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Moving Soon? Here’s How to Pack for a Move like a Pro

Let us show you how to pack for a move like a pro. Image: Erda Estremera

For many of us, it feels like a herculean task to pack for a move — and for good reason. There are many different details to consider, not to mention the effort involved in lugging heavy boxes around. However, with a little forethought and planning, this process doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.

If you need a little guidance on how to pack for a move, you’re in the right place. Here are five tips to help you tackle this project like a pro.

Put together a schedule that works for you and stick to it. Image: Estée Janssens

Schedule your time appropriately

Let’s be honest: The biggest hurdle most of us face when beginning to pack for a move is leaving it all to the last minute. Packing up belongings is a big task, and it’s easy to procrastinate. And we usually regret the decision.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. The first step to packing like a pro is making sure you schedule your time appropriately — and well in advance of moving day — so that you don’t feel overwhelmed having to take care of everything at once. By breaking the process down into simple steps and scheduling a time to complete each one, you can tackle this process with ease.

The first thing to break out is your calendar. Take a realistic assessment of the amount of available free time you have before your moving day, then designate times for decluttering, packing up each room of your home (try to limit yourself to one or two rooms at a time), cleaning and a final pack-up for any last-minute items.

Get rid of excess clutter before you pack. Image: Brooke Lark

Declutter first

After you have your schedule set, the next step is decluttering your current space. Save yourself some extra packing down the road: Lighten the workload by taking the time to get rid of these items before you begin putting things in boxes.

When decluttering your home, we recommend the “three pile method.” Sort items that you intend to keep into one pile, items that are suitable for donation into another pile and items that need to be thrown away into a third pile. That way, you’ll have a clear plan of action for every item.

If you can, schedule your donation pick-up for the same day you intend to declutter. This holds you accountable for finishing the task. Try to take care of your trash on the same day, as well. You’ll feel more accomplished knowing that a huge chunk of your work is finished, and you’ll truly be able to move forward to the next step.


Label your boxes to keep them organized. Image: Jon Tyson

Create a label system

Staying organized is critical when beginning to pack for a move. Before you start the process, make sure you have a system in place that allows you to sort out what’s what when you arrive at your new home. The easiest way to do that is by creating a label system that helps you know, with just a glance, what’s in each box.

When labeling, be as specific as possible. Instead of just labeling a box “kitchen,” you may want to write “kitchen: pots and pans.” Write your label on multiple sides of the box, so that no matter how it’s positioned, you’ll know which items are inside.

Some people like to take labeling a step further by writing a list of each individual item contained within a box. You can do this on paper and stick it in the top of the box or keep a digital master list. Whichever method you choose, it saves you the hassle of rooting through boxes to find the particular item you’re looking for.

room by room

Pack up one room at a time. Image: Breather

Go room-by-room

Once you’re ready to start packing, we recommend undertaking the task room by room. Doing so not only helps you break up the process into more manageable steps, it also helps you keep your boxes organized. Start your packing in less-used spaces, such as the dining room and formal living area. Then work your way up to your kitchen and bedroom as it gets closer to the big day.

Everyone has their own methods of packing. However, here are a few general reminders to help you stay organized:

  • Try to pack similar items together, rather than having each box become a catch-all
  • Use soft items as padding in between more breakable pieces
  • Pack heavier items in smaller boxes to keep boxes from becoming unmanageable
  • Secure each box tightly with packing tape

Fill an overnight bag full of irreplaceable items. Image: Erol Ahmed

Pack an overnight bag with important items

No one wants to think about it, but sometimes, despite our best efforts, a move can go awry and items can get lost in the shuffle. In order to make sure nothing irreplaceable gets lost, we recommend packing a separate overnight bag with important items and keeping it with you, rather than placing it on a moving truck.

The items you choose to include will be unique to you, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Clothes for a few days, plus toiletries
  • Laptops and other work-related items
  • Family photos
  • Important documents (passports, birth certificates, deeds, etc.)
  • Expensive jewelry

Have you moved recently? If so, do you have any packing tips to share? Put them in the comments below!

