BEST CAR. Nissan Leaf (Nissan Leaf) electric vehicle

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Nissan Leaf (Nissan Leaf) — electric hatchback «C» class. The debut of the updated version of the model was held in November 2012.


Nissan Leaf

If we look at the outside Nissan Leaf, changes in its appearance hardly found, except that one of the kits, but they became three, were 17-inch wheel. In addition, the exterior colors instead of the previous seven became four. Inside, the main innovation was the dominance of bright colors instead of black, and leather seats are available as an option.

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Nissan Leaf

Leaf of the interior, it is worth saying that the engineers moved the battery charger in the front of the car, allowing the boot capacity has increased from 330 to 370 liters. The very same charging hatch can be opened not only by hand, but with the key fob. In addition, the electric car has received the heat pump as an interior heater, heating of seats, steering wheel and even the heat shield on the ceiling. And all this not only increased the energy consumption, but even decreased it.UploadImage (4)

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As for the other parts of equipment Leaf, it is worth noting the appearance of the assistant at startup on the rise, the navigator with the search function available battery charging points and the laying of energy-saving route.

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The top-end configuration, you can count on the LED headlights with automatic adjustment as standard equipment (in other versions — for a fee). Optionally, you can install on the electric energy-efficient and lightweight Bose sound system with seven speakers, monitor, review and even a circular plasma generator that kills germs and removes odors. We can not say that the parking brake in the updated Leaf became a foot.

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Perhaps the most important innovation of the updated Nissan Leaf became the new motor with a reduced content of dysprosium and other rare earth elements, which spares the environment and in the production process and during disposal. Japanese engineers have combined the engine with upgraded inverter and converter DC / DC.

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As a result, the combined unit takes 30% less engine compartment and dropped 10% weight. Lightweight parts Nissan specialists and used in the battery module that has made a total of Leaf 80 kg lighter than its predecessor, and increased the mileage on a single charge of 200 km in the European cycle, and up to 228 — in yapnoskom.

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Interestingly, the driver of Nissan Leaf can switch between 100-percent Long Distance Mode, which optimizes settings for playing the greatest distance, and the regime of 80-percent Long Life Mode, in which the mileage on charging less, but battery life is extended.

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90 kW (electric, 110 hp, 280 Nm)
2WD (front wheel drive)
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h in 10 seconds, top speed 145 km / h and a cruising range of 228 km

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BEST CAR. Nissan Leaf (Nissan Leaf) electric vehicle


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