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5 Gallery Wall Hacks for a Fresh Spin on an Old Classic

gallery wall hacks

These five gallery wall hacks will help you add visual interest to any space. Image: Domus Nova

The gallery wall. When done right, it’s impressive. When done poorly, it can be a mess. Art must be spaced correctly and hung straight. (We’ve already explored some of the core tips and tricks for hanging a gallery wall.) Even so, those aren’t always the biggest problems you face when hanging a gallery wall. How do you differentiate your wall and make sure the end result of all that effort is something you truly love? These five gallery wall hacks will help you nail it.

Ultimately, you want your gallery wall to add visual interest to your home. It turns an entire wall into a canvas with which you can play. Above all, hanging a gallery wall should be fun! Using these five tips will help you build a gallery wall you, your friends and your family will admire for years to come.

gallery wall hacks - start small

Don’t be daunted by gallery walls. Just a few pictures grouped together is a starting point. Image: Shanade McAllister-Fisher

1. Start small

Building the perfect gallery wall is like most things: It takes time. While we’d love to give you the tools to build a massive, flawless display tomorrow, a little practice makes perfect. Instead of pulling out your hair trying to nail a large-scale wall on the first go, start simple. A few smaller pictures are a great (and oftentimes more cost-effective) substitute for large artwork. Choose an area where you had planned to hang a single, larger piece and try your hand at a small gallery wall.

Once you get your feet under you with spacing and straightening a few pictures, expanding to a larger area will feel less stressful. The more fun you can have with it, the better your results!

gallery wall hacks - work with your space

Follow the natural lines of your house when spacing your gallery wall. Image: Heidi Caillier Design

2. Work with what you’ve got 

A gallery wall is a perfect opportunity to highlight your home’s natural flow. Build your wall around the existing fireplace or the line of your stairs. Interweaving your home’s art and architecture marries the two. It also helps your gallery wall look like it belongs, making it an interesting part of your decor rather than a random group of pictures on your wall.

gallery wall hacks - matting

Matting adds space to your gallery wall and keeps it from looking too heavy. Image: Home Polish

3. Mind your matting

One of the biggest challenges facing gallery wall hangers is balance. How do you hang a number of pictures on your wall without it feeling clunky or heavy? Oftentimes, the answer lies in matting. Matting your pictures is one of the best gallery wall hacks because it’s like adding white space to design: It creates a natural pause, adding a feeling of lightness and breath. When you’re hanging an eclectic group of art, matting photos and prints helps fill in the gaps and keep things balanced.

gallery wall hacks - framing

Playing with different types of frames adds depth to your gallery wall. Image: Studio Wok

4. Have fun with framing

The art itself isn’t the only thing you can play with when hanging a gallery wall. If you’ve ever seen a gallery wall that looked a little bland, the frames may be to blame. In most gallery walls, frame size changes. You don’t have to stop there, though. Add different colors or textures when hanging unframed prints and canvases. Changing up the edging of your artwork gives the eye interesting lines to follow, adding dynamism to your wall.

gallery wall hacks - monochromatic

A monochromatic gallery wall keeps things looking polished. Image: Stafford Bensen

5. Go monochromatic

Are you feeling overwhelmed when picking art for your gallery wall? Choose a color that you love and work from there. Having a core color – or even going monochromatic altogether – ensures that every item on your gallery wall works with the whole. When you go monochromatic, you get more freedom to play with spacing and alignment, because your wall will look cohesive regardless.

Hanging a gallery wall takes time. It requires you to map things out and think through your vision, but all that work is worth it for a stunning end result. Armed with these gallery wall hacks, you’re ready to create a full wall of art that will wow your friends.

How will you use these gallery wall hacks to enhance your home? Let us know in the comments.

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50 Splendid Small Kitchens And Ideas You Can Use From Them

Keeping wild aspirations in check can be difficult when viewing compact modern homes on the market. All can be going swimmingly until you walk to the end of a hallway and ask “Where is the kitchen?”, and the real estate agent opens out their arms and says “This IS the kitchen.” Before you head for the exit, consider that small CAN be beautiful. Limited dimensions set challenges in creating a functional and stylish space it’s true, but the two goals are achievable in tandem. These 50 small kitchen designs bring tips on how to make a shining gem out of restricted cooking space by thinking outside the tiny box.