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36 Modern Grey & White Bathrooms That Relax Mind Body & Soul

Our bathrooms are often used as a place for peaceful recuperation. In order to fully relax in a hot bubble bath or under a steaming waterfall shower, it’s helpful if our surroundings are conducive to a quiet mind. A grey and white bathroom scheme ranks high on the style metre but also provides a calming neutral backdrop in which the stresses of the day can fall away, and will give a smooth start to a new day without an overly jarring wake up call. See how these 36 white and grey bathroom ideas use simple grey and white bathroom decor combined with a little wood tone, greenery and lighting to evoke many different looks and atmospheres.

Designer: Almaty Vilnius Architects  
Visualizer: Natalia Pozdnyak  

Gold faucets add a look of luxury and expense to an essentially simplistic light grey and white bathroom scheme. Two marble side tables match the half height wall surround.

Visualizer: Alexandr Aranovich  

This grey and white master bathroom uses a darker floor tile to visually anchor light walls. The slate tiles are highlighted with floor level LED lighting that acts as a safety marker along the edge of a step. A plain white vanity unit has a chunky marble top that gives it a high-end finish.

Visualizer: Zrobym  

Stark contrast is key in this black white and grey bathroom. A black cistern wall backs a modern white toilet, and a black shelving unit holds a selection of grey towels and natural woven baskets.

Visualizer: Laci Lacko  

A modern bathroom vanity spans the entire width of this room. Open bathroom shelving holds a menagerie of black, grey and white bathroom accessories. A colour coordinated trash basket sits beneath it.

Visualizer: Polygon  

Deep rustic wood tone adds a completely unique feel to this bathroom that also incorporates a utility area within the bathroom vanity itself.

Visualizer: Bogdan Rozhckevich  

A wooden bathroom vanity unit adds a flash of character to completely grey walls. An expanse of patterned tiles inside the walk in shower unit, like a patchwork quilt, complement the cosy character of the wood.

Visualizer: Zrobym  

A simple modern wall sconce lights a small vanity unit nestled in a nook. In contrast to the rest of the white and grey bathroom decor, the utility area is lined with wood grain panels and shelf.

Visualizer: Ahmed Morsy  

Elegance abounds in this small grey and white bathroom. A marble pedestal sink pushes through a slimline glass vanity shelf. A textured feature wall is lit from around the perimeter of a frameless mirror.

Visualizer: 365 Design  

Crisp white and grey bathroom ideas translate perfectly into a minimalist bathroom. This one adds just a couple of wooden accents for good measure, complemented by a simple gold pendant light.

Visualizer: Thao Uyen  

Two bathroom pendant lights adorn the vanity area of this grey white and blue bathroom. However, just about everything inside this bathroom is upstaged by the stunning geometric tile pattern that covers much of the walls and floor.

Visualizer: Anna Sharavara  

Grey and white bathroom rugs are a great way to introduce texture to a sleek bathroom scheme.

Visualizer: Jonatas Ferreira  

A picture window onto a private garden affords a beautiful connection with nature and the outdoors. A streamline shelf by the shower unit provides a handy spot for soap dispensers without obscuring the view.

Visualizer: Marco Podrini  

White and grey bathroom designs provide opportunity for high contrast areas, like this white shower area that glows like a lightbox at the end of a fully grey room.

Visualizer: Julia Kononenko  

Bold green fronds feather the edges of modern tiling. Coupling greenery with wooden accents has a feel of the tropics.

Visualizer: Vadim Shechkov  

White and grey bathroom tiles have a smart look that appears crisp and clean for when visitors swing by.

Visualizer: House Form Design Studio  

Black white and grey bathroom ideas benefit greatly from the introduction of woodtone, and don’t be restricted to bathroom furniture only. This cluster of wooden pendant lights make an unexpected addition.

Visualizer: Kseniia Myroshnychenko  

A single shade of grey geo tiles provide subtle pattern on this bathroom feature wall. The white bathroom vanity with grey top melds softly with the hue.

