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30 Buoyant Blue Bedrooms That Add Tranquility and Calm to Your Sleeping Space

Signifying security and calm, blue is everyone’s favourite colour. Unconfrontational and ever so mellow, it reminds of the gently rolling sea, beach holidays and the stillness of the world’s most beautiful lakes. These 30 bedrooms use blue to create spaces that infuse tranquillity and calm into your downtime. Whether you’re colouring in bright turquoise, royal or pastel baby blues; colouring your whole bedroom blue or simply painting a lintel; you’ll notice the feeling of calmness the hue brings to an interior. Take a gander through our collection of beautiful blue bedrooms, to see how pieces in this cooler shade could work in your next sleeping space.

Source: Ikea  

Many blues combine to make this bedroom come together. Fronted by a greyscale oil abstract, mid-blue walls combine with a turquoise floor and teal cushions for deep sea exploration. Pops of white, grey and purple show themselves in desks, bedding and a rug, giving the room’s intense colours room to breathe.

Designer: Vera Tarlovskaya Interiors  

Feel like a princess, in a blue and green bedroom. A chiffon canopy overlays this French-headboarded bed, while a strip of frog green stripes over the top. Simple white bedroom tables and a lightly-embroidered bedspread add to the feeling of serenity. A tropical pillow atop brings it all together.

Source: Ikea  

Build a blue and yellow bedroom that’s devilishly serene. The light teals of this boudoir cover walls, door frames and corridors, while light wooden flooring reminds of a beach house. White and a potted plant provide light, as a desk chair acts as an eye-catching feature.

Visualizer: Andrew Rudoi  

Only have a small room? Use white, LEDs and lighter blues to create space. A sky-hued wall heads up white shelves and a striped wardrobe, while a turquoise duvet intersperses more white. A deep blue curtain frames the space.

Visualizer: Koj Design  

Ditch sea blues for more regal colouring. The powder blue wall in this modern couple’s space works well with an almost-charcoal duvet and multi-tone spiral print. Patterns in the dressing chair and rug add points of interest, whilst large swathes of white ensure blue doesn’t dominate.

Source: Columbini Casa  

Love blue in its many shades? Think about smarter colour combinations. This bedroom paints a ceiling ledge and one wall turquoise, using baby blue in stripes beside beige blocks. A denim blue circular rug, striped pillows and darker books create an eclectic space.

Source: Columbini Casa  

Make a splash with neon blue. White and light wood complement this modern bedroom perfectly, as bright blue covers a wall, book shelves and a bed. Wide windows, concrete floors and lots of space construct a room that’s cool, not cluttered.

Source: Columbini Casa  

Blue rooms aren’t just for adults. This quirky kids’ bedroom uses turquoise to back bookshelves, a cabinet and bedside table, while white and beige fill in the rest. An adventurous model airplane and corrugated metal feature make this a room to remember.

Visualizer: Eke Interiors   

Deck out your kids’ sleeping space in full-on blue. This room keeps its walls and windows light, highlighting a single bed, pull-out mattress and bookcase in turquoise blue. A circular mat and picture frames tie the hue further in. An orange seat and lamp offer complementary colouring.

Designer: Onion  

Why not create a kids’ haven? Turquoise marks the spot in this two-level sleeping space, which leans ladders to the upper bed, a coloured panel around the lower. Double mattresses and a large cloud decal make this much more interesting than your standard bunk.

Visualizer: SumoD  

A blue and purple bedroom creates an entirely different mood. With Marilyn on the feature wall and orchids on the floor, this gorgeous girl’s room makes blue pretty as lilac, white and yellow join the party. Nifty shelves and drawers beneath offer secret storage.

Visualizer: Mimar Interiors   

Minimalist is the word for this blue and grey bedroom. A typographic feature wall heads the space, with an enclave lined in blue. Grey wooden floors, light chiffon curtaining and low furniture show elegance. A blue ottoman and mat tie it all in.

Take it to the next level with LED lighting. Featuring lighting panels in the ceiling, under-bed skirting and around the desk, this white room with blue lightbulbs takes you to New York at night. White floor tiling keeps it looking sleek.

Visualizer: Saimir Brahao   

Go for casual cool in darker blue shades. Set on a concrete floor, an almost-black wall and dark denim mingle with simple wood and white furnishings. Two colourful bulbs and pop art prints complete the look.