Designer: Diễm Kiều  

Jazz up old kitchen tiles with patterned stickers. Our first small kitchen design is covered in intricate monochrome wall and floor tiles that draw you into the compact space. You don’t have to start from scratch to achieve this look though, tile transfers are a quick and cost effective way to transform an existing tiled backsplash.

Visualizer: Int2 Architecture  

Free up drawer space and decorate the walls with useful kitchen tools. This magnetic wall mounted knife holder keeps kitchen knives out of limited small kitchen organization trays, and instead moves them up on display. In this small kitchen remodel, the display complements the sharp design of a geometric backsplash.

Visualizer: aTng 糖 & Dunqiang Chen  

Create a recessed kitchen nook. This one-wall kitchen layout is set within a dividing wall of a studio apartment. The recessed design hides the kitchen cabinetry away from the rest of the open plan space, resulting in almost a separate room.

Visualizer: aTng 糖 & Dunqiang Chen  

Source small kitchen appliances to maximise bench space. A two ring induction hob leaves extra space for dishes and prep in this small modern kitchen. The tiny extractor canopy leaves wall space looking more spacious too.

Visualizer: ArchiCGI  

Add luxurious finishes. This marble kitchen backsplash creates a look of sophistication through the centre of contemporary white cupboards. Larger wooden storage cupboards flank the end of the kitchen run and span the upper space, creating a warm frame around the cool scheme.

Designer: Studio Bazi  

Inject a little colour. Beautiful traditional tiles bring a stripe of joy into this L shape white kitchen design, complemented by a classic teapot.

Install an eye-catching centrepiece to distract from limited room dimensions. A large kitchen clock is an ideal piece to draw the eye, and it also serves a practical function. The chunky retro analogue clock with calendar feature gracing these shelves is available here. This country style small u shaped kitchen also utilises decanters, storage jars and colourful dry foods to expand the display.

Visualizer: Fastighetsbyran  

Double bank wall cabinets to make the most of vertical real estate. Adding in an extra row of wall cupboards can drastically increase your small kitchen storage space.

Give kitchen items a dual use. This hard working little space offers up a number of small kitchen storage ideas. Mini wine racks hold up ceiling skimming shelves, a glass mixing bowl doubles as a fresh egg holder, and a water jug sidelines as cooking utensil storage.

Visualizer: 3XA  

The simplistic wooden bar within this black and white kitchen can be used like a small kitchen island for cooking prep, or as a small kitchen table for dining. Two low hanging kitchen pendant lights give its placement more prominence and permanence.

Designer: Vertebrae  

In this colour injected grey kitchen, a bright yellow small kitchen island with seating sits below statement shelving that holds wine glasses within easy reach.

Designer: Antonio Perrone  

Get creative with lighting. LED strip lights create a glow around these wall cabinets, causing a floating effect. The colour of your units can brighten too; yellow accent kitchens make an uplifting choice for a shady little spot.

Visualizer: Michał Bartecki  

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! This fiery orange backsplash takes a grey small apartment kitchen up another level.

Designer: Vera Tarlovskaya Interiors  

Choose slimline seating styles. Sourcing small kitchen table sets can be a tricky task. There must be enough room for the whole family to gather round but high-backed chairs can eat up a lot of space. Consider stools instead; they can be pushed away completely beneath your table to maximise walkable floor area. Look at tables that open on all sides too so that they can be pushed flush against a wall whilst offering leg space under all three remaining sides.

Visualizer: Hung Le  

Go handle-free. A handless kitchen has a far less fussy finish. There are also no pesky sticking out pieces to accidentally hook clothes on whilst passing by in close quarters. Particularly useful in corridor-like layouts like this green kitchen that leads straight up to a doorway.

Visualizer: Andriy Maheha  

Use the art of camouflage. This minimalist kitchen uses white cabinets against a white backdrop to blend in. A soffit takes the line of the cabinet fronts right up to the ceiling for a smooth seamless finish.

Designer: Black & Milk  

Make awkward shaped spaces work for you. Install shelving below sloping eaves to squeeze out every last inch in small kitchen remodels.

Designer: Holzrausch  

Another one below the eaves. This glowing small kitchen sink area is surrounded by bespoke grey kitchen cabinets that follow a sloping ceiling without a single gap.

