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oh myyyyyy what is that


HUSK at tilmelde jer vores mailliste

Hej igen..Vi er gjort opmaerksomme paa at man ikke kan se de nye blogs uden linket der bliver sendt ud til jer paa mail saa derfor beder vi jer der ikke har tilmeldt sig maillisten om at goere det saa i kan faa det hele med. Vi tror det er pga. d

How Many Lives Ar Left


5 star beds for the best sleep-outs in Africa

Sleeping out, under the African night sky is the insomniac’s dream. On safari the entertainment never stops and outside, all the channels are switched on at once. Between a heaven that is alive with satellites, stars, planets and planes and the bush that loudly goes about its gossip and business, the miracle of a great […]

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I am running out of adjectives to use as every where I go is totally beautiful gorgeous and stupendous. Since leaving Milan we have based ourselves in Siena and done day trips from here. We have been to Florence and San Gimmiano as well as exploring Siena

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