but do not let boil. Remove from heat and cool completely.

Add yolks, mix well.

And heat over very low heat, constantly stirring, up to t 85 * C. Fully cool.

Beat cream until firm and soft peaks.

Combine with lemon-yolk mixture and mix very well.

The assembly ring should be high, if not, extend it with baking paper tape.
Place the ring on the sheet of foil and press the foil against the sides of the mold, place it on the dish.
Lay the meringue on the bottom.

Cover it with half parfait.

Spread the second disc meringue.

And cover the remaining parfait. We send the cake for 5-6 hours in the freezer.

Freeze the cake free from the form. I warm up my sides very quickly, blowing them with a hairdryer.

Garnish the sides with meringue chopsticks, chop the meringues on top and garnish with grated chocolate. Cake stored in the freezer for 5-7 minutes. before serving move to the shelf of the refrigerator.

Cut the cake into portions, best of all, with a hot, dry and very sharp knife.

It is sooo delicious! Crispy meringue and sour aromatic lemon parfait!

Help yourself!
Have a nice tea party!

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