Designer: Anton Medvedev  

A small kitchen table and chairs can act as a partially dividing wall, like in this small galley kitchen.

Source: Schmidt Kitchens  

Go large on just one wall. In this wood and white small u shaped kitchen, tall larder units have been restricted to just one wall. The taller cupboards are plain white so that they fall away from attention too.

Visualizer: Liuba Kushnir  

Use glass doors to create a sense of added space.

Visualizer: Andrey Karasev  

The best thing about a tiny cooking space is that a small kitchen remodel cost is a lot less than its bigger cousins! This means that you can opt for some high-end finishes, like the recessed ceiling lights around the perimeter of this tall but small kitchen layout. A couple of black kitchen bar stools anchor the lofty design.

Designer: MKCA  

For more clean and crisp white kitchens like this one, check out these 30 Modern White Kitchens That Exemplify Refinement.

Designer: Paglialonga Studio  

Another great example of how small kitchen islands can double as dining space.

Source: Ikea  

Plant a kitchen greenhouse window. If you love growing your own herbs but are pushed for sill space, then look up! Be inspired by this ikea small kitchen; install a few rods across the glass to hang extra indoor herb planters right where they flourish. This small kitchen design incorporates hanging hook systems all over the walls too. A magnetic knife holder with hooks is an even more space friendly option.

Source: Ikea  

Paint kitchen chalkboards. A chalkboard doesn’t have to take up wall space, you can splosh blackboard paint right onto your cabinets. Use your new writing space to jot shopping lists and display the weeks menu. Cover a few small kitchen shelves too to match the look.

Source: Ikea  

A small kitchen stand offers a large amount of storage. A stand or a small kitchen cart has a tiny footprint that can fit into a disused corner. This one tiny addition could solve your overspill problem and leave benches clear. Unique hanging planters in this Scandinavian kitchen clear a little extra prep space too.

Source: Ikea  

Get busy! This stacked open kitchen shelving should look messy but instead it harmoniously matches with the busy wallpaper. The maple top kitchen work table stores a menagerie of items on display too.

Designer: Atelier Daaa  

Use a-maze-ing pattern. Ok, your tiles don’t have to have a maze pattern like these stunning monochrome examples, but strong geometric line works fabulously over small kitchen floor plans. Light wood cabinets and cutting boards make a soft accompaniment to black and white decor.

Source: Fastighetsbyran  

Small kitchen tables often work best as a bespoke built-in design.

Think you don’t have room for a dishwasher? There are numerous slimline small kitchen appliances on the market to fit challenging spaces.

Designer: Gleba+Störmer  

Follow colour theory. Red is believed to enhance the appetite, hence why red is a popular choice in food packaging design. A red kitchen could get you in the mood to create more delicious dishes. You don’t have to go all in on red though, a single red shelf could create pop without being overwhelming. The copper desk lamp in this all encompassing scheme is eaten up by red reflection.

Designer: Atelier Daaa  

Embrace the power of patterns. A simple white and wood small kitchen design achieves individuality with drill hole patterned boards. A black framed divide brings in a cubist pattern too.

Designer: Atelier Daaa  

Use every nook and cranny. This white and wood kitchen holds a sweet dining nook.

Designer: Atelier Daaa  

This large breakfast nook is surrounded by extra storage cabinets, opposite the main kitchen run where a modern fruit bowl decorates the bench.

Architect: KDVA Architects  

Divide and conquer. Coloured perspex panels act as a subtle visual room divide whilst allowing light to flow through. Unique storage for wine doubles as a modern art piece.

Source: Eugene Sarajevo  

Section off an open plan small kitchen. This black, white and wood themed kitchen has a dining bench jutting out that separates it from the rest of the living room. A couple of designer swivel bar stools give the very basic extension an upmarket look.

Visualizer: Andrey Kabanov  

Do not underestimate the importance of beautiful flooring.

Designer: Davis Architects  

Indoor plants are a cheap and attractive way to dress your nest, and they clean the air too.

Designer: Reform  

Task lighting is key. Locate pendant lights exactly where needed by using ceiling hooks.

Designer: Holzgeschichten  

Storage display nooks nicely break up a solid wall of cabinets.

