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50 Luxury Bathrooms And Tips You Can Copy From Them

Imagine the frothy feeling of a warm bubble bath against your skin. The feeling is decadent and relaxing. Now, what do you see when you open your eyes? If your existing bathroom decor doesn’t reflect that image, or evoke that same pampered feeling, then perhaps it’s time to reassess your surroundings. This extensive collection of 50 luxury bathrooms is filled with high end inspiration on how to create yourself a truly sumptuous space. From show stopping bathtubs and sleek vanity units, to enviable bathroom decor and carefully curated accessory ideas, this gallery of images and tips has you covered.

Visualizer: Giri Dwi Cahya  

Frame your hero piece. Two unique plant stands frame an elegant freestanding bathtub.

Visualizer: Nataliya Yahela  

Blur the border between a garden and a bathroom. Standing a bathtub on a floor of pebbles creates a natural flow between inside and outside spaces. Grow an indoor garden of potted plants with long fronds to keep the theme going.

Visualizer: Anastasia Bushkova  

Create a tree mural. Even if you’re not lucky enough to have a bathroom picture window to a private garden, you could place a tree mural behind your bathtub. This unique nature themed feature wall is a tile design that shows small sections of tree.

Visualizer: Sergio Goroshko  

Set the mood with lighting. Forget harsh overhead lighting when it’s time to sink beneath the bubbles. When it comes to relaxation, soft glowing lamps are where it’s at. Hot bath, book in hand, coffee. Bliss.

Visualizer: Black Razor  

Time for task lighting. When there’s no time for relaxing in the tub you will be thankful for some focussed task lighting, particularly around the vanity. This particular swing arm wall lamp has an interesting placement though – perhaps there’s some bathroom reading going on in a spot other than the tub…

Visualizer: Artem Shelipov  

Get creative with plants. The owner of this bathroom must really love plants. Things may get a bit tickly in that crowded shower enclosure.

Visualizer: ONI Render  

Vanity countertops should be both practical and beautiful. When filling your vanity top with soap dispensers and the like, consider adding in a decorative vase for an elegant finishing touch.

Visualizer: Mia Design Studio  

A bonsai tree grows directly out of this vanity countertop.

Visualizer: LUSUS Studio  

Suspend lighting over the tub. Nothing else has quite the same decadence in a bathroom like a piece of statement lighting suspended over a freestanding bathtub; be it a sparkling chandelier or shining globe pendant lights.

Visualizer: La Alegría Dhifaoui Samiha  

Zone with different flooring materials. The border to this wet zone is accentuated by a geometric section of wood flooring, which continues upward as bathroom TV wall decor.

Visualizer: Andrey Avdeenko  

Bring walls to life. Another way to bring the outdoors inside is to create a vertical garden wall.

Visualizer: Viktoria Faynblat  

Create a courtyard. If your garden is overlooked you may be feeling a little shy about installing a clear bathroom window to take in the view! Consider building a privacy wall outside the window and craft a mini garden within its confines.

Designer: Patricia Urquiola  

Make it his and hers. We’ve all seen twin vanity units but how about twin bathtubs? Patricia Urquiola created this for the Hangrohe Axor brand as a departure from traditional norms. Her charming collection is characterized by flowing transitions and curves. An abundance of indoor plants add in natural pattern and texture.

Designer: Jean-Marie Massaud  

Introduce softness to your bathroom scheme. Jean-Marie Massaud, another star designer for Hansgrohe Axor, added in smooth pebble poufs to break away from a bathroom’s typically hard surfaces.

Visualizer: Evgeny Garchu  

Layer a bathtub in front of a shower unit. When tackling the challenge of rearranging a bathroom, the layout can be restricted by window placements and deciding whether the longest wall should be awarded to the bath or a spacious shower unit. Why not have it all by layering a tub in front of a shower screen? This modern chandelier helps visually anchor the tub in its central spot.

Visualizer: Heder Perdigão  

Change bathroom colours to suit your mood. Colour changing LEDs enable you to swap out your bathroom colour scheme at the touch of a button; they can even cycle through the entire rainbow all by themselves whilst you relax in the tub.

