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Top 10 Ideal Cars for Father’s Day

There exists, for all Dads, the perfect car or truck, the one that will perfectly meet his needs and tastes. We came up with an list of the Top 10 ideal cars and trucks for Father’s Day, 2017 version.

2018 Honda Odyssey 10-speed Automatic Tested: With a Van Like This, Who Needs a Crossover?


Not that you’d ever be able to convince today’s crossover-crazy buyers, but three-row SUVs continue to move substantially in the minivan direction, with decreased ground clearance and towing capacity; front-wheel-drive architectures; and spacious, family-friendly cabins. As these segments converge, it begs the question: What makes a minivan a minivan? Sliding doors? Removable seats? The lines have been blurred, particularly in the case of the all-new Honda Odyssey, which shares a platform with the company’s three-row crossover, the Pilot. READ MORE ››

New Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer 2017 review

Road tests

20 Jun, 2017

Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer - front

Massive new Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer estate is set to make big impression in a market where practicality is key

Holden Commodore sales to fall with imported car


Sales focus for Holden to move from Commodore to Astra, Colorado, SUVs in 2018

Supercars Leaving Hotel — F1 GTR, Aventador’s, 458 Speciale, Gallardo’s & More!!

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