Visualizer: Jagoda Nowakowska  

By using grey grout with these white bathroom tiles, the pattern becomes stronger.

Visualizer: Lai Pháp  

Heavily patterned tiles make a wonderful feature of even the very smallest shower wall.

Visualizer: Anton Gorbatenko  

This bathroom is chock-full of pretty grey and white bathroom ideas. Patterned white and grey bathroom tile covers a vanity feature wall from edge to edge. Traditional bathroom lights with black shades are suspended over leather strap mounted mirrors, near an elegant wrought iron towel holder. The double sink bathroom vanity has chunky white basins of a Belfast style, set into a wooden top. Bathroom organisation comes in the form of wooden boxes beneath the basins, painted with blackboard labels.

Visualizer: Yevhen Zahorodnii  

Atmospheric lighting washes over this concrete grey and white tile bathroom.

Visualizer: Yevhen Zahorodnii & Archiplastica  

Dark and light areas visually play with the proportions of a narrow family bathroom design.

Visualizer: Alexandra Kruzanovskaya  

Framed grey and white bathroom pictures elegantly decorate a tiled cistern box.

Visualizer: Shireen Abbas  

An orchid in a decorative vase delicately adorns one side of a wooden vanity shelf. A matching wood panel cuts around the room to divide the upper white half of the walls from grey decor around the base.

Visualizer: Alexander Barchan  

A living wall and a courtyard garden of indoor plants brings a breath of fresh air to rustic natural stone and wood decor.

Visualizer: Johny Mrazko  

This white and grey marble bathroom gains added visual warmth from a single wooden side table.

Visualizer: Penint Design Studio  

A grey white and yellow bathroom is lively and bold.

Visualizer: Oleksandr Sekeda  

This sputnik chandelier adds a quirky accent.

Visualizer: Tatyana Ryltsova  

Mosaic tiles add sparkle to walls of grey and white bathroom designs.

Visualizer: Mariya Chmut  

Mosaic tiles can also serve as an unusual alternative to large grey and white bathroom floor tiles, like the ones surrounding these truly unique sinks.

Visualizer: J Lozgar  

This grey and white subway tile bathroom is brought upmarket with gold fixtures and fittings.

Visualizer: Liuba Kushnir  

A huge gold modern chandelier is suspended over a white freestanding bathtub, set on a grey marble floor inlay.

Designer: Haji Guliyev & Ulker Mirzaliyeva  
Visualizer: Vusal Abbasov  

Gold bathroom basins add more grandeur inside this grey black and white bathroom decor.

Visualizer: Bartosz Domiczek  

Tipping the balance over to a darker decor scheme makes for a much moodier atmosphere, where pale grey and white bathroom vanities can be used to add a stripe of light relief.

Visualizer: Anastasiia Sholopova  

Two globe pendant lights brighten either end of this grey vanity wall. They are the IC Lights S Style Pendant, the original is available here.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

Don’t be afraid to apply a dark palette to small bathrooms too.

1. Marble Look Bathroom Accessory Set
2. Grey Toiletry Organizer
3. Grey Themed Bathroom Wall Art
4. Sheep Toilet Paper Holder
5. Elephant Bathroom Hamper
6. Grey Leaf Print Shower Curtains
7. Motion Activated Toilet Night Light
8. Picture Frame Bathroom Medicine Cabinet
9. Stainless Steel Step Trash Can

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25 Ideas for Creating Smart Multifunctional Rooms

In the era of open-plan homes and mobile electronic devices, home designs are incorporating more multifunctional rooms into their floor plans. Kitchens with islands become both dining room and workstation. Offices double as guest bedrooms. Due to constrained space, some smaller homes require you to combine room functionality.

Looking for a little inspiration in creating your own multifunctional room? Below are some of our favorite examples.