Designer: Patricia Urquiola  
Source: Four Seasons, Milan  

Install a sunken bath. Take inspiration from the Four Seasons spa room, in Milan.

Visualizer: TOTL Studio  

Cosy up with a bathroom fireplace. A roaring open fire and a bubble bath? Oh yes, please.

Visualizer: TOL’KO interiors  

Don’t be afraid of colourful bathroom furniture. Bathroom furniture has become colour shy in recent years, but it’s not against the law to make a departure from all that is neutral. Try changing out white cupboard doors for something with more personality; you could choose floor tiles to carry the new colour underfoot too. Do balance out your gorgeous new accents with some softer pieces too though, like this grey unit and vanity stool.

Visualizer: SFN Architecture  

Colour with copper. Copper accessories can be sourced for every single room of the house now, and look equally spectacular in the bathroom. Bring in this trendy metallic via a mirror frame, candle holders, lighting, faucets and planters.

Designer: A.T.O Studio  

Make it a double. A twin vanity unit can be accessorised with a single large mirror, though doubling up mirrors and modern wall sconces certainly draws more attention to the luxury of having two individual wash zones.

Visualizer: Andrey Korniychuk  

Lighting around this double sink bathroom vanity shines from around the mirror frames themselves.

Visualizer: Joanna Kubieniec & Głogowscy Architektura  

Sharpen up. Create a high end minimalist bathroom by selecting crisp linear pieces.

Visualizer: ArsVisual Group  

Warm up with wooden accents. If an all white bathroom scheme feels a little cold, just a few wooden accent pieces can go a long way in visually warming the room.

Visualizer: Tawfeek Kalagi  

Dark wooden decor creates a sumptuous look; flickering tea light holders enrich the theme.

Visualizer: Ahmed Morsy  

Candles are a go to accessory for any bathroom scheme, be it minimalistic or seductive.

Visualizer: Studioart  

Make a plain basin look special with a unique faucet. Ok, so this basin is anything but boring. However, the waterfall faucet certainly does add to its splendour.

Visualizer: Stanislav Kaminskyi  

Let’s say it though, unique sinks stake their own place in a bathroom, with or without the help of an unusual faucet.

Visualizer: Nour Ammar  

Light up your love of concrete. Concrete bathrooms are a cool trend, but do add in some warming lighting to keep the look inviting.

Visualizer: M3 Architects  

Forget walls and doors, have a floating bathroom. A sprawling master suite doesn’t have to be divided into a bedroom, a dressing room and a bathroom. This design implements only partially dividing walls to house essential plumbing. The shower surround is almost completely invisible.

Designer: Philippe Starck  

Design a bathroom as you would a living space. Philippe Starck, another star designer for the Hansgrohe Axor brand, sparked a bathroom revolution that saw this room of mere hygienic functionality turned into a new personal retreat. The bathroom became an extension of living space in the home – a crumbling boundary that continues to be pushed.

Visualizer: Anastasiia Sholopova  

Marble finishes look marvellous. Marble decor has spanned the ages, and marble wall tiles, flooring, bathtubs and vanities will always have a place in bathroom design. Light up the look of this elegantly veined material with beautiful IC Lights S Pendant like the IC Lights S Pendant. A cheaper replica of this is available here.

Designer: ArchObraz  
Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko  

Tiny contrasts can cut through a bland scheme. This plain grey and white minimalist bathroom receives a lift from a couple of strawberry red towels, which pay bright contrast to the green of a flourishing Snake plant.

Source: PARKROYAL on Pickering, Singapore  

Love nature – not just in decor. Notice how the unique trash cans actually represent recyclable and non recyclable, assisting with responsible waste disposal to keep our planet healthy.

Designer: A.T.O Studio  

Set feature walls aglow. This backlit mirror sends out subtle illumination over a wooden vanity wall.

Visualizer: Denis Fomin  

Add a table next to a freestanding bath. You don’t want to be hanging over the side of the tub to reach for your bathtime potions. Choose an elegant table to house a pretty display of soap and lotion dispensers.