Many shades of blue contribute to this bedroom’s zen. A dark blue wall heads the bed, a striped rug the floor and an almost-grey throw the covers, while a filigree lamp glows through the darkness. Two swing arm wall lamps illuminate a place for sleeping.

Designer: Flat Design  

Want to travel the world? Make a blue feature wall your inspiration. This blue and grey bedroom maps out the globe, using a bed-come-couch and velvet ottoman as colour coders.

Source: Ikea  

Transition your teenager into a more grown-up room. This fleur-de-lis wallpaper, baby blue duvet and dramatic drapery provide childlike comforts, whilst white furnishings and two wicker bedroom chairs look to the future.

Visualizer: Gaurav  

This contemporary room for two shows a blue bedroom set is sometimes all you need. Set upon a concrete accent wall, teardrop wall icons, woollen rug spheres and a quilted bed frame keep it cosy. A wooden floor brings warmth, a private deck the summer view.

Visualizer: Int2 Architecture  

Design your blue bedroom Scandinavian-style. Complete with a circular hanging mirror, orange grasshopper lamp, open wardrobe and fox print, its half-blue wall reminds of the sea’s rolling tide.

Designer: HAO Design  

Prefer pastels? Make like this bedroom, and design a line of oscillating panels. A bright blue duvet and single pendant match the theme perfectly.

Visualizer: Zrobym  

It’s hard to find a bedroom that both partners like, but this blue gem could fit the bill. Kept light and airy by a beige and white futon, its corrugated iron creates a not-too-girly feature. A matching chair, ottoman and simple swing lamp create a place for reading, whilst extra books lurk inside the headboard.

Visualizer: Int2 Architecture  

Have a small space to work with? Frame your bed in wood, painting a side wall blue. This compact bedroom shows how it’s done, as throw cushions, a simple painting and crouching bedside lamp add flair.

Designer: Metaforma  

Love thin wooden panels? This bedroom stretches them over a wall and side ledge, as blue takes centre stage. White surrounding walls, a landscape canvas and potted white peonies bring a sense of grace.

Designer: Division1  

Japanese design enthusiasts can’t go past this zen bedroom in blue. A black futon bed, pillow and high-shine wooden flooring meet their match in turquoise bedding, an ottoman and glass-covered prints. LED lighting and white keep the look minimalist.

Source: 55kvadrat  

This blue bedroom could have you dreaming of Scandinavia. A gorgeous shade of teal covers all four walls in this Nordic style, which uses white to frame all the spaces inbetween. Unusual fixtures in the fluffy chandelier, monochrome prints and idle suitcases make this a beautiful example for Scandinavian bedrooms.

Designer: Karen B Wolf  

After a light blue bedroom instead? This quirky little number places mirrors on its bedside table, quilting on its headboard and a textured print beside it. Touches of soft grey and white enhance its pale, fresh hue.

Source: Echelon Custom Homes  

Use blue to create striking colour combinations. The dramatic striped rug of this boudoir pairs with a red duvet,patterned cushions and a turquoise headboard, infusing a Mediterranean feel. A baby blue border around the walls’ uppers softens the contrast.

Visualizer: ArchiCGI  

Create difference with tiny pops of colour. The blues in this bedroom’s prints and cushions set its white walls and wooden floors apart from the neighbours’. A string of fairy lights gives the room a festive feel.

Source: World Market  

Rather be at the beach? This rustic bedroom sits you right beside the sea. Light wooden ceilings provide room to breathe, above a deep blue panel. A patterned blue duvet and raft of competing cushions add character, while three metallic wall sconces above head a space for reading.

Visualizer: Donara Dolgopolskaya  

Make a splash in blue and yellow. This bedroom borders on the artistic, with a painterly rug, textured graphic wall and gothic fireplace for company. Yellow heads up two geometric feature chairs and a vase-shaped bedroom table. Metallic bedroom pendant lights polish off the look opposite a golden wall sconce.

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30 Blue Living Rooms To Relax The Mind, Body And Soul

The colour blue is said to symbolise many positive qualities, such as trust, loyalty, truth, wisdom, intelligence and confidence, faith and heaven. Blue is thought to be beneficial to the mind and body as it produces a calming effect that is even said to slow human metabolism. If light colours leave you cold, dark blue is associated with stability and depth. With all of this in mind it seems like a pretty great colour choice for a room used for relaxation doesn’t it? We think so too, so we’ve put together thirty of our favourite blue living room decor schemes to help relax your mind, body and soul.