Bedroom/tub areas

Fitting a tub into a small space can be a challenge, but sometimes you just have to unwind with a bubble bath, which is why some enterprising home designers brazenly put the tub right in the bedroom. You might wonder if doing so disrupts the look of the bedroom, making it feel like you’re sleeping in a

bathroom, but it’s quite easy to pull off with some smart design choices. There are several ways to visually distance the bed from the tub, making the space look logical and well laid out.

Visually distance the tub from the bed by surrounding it with tall tiles. Image: Carsten Arnold Photography

Separate the tub from the bed with a short wall. This works well in small spaces. Image: SHED

Minimalist design creates a bathroom space by grouping bathroom elements together. Image:

You can also separate the tub from the bedroom with a partial wall and support beam. Image: LXA


A stark, minimalist tub fits in anywhere. Image: Gerstner Din

Indoor play area multifunctional rooms

Combining playrooms with other areas of the home is a huge trend in home design. The most common, of course, is the child’s bedroom. But other areas can be used as well.

Having an indoor place for a child to play is a good option for areas in cities where it is less safe for a child to be outside, where the weather is bad for much of the year, or instances in which a child’s outdoor play options are limited due to conditions, such as allergies.

Below are several creative ideas for bringing the playground inside.

This creative design combines a play area with a study desk. Image: raad

This is more of a designated playroom, but it shows how a basketball hoop placed in the home can turn any space into a play space. Image: Minchew and Company

Here’s a design that makes clever use of some previously unused under-stair space for a play area. Image: elena del bucchia DESIGN

A child’s loft bed adds storage and play space. Image: White Room

This creative homeowner built a child’s play house into a wall. Image: Copper Hills Custom Homes

Kitchen and dining room combination

One of the easiest ways to create multifunctional rooms is to put together a kitchen with a dining room area. As open-floor plans become more popular, people aren’t wanting a dining room separated into its own room. They want to be able to cook and socialize.

The spaces below make great use of combining the kitchen space and eating area into one room. It’s an especially good idea for small spaces or smaller home floorplans, since it cuts out the need for another whole separate room. It also means no one is cut off from the crowd while cooking.

This design combines sitting space at an island and a dining table right off the kitchen for an area with plenty of seating. Image: Markay Johnson Construction

Creative furniture options like this one combine a seating area with an island. Image: Basis Builders

An extended island adds eating space right in the kitchen. Image: R.Z. Owens Constructions

A breakfast nook is a good way to combine kitchen and eating areas. Image: Robin Muto Interiors

Combining an eating area with the sink is a good use of a multifunctional room. Image: Design First Interiors

Convertible bedrooms

If you’re working with a truly small space, you’ll need to get creative with your sleeping arrangements. Beds take up a lot of precious floor space in a small living area. Luckily, fold-down beds mean you can put a makeshift bedroom just about anywhere, creating a truly multifunctional room.

Rather than feeling like you’re in a cramped space, however, the ideas below are a classy addition to a space. The beds fold up into seamless-looking cabinets. They also combine some spaces you wouldn’t think of combining, like a home office and guest bedroom.


This bed folds up into a classy-looking orange and wood-texture design. Image: Rodriguez Studio Architecture

If you can’t decide between a home office and a guest bedroom, this design means you don’t have to choose. Image: Eye 4 Detail

This bed folds down right over the sofa. Image: Black & Milk

A sleek, modern wall space is a great place to hide a bed. Image: Justin Loe Architects

This photo shows how well a loft bed and small sofa go together. Image: Geraldine Laferte

Integrated home offices

Home offices are the trickiest beasts to wrangle into a small space. There’s something that feels distinctly luxurious about them, possibly due to the belief that home offices are reserved for people with a bedroom (or bedrooms) to spare.

These multifunctional rooms prove that you don’t need to live in a mansion to have a home office. With some creative organization, just about any space can be a home office. Here’s some open-plan office inspiration.

Put a table in front of a window and add a laptop for an instantly integrated space. Image: Schippmann Design


A writing desk just off the living room works wonders. Image: Nest

Tiny Home Office Multifunctional Rooms

Stick a micro-office in a corner. Image: Black Oak Builders

In small spaces, orner desks work wonderfully. Image: transFORM

You can also place a computer in a space under some cabinetry. Image: Cato Creative

Have you created a magnificent multifunctional space in your home? Have any tips of your own? Leave a comment and let us know!