Visualizer: Shahid Jamal  

Mosaics aren’t just bathroom border tiles. Use a mosaic tile in its intended form, as eye-catching artwork.

Designer: Ahmed Mady  

Evoke grandeur with ornate accessories. Luxury hotel bathrooms are often filled with ornate mirrors and sculpture that can be translated into our very own luxury home bathroom.

Visualizer: Ahmed Mady  

Highlight furniture fretwork. If your furniture or mirror frames are blessed with intricate fretwork, new backlighting could be all that’s needed to make your bathroom a standout space.

Visualizer: Alina Pipoyan  

Is it the vertical garden or the spectacular pendant light that’s the focal point of this decor? Well, nobody said you were only allowed one hero piece.

Visualizer: Dima Karma  

The hero of this room is most certainly the imposing art mural, softly lit by small bathroom pendant lights at one side and a floor lamp at the other.

Visualizer: Double Aye  

Bathroom window shutters suit traditional and modern decor alike. This eclectic minimalist bathroom, influenced by Wabi-Sabi, uses shutters to add a spike of classic French-Italian flavour.

Visualizer: Double Aye  

Curate a rustic bathroom scheme by selecting highly textured, natural elements. Team the rustic pieces with some modern furniture to keep the look current, like these sleek sinks from By Coccoon.

Visualizer: Playtime  

Play up to lofty proportions. This vaulted ceiling looks even taller thanks to a low sunken bathtub and an elongated pendant light.

Visualizer: Maxim Goryachev  

Marble can be colourful too. Check out this molten yellow wet wall.

Visualizer: Covet House  

Set the stage. A show stopping Koi bathtub is set on a raised platform, which gives the piece the prominence it deserves. It also houses all of the not so glamorous pipework too.

Visualizer: Covet House  

More stunning bathtubs from Maison Valentina.

Visualizer: Home d  

A unique vanity can transform a small bathroom.

Designer: Haji Guliyev & Ulker Mirzaliyeva  
Visualizer: Vusal Abbasov  

Decorative floor edging draws attention to a beautiful layout.

Visualizer: Mohanad Al Homsi  

Splash the cash on the bath. The price for this hammock bathtub is available only on request, but a little birdie tells us that you’d have to part with a stack of dollars in the low 5 figures…

1. Automatic touch-free soap dispenser
2. Luxury toilet paper holder
3. Menu pedal trash bin
4. Modern faucet
5. Copper ventilated laundry basket
6. Bamboo vanity accessory set
7. Luxury chandelier
8. Golden plant stand
9. Golden glass bathroom sink

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All-White Interior Design: Tips With Example Images To Help You Get It Right

Stylish white decor schemes aren’t as simple or easy to get right as some may think. Sure, a blank palette takes away the margin for error in terms of clashing colour but go too plain and you’re in danger of living inside of a bland box. There are actually quite a few white shades out there! Paint pots come labelled with curiosities like: Navajo White, Seed Pearl, Silver Lining and Whisper. Aside from the shades of white there are to explore (they can be pretty open to interpretation on a backlit screen), let’s delve into adding interest through furniture, accessories, bold accents and differing aesthetics.

Visualizer: Z Design  

Don’t have an icy heart. A white living room seems the obvious place to start, and a kitchen diner to boot. As this is the heart of the home, go for a warmer shade of white so that this cosy zone doesn’t feel too cold, or use lighting to cast a warm glow.

Architect: Amir Navon  
Designer: Yael Perry & Dafna Gravinsky  

Use treasured items to colour your blank canvas. White wall shelves blend cleanly with white walls and allow display items to stand out.

Visualizer: KUOO Architects  

Initiate a shape theme. A set of round modern coffee tables and a group of high impact orb shaped modern chandeliers make a stunning central focal point.

Visualizer: Jamie Bush & Co  

A gallery white wall is just crying out for some art. If you like this look check out these other living rooms with large wall art.