Source: Hukla  

This pure sky blue paint colour has got to be one of the most relaxing of all. Teamed with white adjacent walls, floor and furniture the look is kept fresh and uncomplicated. The introduction of green from indoor plants acts as a subtle splash of contrast against the hue. Black accents brought in via a console unit, cushions and coffee tables add just enough weight to the light scheme.

Designer: Charlotte Crosland Interiors  

If dark and sumptuous opulence is more your style, then this dark blue lounge scheme with a plum coloured sofa and yellow ochre cushions is sure to inspire. Bronze accents and colourful wall art complete the decadent decor.

Photographer: Photovisions  

Another dark blue decor scheme but this time with a slightly pop art inspired feel due to high contrast sunshine yellow accents and graphic prints on cushions, artwork and a geo rug that dazzles through the glass top of a mid century modern coffee table.

A beach theme is hinted at in this living room. Striped chairs that recline low like traditional deck chairs, and a tasseled area rug on a pale floor like a beach rug on pale sands. Blue panels cover a feature wall, reminiscent of a beach hut. The coastal look is reined in and given a modern edge with the introduction of black metal coffee tables and unique wall shelves.

Visualizer: Ugo Concept   

In this dark blue living room theme, the shade of the feature wall is copied and continued around the room via an upholstered L-shaped sofa. A bright yellow accent chair with matching footstool has been introduced to shatter monotony.

Visualizer: Z Axis Design  

A single wall of strong blue is echoed only by one diluted blue cushion on the opposite side. Purple heather cushions and curtains complement the blue tones perfectly, and one vivid chartreuse strip balances the visual weight of the room. The sofa and floor are neutral and light, whilst a dark coffee table, modern rocking chair and a designer table lamp provide the base notes.

Designer: Nexus  

Purple and blue at play together again here, this time in a much more vivid combo. Plenty of surrounding white and light wood tone prevent the vibrant hues from appearing too much.

Visualizer: AM Studio  

Is there any colour more restful on the eye than duck egg blue? The calming colour of this bespoke bookcase has been put with a beautiful blush sofa in this pastel coloured lounge. A pink and blue colour combination looks super sweet, but here the cute clash is toned down by the addition of a soft sage accent wall plus deep wood stain.

Visualizer: Lugerin Igor  

A volume of light blue storage cabinets makes a great divider in this open plan space. Again the blue hue has been warmed by the introduction of soft pink, this time in the form of an area rug. The sweet shades lift the monochrome scheme but are relaxing rather than jarring.

Visualizer: Max Nevkhoroshev  

This velvety modern sofa is camouflaged against a teal wall. A round mirror and round coffee table resemble a full moon and its reflection in a still pond.

Visualizer: Aleksey Krivosheyev  

An orange Chesterfield sofa and a gold floor reading lamp sing off midnight blue wainscoting.

Designer: Winder Gibson Architects  

Like gazing up into a cloudless summer sky, this lofty sky blue living room looks heavenly.

Designer: SMLXL  

Electric blue flashes around the perimeter of this black, white and blue living room. Blue may typically be thought of as a calming influence but this hue feels positively energised.

Visualizer: Viacheslav Sobolevsky  

We love the unexpected styling of a colour coordinated ornamental bicycle in this room scheme. The bright red seat is a nice cheerful touch.

Designer: Suite Arquitetos  

Orange meets blue again in this enormous layout. Because blue is at the opposite side of the colour wheel to orange, the combination is naturally striking.

Visualizer: Maxtree  

Just a kick away from orange on the colour wheel is yellow, making it another eye-catching combo.

Visualizer: Eve Images  

A blue-yellow mix in more muted shades.

Visualizer: Alexander Kuzmenko  

In this lounge scheme the colour has been restrained to only the sofa, one cushion and a lightshade.

Visualizer: Constantine Rybkin  

The bright hue of this aqua blue sofa has been broken up with huge pale pillows to match the overall decor, and black pillows that are matched by the kitchen base units, teapot and cups.

Visualizer: Aquiles Ruiz  

Against a backdrop of wood and concrete you can go as bright as you dare.

Visualizer: Materica d_sign  

Choosing different shades of the same hue adds depth and interest.

Designer: Ford Design  

This minimalist living room gains added interest from highlighting the unusual shape of the sofa with a bright shade.

Designer: TG Studio  

A couple of matching blue accent chairs balance this layout.