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50 Modern Swivel Chairs That Give Your Home or Office Swing

Need a bit more movement in your seating? The swivel chair is here to save the day. Whether you’re looking to swing amidst your filing cabinets in the office, swing around to lounge visitors in a grandiose style, or lean back in your chair to greater dinner table conversation, we’ve got a chair style for you. Get the complete office suite, with a brown leather Eames-style lounge and ottoman. Snuggle into a monochrome pod, taking a nap in its nook inspired by the future. Expect the unexpected, with a plywood find curved to resemble an armchair. Get creative – and swivel around to – our top fifty selection of contemporary swivel chairs for your home or office.


Eames-Style, Mid-Century Modern Swivel Lounge Chair: Legendary designer Ray Eames knew how to design a chair to relax in. This chair in his iconic style is made with Italian leather, a walnut veneer frame and a matching ottoman you can buy for its side.


Arne Jacobsen-Style Swivel Egg Chair: Available in four bold shades of velvet, this chair in the style of Arne’s Jacobsen’s famed design is a sight less expensive. Its deep contours allow for maximum comfort, its steel base a sturdy frame you can swivel on.


Verner Panton-Style Cone Chair: Another iconic design at a cheaper price, this red Panton-esque find could strike a pose in your office. A steel base, hardwood frame and cashmere upholstery add comfort to function.


Arne Jacobsen-Style Swivel Swan Chair: Get a design that looks like the original, in your choice of ten shades. This Arne Jacobsen replica swivels dreamily around your living room, in its wool upholstery and fibreglass shell. High-density foam cushioning makes it feel softer.

1060BUY IT

Eero Aarnio-Style Swivel Ball Chair: Prefer a more futuristic-looking design? A replica of Eero Aarnio’s semi-sphere frame, this version is made from fibreglass and five removeable fabric panels. Its swivel functions on a ball-bearing mechanism.


Swivel Accent Chair: Are you sure this chair can swivel? Despite its solid-looking frame, this polyester blend on a base of stainless steel conforms to your body with its swivel intact.

1417BUY IT

Barletta Swivel Armchair: Offering a whopping 368 choices of fabric, this chair is well-made when it turns its barrel.


Modern Grey Swivel Armchair: 100% linen covers this understated armchair, which surprises and delights with its 360-degree swivel. High-density foam filling and a lumbar-supporting backrest make it the perfect spot to lean back and read a book on.


Modern Swivel Recliner: Want to get those feet up, too? This polyurethane recliner offers a hidden footrest and 360-degree swivel. Get it in your choice of grey or black.


Bludot Modern-Style Bent Plywood Swivel Chair: A swivel armchair with a wooden seat? What a surprise! This innovative design bends plywood to create a beautiful chair from a collaborative process. Get its swivel base in brushed or powder-coated stainless steel.

1190BUY IT

Modern Minimalist Round Swivel Chair: Swivel chairs are perfect for the lounge. This rounded grey number is halfway between an armchair and lounge suite, with 1.8 density foam and an accent pillow framing its sides.


Patterned Swivel Barrel Chair: Create a lounge feature piece, by buying a chair with a distinctive pattern. This polyester fabric chair sits on a solid birch wood, swivelling frame. Take advantage of its 90-day warranty.


Wooden Swivel Chair: Have a disabled or elderly family member who finds it difficult to turn? This solid wooden chair rotates 360 degrees – and sponge padding makes it comfy.

1125BUY IT

Taxido Blue Swivel Lounge Chair: Contemporary-looking in their Italian design, these elliptical lounge chairs rock you to and fro’, with a rocking base set in solid beechwood and chromed steel. Cold-injected polyurethane foam and polyester padding make it comfortable, too.