Designer: DNA Concept Design  
Photographer: Hey!Cheese Photography  

Who needs colour when there’s shape? Another shapely theme, only this time from the ceiling architecture and an unusually shaped table. The rest of the room is minimalist. See other minimalist homes that indulge in lots of white here.

Designer: Brain Factory  

Warm up white walls with wood flooring.

Visualizer: Paulina Arcklin  

Go tribal with natural accessories. There are more pictures of this unique home here.

Visualizer: Image Box Studio  

No one does white decor better than the Scandinavians. A Scandinavian living room is typically littered with monochrome elements, lots of wood frame furniture and an occasional pop of cheerful colour.

Visualizer: Juraj Talcik  

White painted boiserie is like icing on a cake.

Visualizer: U6 Studio  

Go all-in. This all-white interior design spans the entire house, making the mezzanine level in-keeping with the ground floor.

Visualizer: Hung Le  

Use texture, pattern and framing. This tv wall decor has a grey veined white marble backdrop. Wainscoting decorates the adjacent wall. Even though both walls are white, these small additions add lots of interest.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

This white dining room uses textured tile for the floor.

Architect: Amir Navon  
Designer: Yael Perry & Dafna Gravinsky  

Change out just one or two white items. One white dining chair has been bumped for a black version in this black and white dining room. A black plant pot balances out the new recruit.

Visualizer: Artem Bobrov  

These shapely black modern dining chairs look like origami.

Visualizer: KUOO Architects  

Crown a plain white dining set with a striking black dining pendant light.

Visualizer: Craftr Studio  

Dark wood looks strong cutting through a snow white scene.

Designer: Yael Perry  

Season with black pepper. Not literally. But a white scheme is made more tasty with a peppering of small black accessories, like this crockery set and plant stand. Indoor plants add a sneaky snippet of green too.

Visualizer: Paulina Arcklin  

Add soft textures, like the bushy light shades and shaggy faux fur throws of this tribal decor.

Visualizer: Z Design  

Build in some industrial flair with a concrete accent wall.

Designer: Yael Perry  

Break a run of white kitchen units with an integrated black oven.

Visualizer: Modom Studio  

Make a quirky layout of ordinary white kitchen units.

Visualizer: KUOO Architects  

White decor helps a small kitchen feel more spacious.

Source: Stadshem  

Scandinavian kitchens have most of the cooking utensils out on display to create a culinary buzz.

Designer: Euge & Seta  

Throw in a block of colour like this yellow accent kitchen.

Visualizer: Inuti  

Draw out a design with electrical wiring. The route of these kitchen pendant lights looks like a subway map. Black kitchen bar stools match the ceiling feature.

Visualizer: KUOO Architects  

A stairway to heaven? Nope, just some heavenly white LED lighting.

Visualizer: Marina Tsishyna  

Jazz up a white bedroom with an eye-catching feature wall.

Visualizer: N-Gon Archviz  

Use warmer neutrals to soften. The wooden legs of this floor lamp are complemented by a neutral pebble rug and bed throw.

Visualizer: Vlad Mishin  

Embrace flexibility. The beauty of a predominantly white scheme is that you can change out colour with ease. These swing arm wall lamps light bright wall art that can be swapped in an instant.

Visualizer: BrainFactory  

This pastel headboard feature wall is a little more permanent, but oh so beautiful. Also note the fantastic recessed bedside lighting strips that travel up and over the ceiling.

Visualizer: Duan  

Whitewash exposed brickwork for a cool loft look. A modern four poster bed looks great against the urban chic backdrop, with a unique ceiling fan and artwork contained within its frame.

Visualizer: Pavel Pisanko  

Turn up the volume on pattern. A white decor scheme doesn’t have to be plain. Black polka dots and geometrics update the look.

Source: Ivy Muse  

Turn your white house into a greenhouse.

Visualizer: Filip Sapojnicov  

Pretty pastel pink accents look divine on white.

Visualizer: AM Studio  

The white interior door next to this makeup vanity is kitted out with white door furniture for a clean finish.

Visualizer: Odair Santos  

Every nook has a wooden lining – or at least this reading nook does anyway.