Visualizer: Z River Studio  

A single unique coffee table could be your stand-out blue accent…

Designer: Amber Hodgins  

… Or a piece of blue wall art.

Source: Mark Lawrence  

Living rooms with large wall art can be simple in design to let the art do the talking.

Source: SCE Construction  

A blue aquarium casts a dreamy light over this lounge.

Architect: DSDG  
Source: Living Color Aquariums  

Designer: Rules Architect  

Colour changing LEDs can be a great alternative to painting on permanent colour. You can check out more images of this gorgeous home here.

Visualizer: Next Level Studio  

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34 Modern Rocking Chairs That Look Cool, Collected and Stylish

Rocking chairs are not only for new mothers and the elderly. Smooth, comfortable and gently moving, they offer a great place to read, watch TV, or simply reminisce about times past whilst rocking back and forth. These 34 rocking chairs follow mid-century modern, Scandinavian and international designs, leading the way with their innovative forms. Find a plastic Ray Eames replica – at a fraction of the original’s price. Rock out in a brown leather chair supported on chrome. Take a peek through our top 34 list, to see how rockers can relax your modern home.

$517BUY IT

Stylish Rattan Rocking Chair: Complement a South-East Asian-style home with the Orinoco Rocking Chair, a stylish find in rattan. Its white metal legs are perfect for watching the world go by in your lounge or conservatory.

$253BUY IT

Acapulco-Style Outdoor Rocker Chair: Like a bit more colour? Mexican-themed abodes would appreciate this plastic weave find, which uses Mayan hammock-weaving techniques to create beauty with ergonomics. Stand its coloured strands and rust-proof iron frame on the deck for morning birdsong.

$213BUY IT

White Molded Plastic Rocking Chair: Want something a bit more sturdy? This plastic rocking chair is PP-moulded on a solid wood base. Wipe off that pesky baby vomit on its easy-clean frame.

$140BUY IT

Venilale Rocking Chair: A one-year warranty comes with this synthetic-seat, metal frame rocking chair. Its teal hue and recycled wooden rockers could make a splash in any blue-themed living space.


Eames-Style Rocker: Eames’ Eiffel legs are shown off in this white, metal and wooden beauty. Available in black, baby blue, red and green, its PP plastic frame is available at a fraction of Eames’ price – or you can buy the original here.

$147BUY IT

Eames-Style Patchwork Chair: A craft-loving household would appreciate this patchwork rocker. Featuring natural wood gliders, chromed steel supports and a seat in hand-stitched wool, it mimics Eames’ classic contours without the high price tag.

$273BUY IT

Belham Living Rowan Tub Rocking Chair: For those who like to sit lower, this solid birch wood seat with a walnut finish catches the eye. Sit on its stone polyester to relax after dinner.

$272BUY IT

Mid Century-Style Upholstered Fabric Rocking Chair: A higher back and darker colour distinguishes this walnut-finished, solid wood dream. Sit it on a grey rug, to stylishly rock away the time.

$1,620BUY IT

Risom Rocker Chair: Available in soft tweed, leather and twill, this gorgeous rocker by Danish designer Jens Risom supports your arms and head. Its nine-buttoned, tufted back feels balanced with a counterweight on its front rail. Splash out through our link for comfort and beauty – or find a cheaper replica here.

$160BUY IT

Mid-Century Fabric Rocking Chair: On an even tighter budget? Tick most of the Risom’s boxes, with this birch rocker chair in a walnut finish. Buy it in grey, wheat, or muted blues, greens and oranges and assemble it yourself.

$240BUY IT

Welch Rocking Chair: French-inspired and constructed in birch wood, this similar-looking rocker is just that little bit smoother. Pair its warm wooden tones with matching wooden furniture, for a piece that’ll last.

$213BUY IT

Mid-Century Rocker: Another birch wood beauty, this rocker sits you lower whilst giving your lounge that mid-century vibe.

$405BUY IT

Modern Style Nursery Rocking Chair: Not all of our rockers are designed for new mothers, but this chair certainly is. With a cosy micro-fibre seat cushion, three reclining positions and a machine-washable cover that does away with old vomit, this chair is perfect for breastfeeding. Its solid beech wood rockers and aluminium legs provide a sturdy base below an ergonomic plastic core.

$174BUY IT

Grey Modern Rocking Chair: Not a new mother? While the days away on this textured twill, foam-cushioned rocker. With tufted button detailing and added armrests, it’s the perfect place to finish off your latest read.