Cocoon-Style Red Swivel Lounge Chair: Let the cocoon take you in. Available in six other colours, its striking curves and stainless steel base would make an alluring partner in your home office.

5045BUY IT

Grand Repose Chair: Looking for a swivel chair you can sink some budget into? Designed by Antonio Citterio, this chair combines moulded polyurethane foam, a feather-filled neck pillow, and an integrated mechanism that synchronises to your body. Made in Hungary, it swivels your frame on a four-point base.


Modern Swivel Base Lounge Wing Chair: This feature chair could add a stylish edge to your lounge or office. Clad in cashmere, its pea-green form is stitched and crafted by hand; its swivel mechanism grounded on a four-star stainless steel base. Its multi-density foam cushion is zippered and removeable.


Grey Modern Living Room Swivel Chair: Want to move your swivel chair from lounge to office? This high-backed lounger suits both spaces, atop its brushed nickel and steel pedestal. Choose from a variety of fabrics and frames.


Modern-Style Yellow Swivel Lounge Chair: Originally designed for dining, this modern yellow number sits upon four-star, matte-brushed nickel legs. Its feet can be adjusted to level the floor, and are tipped in plastic to avoid scratches.


Modern Pastel Pink Swivel Accent Chair With Wooden Legs: Get a little more pretty in pink. This gorgeous, soft fabric find is based on a solid frame supporting up to 350 pounds.

1266BUY IT

Alma Swivel Accent Armchair: This Italian-made chair knows how to end your day. Placing straight and curved lines along the curves of your body, its detailed stitching gives it design cred, too. Get it with a one-year warranty.


Comfy Blue Swivel Chair: Surprise guests with a nifty turn in this blue armchair, afforded rotation on its feather-swivel base.


Modern Plush Swivel Accent Chair: Get a chair that feels like a soft toy. Also available in blue or yellow, this extremely comfortable find turns 360 degrees.


Mid-Century Modern Style Swivel Accent Chair: Find a bit more structure in your favourite chair. Coloured cardinal red, to miss the cost-efficient contours of this beech wood find would be a sin.


Oversized Round Swivel Chair: Snuggle into this chair at the end of your day. With chenille-wrapped cushioning and a curved back, it’ll be hard to get back up from its faux-leather exterior.


Outdoor Swivel Papasan Chair: Take your swivelling outside. Set on a sturdy steel frame with a UV-resistant cushion, its relaxed frame can turn you 360 degrees.


Helinox Outdoor Swivel Chair: Take your swivel chair away camping. This lightweight find is easy to store in its storage sack, and features breathable mesh on its sides.

224 eachBUY IT

Black Swivel Dining Chair: This chair’s grey faux leather on chrome-polished legs can take you to the office and back again.


Grey Modern Swivel Dining Chair: Aid your guests in their dining experience, by offering them this leatherette chair. Its swivelling frame will inspire conversation.

70 eachBUY IT

Tilda Black Fabric Swivel Chair: Upholstered in 100% Dacron, these swivel chairs are minimalist, understated, and suited to a range of rooms and interiors.


Upholstered Red Swivel Dining Chair With Steel Base: Initially intended for dining, these sleek, wool-upholstered swivellers would be perfect for the office. Take advantage of their steel bases and plastic-tipped feet – and find the colour that suits you here.


Small White Round Swivel Chair: Accentuate a white office or dressing room with this faux leather chair. Featuring diamond tufting and a 360-degree swivel, it can adjust its stem to your perfect height.

220 eachBUY IT

Modern Leather Swivel Chair: Looking for something a bit more masculine? These polyurethane seats on steel legs and plywood frames are a stylish alternative that won’t break the budget.


Saarinen-Style Tulip Swivel Dining Chair: The Saarinen Tulip is a classic design, and these replicas their cheaper alternatives. Supported by an aluminium base and featuring a 360-degree swivel, you can change their seat cushions out in 13 different colours.


Saarinen-Style Tulip Swivel Dining Armchair: Prefer an armchair style? Offering the same features as its sister, this option gives yours arms a ledge to hold onto.