Visualizer: SREDA interior  

Mix and match. This small kitchen table matches the white and wood finish of the cabinets. However, multicolour is the order of the day in this green kitchen backsplash, yellow chairs and blue accent kitchen.

Designer: Unicum Buro  
Visualizer: Yurii Hrytsenko  

Look at a tiny open plan home as one whole. This kitchen decor blends with the dining area, lounge and bedroom.

Source: Zoku  

Strictly allocated kitchen storage places are a must.

Visualizer: Stanislav Kaminskyi  

A small tv for kitchen diners is commonplace, but how about a generous projection screen?

Source: Grits Creative Group  

Decorative tile stickers can pull a kitchen colour scheme together.

Designer: WISP Architects  

Capitalise on cupboard space. This grey and white kitchen may be small but it holds oodles of storage space.

Designer: Jenny André Designing  

A small blue kitchen creates happy blue sky vibes.

Source: Juanca Lagares  

Unique kitchen pendant lights can be the crowning glory to small minimalist kitchens.

Visualizer: Lera Brumina  

A small round kitchen table is easy to get around without bumping a hip on a sharp corner. This black kitchen table has been teamed with bottle green chairs to change things up a bit. A modern chandelier cuts through the view of black kitchen cabinets behind.

1. Slow cooker
2. Magnetic knife holder with hooks
3. In-cabinet kitchen trash can
4. Magnetic spice tins
5. Space saving kitchen table
6. Mini-fridge with freezer
7. Pull out waste bins
8. Wall-mounted aper towel holder and spice rack
9. Slim kitchen pull out

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Product Of The Week: A Beautiful Glass Speaker

Beautiful speakers are a rare thing. Beautiful speakers that sound good are even rarer. This is where we think Sony’s glass speakers are a class apart.

$700BUY IT

$700BUY IT

$700BUY IT

Get it on Amazon.

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The Nasty 9: What Are the Germiest Places in Your Home?

Some germs are beneficial, but not when they put you and your loved ones at risk for viruses and diseases. Your home, with all of its nooks and crannies, is a breeding ground for mold, staph germs, yeast and coliform bacteria.

Some places in your home are germier than others, so cleaning takes a little extra effort in these areas. We spoke with Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona who is better known as “Dr. Germ,” and consulted a study by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), a public health and safety organization. With their help, we discovered the nine germiest places in your home – and how to clean and disinfect them.

germiest places in your home

Even items used for cleaning can play host to germs. Image: Michael Norpell

1. Dish sponges

“Number one is the household sponge – almost all have E. coli growing in them, and in our studies, 15% had Salmonella,” Dr. Gerba tells Freshome. “That sponge stays wet and moist with plenty of food for bacteria to eat.” In the NSF study, 86% of sponges had mold and yeast, 77% contained coliform bacteria and 18% were filled with staph bacteria.

There are many types of coliform bacteria, including salmonella and E. coli, which can lead to stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting. In more serious cases, E. coli can also cause pneumonia and respiratory problems.

You can reduce germs by microwaving that wet sponge. “Bacteria grow to large numbers in the sponge and [the sponge] needs to be washed – microwave for 30 seconds every five to six days. But be careful, because they get hot,” Gerba says. “You can toss your dish rags in the dishwasher.” He also warns against using the same sponge or cloth for cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom.

kitchen sink

Food residue and dirt – it’s not surprising that the kitchen sink is one of the germiest places in your home. Image: Top Drawer Luxury Home Builder

2. Kitchen sink

Gerba says the kitchen contains more germs than the bathroom, and the kitchen sink places second in the germiest places in your home. That’s not hard to believe when you consider that this is the place where you wash dirt and germs off of raw food. It’s also the spot where you rinse your plates and utensils before placing them in the dishwasher. In the NSF study, 45% of the sinks contained coliform bacteria and 27% contained mold.

At least once a week, preferably twice, disinfect the sink (including the sides). Drains and disposals should be disinfected at least once a month. If you use a bleach solution, be sure to rinse afterward.

kitchen sink

The areas around a bathroom sink are no less germy than those in the kitchen. Image: Signature Hardware

3. Toothbrush holder

No, the toilet is not the germiest place in your bathroom – that distinction goes to your toothbrush holder. In fact, Gerba believes the toilet seat might be the least germy place in your bathroom, because it gets cleaned more regularly than other places. However, if your toothbrush holder is located close to the toilet, it may be subject to particles that are sprayed through the air when you flush. An alarming 64% of toothbrush holders contained mold and yeast, 27% contained coliform and 14% contained staph.