$161BUY IT

Modern Patchwork Rocking Chair: Patchwork lovers can’t go past this child-size rocking chair. Perfect for nurseries or baby rooms, its Eiffel base, wood rockers and foam-cushioned seat make it easy to nurse your loved one to sleep.

$1,442BUY IT

Taxido Rocking Chair: Designed by Carlos Bimbi, this triangular rocking chair comes in tens of different colour ways. Get it with an optional headrest on its beechwood and steel base.

$277BUY IT

Grey Modern Rocking Chair: Prefer a more traditional seat? This grey number features 100% rubberwood gliders and deep padded seating, for a relaxing place to sip wine after work.

$172BUY IT

Brown Rocking Chair With Leather-like Body & Chrome Base: Follow a more masculine mood, with this faux leather rocker. Featuring a 30 day return guarantee, its chrome base looks cool while rubber stoppers prevent it from tipping.

$380BUY IT

Mid-Century Inspired Wood and Metal Rocking Chair: Buy a design you’ll always appreciate. This beautiful mid-century find boasts moulded beech and plywood, a stainless steel frame and walnut rocking sleighs, to ensure your form is always enveloped in style.

$899BUY IT

Bent Plywood Rocking Chair: The Buttercup Rocking Chair looks like it’s straight out of MoMA. Made from bent plywood forming armrests, a rolling back and seat, it’s set upon stainless steel and floor-protecting gliders. Buy it in your choice of three wood veneers.

$197BUY IT

Modern Curvy Rocking Chair: Half at the office and half at home, this grey linen seat with metal curved legs is perfect for reluctant retirees.

$1,150BUY IT

GT Rocking Lounge Chair: Long, spacious and oh-so-buttery, this gorgeous chair rocks its Dacron-wrapped cotton. Get it in this delicious yellow, grey, white or blue for a felt-bottomed chair ideal for the beach house.

$620BUY IT

Modern Brown Rocking Chair With Black Metal Base: Don’t have over a thousand to spend? Swap out stainless steel for metal, and make the upholstery taupe to suit a different budget.

$1,498BUY IT

Seatbelt Rocking Chair: Love re-using and recycling? This striking purple design is made from old seatbelts, which are stretched over a frame to create a relaxing seat.

$649BUY IT

Modern Upholstered Rocking Chair: Create shapes with this upholstered chair, framed by a mix of woods and metal. Its simple sophistication would look a treat in a modern bedroom or living room.

$630BUY IT

White Modern Rocking Chair With Ottoman: Use an ottoman when you need it, hide it away when you don’t. This leatherette rocker stores its footrest in a cubby underneath.

$429BUY IT

Modern Swivel Glider: Want a seat that’s extra wide? This grey polyester blend is woven by hand. A 360-degree, stainless steel swivel lets you rock back and forth in your chosen direction.


Whale Shaped Kids’ Rocking Chair: Have a whale of a time, in this kid’s rocker chair made with recycled materials. Its 30-day warranty means you can try before you buy.

$499BUY IT

Nursery Rocker: Go classic, with a simple nursery rocker in stone. Made from a polyester and linen blend, its ash hardwood legs and removable lumbar pillow are constructed by hand.

$236BUY IT

Scandinavian-Style Rocking Chair: Look to Scandinavia for the ultimate in chic rocking chair design. This light beech wood frame lets you stretch out in style – or you can save pennies with something similar, like this find.

$153BUY IT

Acacia Wood Outdoor Rocking Chair: Rather be sitting outside? This acacia rocking chair boasts a water-resistant fabric, able to fob off moss and mould for years to come.

$150BUY IT

Foldable Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Rocker: Eucalyptus is renowned for its strength and sustainability, and this rocking chair in its wood is no different. Paired with resin detailing and a woven seat, it’s a perfect piece for the patio, offering a spot to watch flowers. Fold it away for ease when the rain or less guests come.

$100BUY IT

Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chair: Rattan saves the day, with this simply comfortable rocker. A steel frame and sponge sit upon its water-resistant frame, making the most of the outdoors.

$600BUY IT

Mid Century Wegner Style Rocking Chair: For an outside look that sits inside, you can’t go past this Wegner-inspired rocking chair. Following legendary designer Hans Wegner’s Circle Chair, its inclining solid wood offers a halfway point between dining chair and rocker. Beads detail its thick, woven back, which provides extra spine support for the discerning user.