166 eachBUY IT

Fine Mod Blossom Swivel Dining Chair: Sold as a set of two, these swivel dining chairs are based on the Flow Chair Padded, a cult favourite designed by Jean Marie Massaud. These versions appear on an aluminium base with a lacquered, light gloss finish.


Modern Dining Chair With Swivel Base: Another original design by Jean Marie Massaud, the Flow Chair With Oak Base is the perfect partner for your dining room table. Conceived as an organic form reduced to essential lines, its polycarbonate, injection-moulded steel can swing 360 degrees.

1736BUY IT

Upholstered Modern Swivel Dining Chair With Oak Base: Designed by Luca Nichetto, the Moooi Canal Chair Swivel Base was inspired by a historical ship model that dominated the Mediterranean sea. Its back resembles the bow of a boat, its tone-on-tone hues its subtle focus.

1329BUY IT

Masculo Swivel Dining Chair: Showcasing an unusual, wide-set frame, these dining chairs were concepted by Copenhagen’s Gubi Masculo. Buy them in Kvadrat fabric or fine leather.


Stylish Modern Swivel Desk Chair: This Scandinavian-inspired chair is perfect for a kid-filled household. Its plastic base and four straight beech wood legs are sturdy, wipeable and offer a 360-degree swivel.

62 eachBUY IT

Height-Adjustable Swivel Desk Chair: Inspired by the Saarinen Tulip, this chair, with comes with one identical as a set, is made from chromed metal with a foam cushion.


Minimalist-Style Swivel Desk Chair: Looking for something functional, yet simple? This anthracite ecoleather chair fits the bill, on its chromed steel legs.


Stylish Swivel Base Desk Chair: Buy a desk chair that’s packed with style. The Tom Dixon Y Chair Swivel Base is injection-moulded in glass-reinforced nylon, and then sandblasted and lacquered on an aluminium swivel base. Made in Denmark.


About A Chair With Swivel Base: Truly “all about the chair”, this creation by Hee Welling is made in Denmark out of powder-coated aluminium. Available in white or black.

1329BUY IT

Beetle Swivel Base Meeting Chair: Looking a little bit vintage, these stylish finds take inspiration from the common garden beetle. Get their upholstery in a range of different shades, and their chair legs in a matte black or brass finish.


Mid-Century Modern Swivel Base Desk Chair: Loved the wooden armchair from earlier on this article, but just didn’t have the budget? This cheaper option offers a faux-leather seat and a height you can extend from 29 to 33 inches.


Modway Ribbed High Back Executive Swivel Chair: Take the high road the next time you’re in the office. This high-backed chair is available in eight additional colourways, and boasts a 360-degree swivel and one-touch height adjustment. Roll around on its wheels, or check out our desk chair post for more office options.


Nursery Swivel Glider Chair: Just had, or about to have, a baby? Seat yourself on this foam-padded chair to swivel from cot to seat.


Height-Adjustable Kids’ Swivel Chair: Get your kids business-ready. This children’s office chair is ergonomically-contoured on a steel frame with locking casters. Adjust its height from 12 to 21 inches, with an easy-to-use twist and lock knob. Check out our kid’s chair post for more kids’ room ideas.

1655BUY IT

Nemo Swivel Chair: Get a swivel chair and artpiece in one. Designed by Fabio Novembre in 2009, its back masks, made out of single pieces of polyethylene plastic, are modelled on traditional Greek theatre displays. Made in Italy, they’re only for the indoors.

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Using Gold Accents In Interior Design

The metallics trend is a hot one that looks set to continue long into the future. We’ve seen gold accents gleaming on the catwalks and now we’re dressing our homes to impress with this rich lustre. Just as we can adorn any type of outfit with rich trims, gold has become a go to accent for each and every room of the home, from living rooms to kitchens, bedrooms to bathrooms. A word of warning though: You can overdo it. Getting the look just right can be a delicate balance. Too little goes unnoticed and too much becomes gaudy. This inspirational home design, visualised by Home D, hits it just right.