Close the toilet when you flush and try to keep your toothbrush holder as far away from the toilet as possible. On a weekly basis, put the holder in the dishwasher’s sanitizing cycle (assuming it’s dishwasher safe), and consider replacing toothbrushes on a quarterly basis.

kitchen sink

Furry friends, perhaps unsurprisingly, contribute to a germy household. Image: Sander & Sons Kitchen and Bath

4. Pet bowl and pet toys

Many of your pet’s favorite objects are also bastions of germs. In fact, 45% of bowls contained mold and yeast and 18% contained coliform bacteria. Among pet toys, 55% contained yeast and mold and 23% contained staph bacteria.

Clean your pet’s bowls daily. The NSF recommends either washing them on the dishwasher’s disinfecting cycle or washing by hand using soapy water. If you choose to wash them by hand, soak the bowls in a bleach solution for 10 minutes once a week. Clean hard toys with soapy water, then rinse, disinfect and air-dry. Soft toys can be cleaned on your washing machine’s sanitizing cycle. The NSF also recommends that everyone in the home wash their hands after making contact with pets.

kitchen sink

Clean your coffee maker regularly to ensure you’re not drinking bacteria with your daily caffeine. Image: Mauricio Nava Design LLC

5. Coffee reservoir

That coffee maker could be giving you more than just a jolt of caffeine. The coffee reservoir is not only damp, but also dark, making it an ideal place for germs to thrive. In the NSF study, half of the reservoirs contained yeast and mold and 9% contained coliform bacteria.

To clean the coffee reservoir, pour four cups of vinegar into the reservoir, wait 30 minutes, then brew the vinegar as you would brew coffee. Afterward, brew at least two cycles of water to rinse the vinegar out.

kitchen sink

Bathroom faucet handles require daily maintenance to stay bacteria-free. Image: Artsaics Studios

6. Bathroom faucet handles

Unless you have a touchless faucet in your bathroom, faucet handles are some of the germiest places in your home. It makes sense: Turning on the faucet is the step between using the bathroom and washing your hands. The NSF study found that 27% of faucet handles contained staph and 9% contained coliform bacteria.

On a daily basis, clean your faucet handles with a disinfectant spray or disinfecting wipes.

kitchen sink

A kitchen countertop often becomes home to bacteria carried in from outdoors. Image: Pickell Architecture

8. Countertop

If the kitchen is the home’s hub, the countertop is the kitchen’s hub. Packages and bags of groceries (which were previously on the floor of your car) are placed on it, in addition to handbags and backpacks. And yet, this is also where you prepare food – some of it raw. It comes as no surprise that 32% of countertops contained coliform bacteria and 18% contained mold.

Keep non-food items off of the countertop, and disinfect it before and after preparing food. (Note: Since countertops are made of a variety of materials, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you don’t damage it.)

modern kitchen

Stove knobs fall victim to food spatter and germy hands. Image: JACKBILT

9. Stove knobs

How often do you clean your stove knobs? Probably not often enough: In the NSF study, 27% knobs contained mold and yeast, while 14% contained coliform bacteria.

On a weekly basis, take the stove knobs off and wash them in soapy water.

modern kitchen

Bathrooms, kitchens and handheld devices are all prime locations for germs. Image: Enviable Designs

Additional germ hotspots

The Nasty 9 are far from being the only germ-ridden places in your home. “The cutting board usually has 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat,” says Gerba. He recommends using two cutting boards: one for meats and one for veggies. “Also, your refrigerator door is quite germy because of handling raw foods without washing your hands.”

Other germy places in your home include:

  • Toilet handle
  • Toilet seat
  • Bathroom door knob
  • Bathroom light switch
  • Cellphone
  • Keyboard
  • Remote control
  • Hand towels

However, Gerba warns against panicking. “You don’t need to clean more; just take care of your cleaning tools and use disinfecting wipes or a kitchen cleaner with a disinfectant in the kitchen,” he says. “You do not have to keep your home germ-free – just keep the numbers down.”

Do you have any additional tips for keeping your home clean and manageable? Tell us in the comments.