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The Writing’s on the Wall: 20 Decorating With Chalkboard Paint Ideas

What if we told you that decorating with chalkboard paint can be totally grown up and chic? We’re not talking about the old-school green chalkboards of the past.

You can buy black chalkboard paint at most home improvement stores for less than $10 and paint a wall all by yourself in just a few hours. And the look is very cool, even if you refrain from scribbling all over the wall.

Why is decorating with chalkboard paint a thing?

  1. The color black is hot in the world of design. Black and white particularly have become the contemporary go-to color combo in the last few years.
  2. The black chalkboard paint you find today is matte in finish. The flat matte finish, paired with the rich black tone, adds a modern contrast to most neutrals and whites.
  3. And after some time, the chalk starts giving the black chalkboard paint a dusty patina and texture you can’t get from ordinary paint. It starts to look more like a limestone or slate wall than an ordinary chalkboard paint finish.

The matte black finish of chalkboard paint adds a rich, stone-like feel to a wall. Image: Form + Field

Check out these chalkboard paint ideas for inspiration. You might find that decorating with chalkboard paint is an easy way to add new life to a spot in your home.

Decorating with chalkboard paint ideas for the kitchen

black chalkboard paint decorating ideas -

Swap out tile for a black chalkboard backsplash where you can add your grocery list or other doodles. Image: Shootin

how to decorate with chalkboard paint -

A black chalkboard wall works very well in a farmhouse-style kitchen. Image: Larson & Paul

how to use chalkboard paint -

The black chalkboard wall provides contrast in this small white kitchen and ends up becoming the focal point. Image: Domus Nova

A chalkboard wall in the kitchen is perfect for messages from guests and your favorite inspirational quotes. Image: Meucci

Create your own coffee or wine bar using chalkboard paint

Designate a kitchen spot to creating a space any barista would love. Image: Homeclick

A small counter spot, your coffee appliances and a chalkboard paint wall featuring a coffee menu or favorite doodles can add some fun to your morning coffee routine. Image: Olaf Hajek

Paint a wall with chalkboard paint to create a wine wall featuring wine bottles and favorite wine quotes. Image: Our Vintage Home Love

Decorating with chalkboard paint ideas for the living room

A mid-century modern living room features a large, chalkboard focal wall that changes daily. Image: Lubrano Ciavarra

Not all decorating with chalkboard paint ideas involve painting the entire wall. You can also paint a section, like in this contemporary living room. Image: Dupuis Design

The chalkboard paint panel in this living room is indigo blue. If you want a chalkboard in a unique color, pick a rich shade of your choice in a water-based flat finish. Image: Shappacher White

A Nashville home with a personal touch. Image: Paragon Group

Chalkboard paint walls in the bedroom

Personalize wall space in a shared bedroom by painting the bunk bed wall with chalkboard paint. Image: Suzanna Santostefano

The black chalkboard wall adds a warm, intimate feel to this bedroom. Image: Love Coming Home

Chalkboard paint ideas for a functional and fashionable workspace

When desktop space is precious, convert the wall behind the desk into an extension of it. Image:

A craft room gets a large chalkboard for planning out crafts and projects. Image: Studio Morton

A two-tone wall of black chalkboard paint and white paint adds polish to this small desk space. Image: Pretty Nice

The black matte finish of the chalkboard paint corner adds architectural interest to this open loft space. Image: Studio Maya

Chalkboard paint ideas for the artist

A chalkboard paint wall is perfect for the resident artist. It’s like an ever-changing gallery. Image: Bazant

When you’re talented enough to sketch, a chalkboard wall provides you with the space and flexibility to show your work all year. Image: Alt Digital Photography

Now that you know how simple it is to add some chalkboard paint to a wall or section of your home, which idea do you want to try?

The post The Writing’s on the Wall: 20 Decorating With Chalkboard Paint Ideas appeared first on

How To Combine Modern Home Style With Original Features

Original architectural features bring history and stunning individuality to a home in spades. Just about everybody swoons at a place that harbours these preserved special little treasures – but what about when you’re in love with modern day home style, is it safe to meld the two? Yes, say these three home designs by Sergey Klochkov. The combination of contemporary furniture, modern home accessories and quirky accents only gain in impact when set against a traditional backdrop. Embrace every bit of decorative crown moulding, intricate boiserie, heavy wainscotting and deep architrave, and see how to create your very own and extra special version of modern meets traditional home style.