Visualizer: KUOO Architects  

A tinted shower screen sections the white space in this luxury bathroom.

Visualizer: 365 Design  

Charcoal floor tiles ground this light bathroom scheme.

Visualizer: Zrobym  

Be brave with chunky base notes of black to counterbalance white.

Visualizer: Home D  

An all-white bathroom always looks clean and hygienic. However, a few natural elements like a unique laundry basket and a leather strap mirror pull in a little style. Note the beautifully distressed white painted floor too – gorgeous!

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3 Open Plan Interiors With Glass Wall Bedrooms

Small studio apartments have the bedroom area situated right alongside the kitchen diner and lounge area – usually without divide. However, these compact open plan homes use glazed panels and doors to create separated glass wall bedrooms. The clear nature of the medium means that the sleep space can still be viewed as part of the whole, thus maximising the compact dimensions of the space. A glass bedroom partition not only makes the change of purpose clear cut, but also creates a light cocoon around the sleep space to give it the feeling of a safe haven; they can even help reduce noise to aid better sleep.

Designer: Alexandra Bertova & Daria Savitskaia  
Visualizer: Daria Savitskaia  

Our first apartment is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, Russia, with an area of just 46 square metres. Sombre accents of deep bottle green and black contrast against a pure white decor scheme. A swing arm wall lamp is the Flos Mod 265 lamp cuts across a gallery wall where artwork introduces new hues, including a vivid run of yellow. For more ideas like this, check out these living rooms with large wall art.

Behind the solid gallery wall, retractable glass doors give entry to the bedroom area. Glass panels take the divide all the way to the ceiling.

The headboard wall is decorated with a large bedroom neon sign, whilst the bedsides are lit by modern bedroom pendant lights. A closet system spans one entire wall, with shelves and rails left open to the room.

Depending on how much light and privacy is required for the time of day, a selection can be made between sheer window voiles or heavy drapes to veil the bedroom.

A black kitchen diner occupies one corner of the apartment. Tubular kitchen pendant lights are strung out around the prep area from one central ceiling outlet.

A window seat acts as a space saving banquette bench in the dining area.

The designer floor lamp that lights a reading chair in the corner is the AJ floor lamp. A black tray table matches the coating of the lamp and the chair legs.

White ceramics and colourful glassware have been used to lighten the look of the solid black kitchen.

A duck egg blue Smeg toaster looks bright against the black tile backsplash.

An arrangement of hallway furniture and a full length mirror create a useful entryway. Ample storage and drop zones are provided by a stylish wall mounted console unit, a wall shelf and a decorative wall hook that you can get from here.

The grey and white bathroom has a trendy concrete floor.

The look of the bathroom is transformed by modern wall sconces and coloured light.

Tealight holders add twinkle to the vanity.

A black framed round bathroom mirror matches the black faucet.

LED lighting brightens recessed shelves.

The one bedroom home plan shows how a small space can be divided to great effect.

Visualizer: Trang Chuột  

Our second studio apartment with a glass wall bedroom adopts an earthy palette. Two modern coffee tables stand in front of a brown leather sofa, set against a deep taupe wall. With a feline friend in the house, that bespoke platform bed could harbor some stylish cat furniture solutions, like hiding nooks.

The glass bedroom partition does not reach the ceiling in this instance. The ceiling space over the lounge has a recessed lighting feature, in a rectangle shape that frames a central pendant light.

Two dining room pendant lights have a different design to mark the change of area and purpose.

The dining set is a combination of white, wood and black finishes to complement the adjacent kitchen.

A light green vanity unit and matching toilet add an unexpected twist to the bathroom scheme. Concrete tiles cover the floor.

Visualizer: Doan Nguyen  

Our third and last studio with glass bedroom installation is a slightly more grand affair. The glass bedroom wall makes a striking backdrop to a sophisticated lounge. A high end modern chandelier hovers over a dark brown leather sofa and a sprawling hide rug.

A black and white mid century coffee table set reflects the circular theme on the ceiling.