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Captivating Architectural Illustrations Of Homes Around The World

We don’t normally feature illustrative artwork but when something like this comes along it is hard to ignore. These captivating drawings feature homes of all different styles of architecture, from all different parts of the world. By using bold sweeping line and colour density, designer Muhammed Sajid has achieved a set of visuals that would not look out of place in a story book, on the walls of a private home or in a public art gallery. The illustrations come to life and appear almost three dimensional thanks to a play on natural light and deep shadow, plus the artists quirky stylisation of build textures and elements of nature.

The first colour rich architectural illustration of this featured collection depicts a contemporary one level home that is balanced over an uneven terrain. Tall struts support one end of the flat profile home, extending in length as the landscape falls away.

The architectural artist has produced a beautiful play on reflection over the windows of this second modern home exterior. Silhouettes of the surrounding treescape climb across the huge expanses of glass that make up the majority of the uppermost level.

This quaint dwelling resides in a fairytale forest – or at least that’s how it looks in this magical picture where yellow autumn leaves tumble from the towering treetops. In contrast to the low yellow glow of an early summers evening, teal hues paint a dark rooftop and shadowy shrubs.

Charming higgledy-piggledy terracotta roof tiles jostle over the top of a joyful turquoise painted door. The door stands at the end of a red brick garden path that winds through a decorative arched trellis with climbing plants. The leafy plants and cacti have been stylised as flat shapes, as though they were 2D cardboard cutouts.

Slender archways are punched out of white render along the fascia of this exotic home. The water feature that stands in the grounds in front of the house echoes the curvaceous architectural features.

This moody purple and turquoise scene makes a dramatic backdrop to a crisp white contemporary build in its foreground. The rectangular volumes of the simple architectural silhouette appear as if punched out of purple paper.

A retro 1950s space age vibe emanates from this colourfully illustrated home design, with its jaunty angled rooftop cutting through a cartoon canopy of trees. The tone and intensity of the colours used in this image describe an unmistakable summer heat below those clear blue skies.

The artist has turned up the contrast between red and green elements in this home and garden design. By utilising hues from opposite sides of the colour wheel the design achieves extra pop.

The interior lights shining through the windows of this home look realistically luminescent, as though the image were plugged in at the mains. The surrounding architecture and landscape is knocked back in shade so that bleached out interior scenes, seen as snapshots through the windows, achieve a lightbox effect. The light spills out over rocks in the foreground.

An elegant air breezes over this pretty home exterior that has oodles of curbside appeal.

A fruity paint palette has been used to create a truly tropical atmosphere in this architectural drawing. A mango yellow sky tops a landscape of purple palm trees and shrubs of pink, green and blue fronds.

The cacti in this picture appear as moments of architectural design themselves.

Clashing pink and yellow make this home illustration appear as though the house were covered in fondant, or cut and formed like the sponge of a Battenberg cake. A handful of plant fronds in the foreground have been coloured to match the sweet styled depiction.

A beautifully luminescent lightbox effect. This time the home fires glow through an opening created by the retraction of bifold doors, making the inside and outside living areas work as one seamless space. An outdoor fireplace adds to the cosy glow that washes over a garden lawn below the terrace.

Jagged rocks make a rugged scene behind a raised home set to be erected on challenging terrain. The red painted wood planking that covers the home exterior make for an offbeat cheerful contrast to the formidable rocks upon which it resides.

A daytime version of the purple painted picture that showed this contemporary two story home by night. In this version it is easier to appreciate the outdoor swing chair that takes in the view from an upstairs terrace, and to imagine taking a dip in the huge outdoor pool.

String lights playfully decorate the asymmetrical roofline of this small single story building. A casual sun terrace looks out over an arid landscape.

The beautiful reflections over this cool looking pool run deep and still, and perfectly accompany the crisp and contemporary pool patio design.

Architectural features abound over this exotic home exterior with colourful gardens. The front volume seems to extend impossibly over the homes front doorway, raised up and outward on two small inverted staircases with a shallow archway bridging the gap.

This illustration is representative of the Nalukettu houses of Kerala, India.

Delicious parma violet colour sets this one apart from the rest, coupled with more sweet candy colours and a sweeping wispy cloudscape.

Towering palm trees on bushy trunks steal the spotlight behind this understated build design that neatly nestles into well established haitat.

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