Apartment number one resides in St. Petersburgh, with a total area of 78 square metres. The ceiling has beautiful original plaster coving around the inset of the ceiling. To draw attention to the architectural detail, a bespoke shelving unit has been fitted into the alcove directly below it, causing the eye to travel up over the display and ultimately meet with the ceiling detail. The cubic design in the side supports of the shelf unit also reflects the square perimeter of the ceiling feature, whilst a nearby wall clock matches the intricacies of the moulding pattern itself.

Down at ground level, a modern accent chair and sofa keep the look crisp and colourful.

The unique coffee tables add a weighty base note to proceedings, and appear as a continuation of the monochrome shelf art.

The rest of the open plan living room is light and bright, with white walls and light wood accents.

The window drapes have a stunning frill feature that spans the ages. They are plain coloured and modern in their makeup but give a nod to the frilly fashions of years gone by. The frivolous finish is superbly suited to the highly ornate scrolled ceiling moulding above them. Decorative vases on the console and coffee table provide clean sharp silhouettes so that the scheme does not appear overdressed.

Indoor plants are timeless home accessories. The simple design of this petite gold floor lamp too could be of another time.

The dining table chair combination has a somewhat eclectic look, due to the mixed nature of woodtone and black leather chairs around white marble.

Beneath sparkling wine glasses, the classic marble matches the hue of the curtains.

Stunningly intricate boiserie lines the sides of a hallway. At the end, a flat white modern door with a white door handle almost disappears into a featureless skimmed wall. A wooden bookcase has been recessed into the end wall to add a modern focal point. Ceiling track lighting highlights the 3D element of the traditional walls, whilst hidden LEDs brighten the contents of the shelving unit.

The ornate walls look like the sides of a wedding cake, standing proud in royal icing. To counterbalance the swirling frames, a linear wooden feature wall has been added in the entryway.

The artwork here is modern and monochrome.

The bedroom contains a sumptuous mix of materials. The headboard has a dual material design of warm wood tone under a fabric section, where a modern wall sconce is mounted directly onto the padded section.

Blue bed covers cool down the warm palette of the room.

The pattern on the headboard fabric complements the design of the crown moulding. A piece of modern art emphasises the split paint effect of the room.

A modern pendant light hangs from the centre of an original large ceiling rose. A unique teapot adds a traditional twist to breakfast in bed.

A modern dressing console is teamed with a classic looking leather bedroom chair.

Geometric is a modern trend but this table finished in gold lends itself to well to a classic or contemporary scheme.

Chic marble adorns an all contemporary bathroom.

A small hanging space keeps clothes from becoming crumpled on the bathroom floor.

A neat shelf holds a few essentials and soap dispensers.

Apartment two, also in St.Petersburgh offers up some more gorgeous original features.

Modern curtains descend directly from behind traditional coving.

Super modern furniture is placed in direct proximity to ornate wall decorations.

Deep blue fur covers one section of the modern sofa.

A huge boiserie frame is highlighted by an inlay of bright pink to match the pink kitchen. The tone works vivaciously with the surrounding finery.

Extending high from a slender planter, leaf shapes naturally complement the cut of the coving.

Thoughtfully placed lighting highlights the homes best features.

A neat and timeless dining pendant light anchors a modern dining set in place.

To avoid damage to the original wall, a perspex shelf stand provides a landing spot.

A wall of ovens are recessed to keep the profile of kitchen cabinetry to a minimum.

Apartment number three, located in Moscow, is a lavish mix of traditional architecture with contemporary art and modern home style over 86 square feet.

The depth and breadth of ceiling moulding here is unmissable, so the modern part of the interior design goes all out in fighting for some of the glory.

Strong blue accents appear throughout, in the window blinds, the sofa table and in kitchen accessories…

… Even in neon lights.

A blue table lamp adorns a very upmarket breakfast bar that stands on golden legs. Three entirely different designs of bar stool surround it.

Above the white kitchen is a gold leaf ceiling.

The gold ceiling has an LED inlay that lights its outer frame of coving.

The spread of this fantastic ceiling rose is matched by a modern ceiling light.

It’s difficult to decide where to let the eye rest in the cornucopia of design that resides within this meandering hallway. An unusual rug tries to coax the eye downward from the highly layered crown moulding. Propped casually by the architrave, a tall example of modern art joins the fight for attention, before you notice a quirky monkey wall sconce climbing down the centre of the wainscotting. A subtle colour palette prevents the lively scheme from becoming overwhelming.

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