Two precious gold accents are allowed to sing out in their individual spots in this neutrally decorated living space. A modern gold swing seat has been hung across the room from a gold coffee table. The two are of complementary circular designs to make the room harmonious.

A grey modern sofa, pale beige curtains and a light herringbone floor create a cool coloured backdrop for warm metallic lustre, giving the room crisp contemporary class.

The unique coffee table is composed of two golden discs, one upper and one lower volume. The surface is uncluttered to let it gleam. Beside this, a taller more narrow version of the dual disc coffee table design stands in white, so as not to fight with the showcase piece.

A store of cut logs acts as a focal point to one side of the television wall. The natural tone of the wood ties in with the beige tones elsewhere in the room.

A hoop of warm light echoes the golden circular lines of the swing seat and coffee table.

At the other side of the open plan space, a central kitchen island has a golden finish. The rest of the kitchen is a simple white design. Only the kitchen faucet and a couple of additional small fixtures have been carefully added to tie in with the metallic treatment of the showstopping island.

A set of four white dining chairs have slender golden frames.

The circular theme continues in the dining area, in the frames of the chairs and two white dining pendant lights.

An amazing installation falls somewhere between being a chair and a piece of art. The casual swirl of gold paint within works perfectly with the other accents in the home, and makes a superb stand alone centrepiece for a blank white wall.

Wooden wall cladding continues the tone of the floor up to eye level and creates a cosy atmosphere amongst the whiteness.

Bedroom pendant lights have been finished off with a strike of gold down each of their oversized white tubular shades.

The rest of the master bedroom decor is a relaxing scheme of soft pale grey and white, where texture does all the talking.

The platform bed is covered in tactile upholstery, against a headboard feature wall imprinted with a uniform pattern of debossed dots.

A gold side table wraps over one deep side of the upholstered platform bed, displaying a large decorative vase.

The fireplace in the bedroom matches the one out in the open plan living area. The flames dance behind a slim vertical pane of glass that has been partially painted in white.

The clothing rails of a walk-in wardrobe peep out from behind a full length mirror. The angular rails have LED lighting built into their undersides to illuminate the garments.

In an ensuite master bathroom, the tiling is of a sophisticated textured design. A strip of golden light runs along the length of a recessed shelf that holds spare face towels and a few select toiletries.

The shower screen has a golden tint to the glass, and a gold shower head can be seen through it.

The gold bathroom vanity unit is a semi-circular design that becomes part of an ellipse when coupled with the arch shaped vanity mirror above it. A gold faucet completes the lustrous look.

A second sleep space displays a more cubic bedroom accent wall, behind a rounded edged bed design.

The dressing chair, which appears to be the Gubi Beetle chair, matches the rounded look of the bed. The seat has been paired with a neat console in a matching grey colourway.

Three minimalist pendant lights hang over the bed at various heights.

A small beige pouffe sits in front of beige window dressings.

The same smooth pale herringbone flooring continues throughout the home.

A bank of shoe storage is lit by LED strip lights in a bespoke closet. A second circular wall chair is mounted nearby.

A utility area has been fitted out with a set of storage cupboards and cubbies to house a washer-dryer machine, an ironing board, fresh linens and laundered clothes. The shelves and doors have all been painted taupe for a tidy tailored finish.

The hue continues over an interior door and upper tiles in a second bathroom scheme.

Gold accents sit comfortably against the rich tone.

A set of slender gold side tables doubling as a plant stand, a neat gold faucet and gold shaving mirrors decorate the small space.

Gold tipped lighting has been incorporated into the modern bathroom vanity.

Other fixtures in the bathroom are white so that gold does not dominate too strongly.

A unique faucet is mounted on white marble tile.

1. Gold accent planters
2. Gold finish candle holder
3. Table Lamp With Gold Cage Base
4. Atollo table lamp
5. Gold paper origami pendant
6. Grasshopper style floor lamp
7. Faux marble and gold coffee table
8. Modern golden chandelier
9. Golden accent side table

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