Sleek herringbone flooring runs seamlessly beneath the glazed divide. The heavy black framing of the glass wall adds drama, and intrigue as to what lies beyond it.

Four outdoor style chairs border a more simplified square dining table. A slatted wall treatment decorates the dining room wall, and runs on as TV wall decor. A large piece of wall art anchors the dining set in its position, as does a simple dining pendant light suspended low over the tabletop.

A narrow fretwork panel marks the start of the kitchen. Black units form an L-shaped kitchen design, with one single bright yellow shelving unit set into the line of wall cupboards to break the dark plane.

Two more fretwork panels provide visual stops at the other end of the open plan room.

Black decor covers the bedroom. The dark scheme is lifted by the greenery of botanical artwork and indoor plants like the stunning peace lily plant on a bedside console. Glass bedroom pendant lights throw light over a concrete headboard feature wall.

Venetian window blinds can be dropped to provide privacy in the bedroom when required. A glass closet resides at one end of the bedroom, accessed via open sides.

A glass wall bathroom continues the open glassy theme.

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Designing A Living Space Under 18 Square Metres: Challenge Accepted

Looks can be deceiving. If you were to look at a tiny area of 17.3 square meters, you could be forgiven for thinking there isn’t room to designate clear areas for dedicated study, sleeping and dressing, plus a full kitchen and bathroom. However, this Ukrainian studio apartment located in an old building at the centre of Odessa, proves that clever layout can achieve the seemingly impossible. The talent at Fateeva Design was approached when the current owners inherited the limited space. The restrictive dimensions had the owners stumped for ideas but the designers were confident it could be sleekly transformed into an ideal student rental.

Clever spatial solutions became key for this compact interior design challenge, which resulted in some very original thinking. Just for starters, the kitchen bench runs around in an L-shape layout, with the return able to be utilised as a study desk. The thing that makes this position so ingenious is that the generous desk area can easily be switched back into food prep space if and when the need arises. A practical wipe-clean white metro tile backsplash spans the entire length. A large set of wall shelves hold both culinary paraphernalia and work related items.

The run of kitchen base units comes to a stop beneath the study part of the countertop, in favour of a desk storage unit tucked at one side. A designer table lamp sits at the opposite end, which is the AJ Lamp. More task lighting is fixed along the underside of the ample wall shelves.

Marking a smooth transition between food and work zones is a smart black pitcher with matching coffee mug, to fuel long study hours. The smart drinks set complements the monochrome colourway of the furniture in the room. The long desk can also be used as a dining table, with even enough space to facilitate a companion too.

A unique notice board pushes out from the edge of the kitchen/study wall shelving unit, crossing over into the bedroom.

A slimline white kitchen extractor unit takes up very little wall space but is stylish in its simplicity; its lights illuminate the corner position of the cooking hob. A row of small black wall sconces line the top of the kitchen window, available to cast light over the kitchen sink when nighttime falls.

All the bespoke furniture hugs the perimeter of the room, in a neutral color scheme that keeps the space looking open and airy.

The desk chair is a slender design that can be tucked neatly beneath the worktop when not in use, leaving the central floor area clear. A short rattan laundry basket inhabits the remainder of the nook.

A shower room leads directly off the kitchen.

The desk drawer unit can be tucked deep in the corner to allow more leg space, and pulled out on its castors when access to its contents is needed. It’s mobile nature means that it could also be used as an extra surface in either the study or the kitchen.

The bedside drawer unit joins flush with the platform nature of the double bed. Deep storage volumes fill the bed base. Two modern wall sconces throw light from above the headboard, which runs around two sides of the bed. The white finish of the bedroom furniture is edged with black strips that mimic the design of the wall shelves over the study and kitchen, tying the areas nicely together in one united look.

A flat screen TV is wall mounted at the end of the bespoke double bed. The TV wall is actually the back of a closet, which divides the sleepspace from a hallway area.

The hallway area doubles as a dressing room, as this is where all of the home’s closets are housed. Large wardrobes line each side of the entryway, with cupboards installed across the top. The units to the left all back onto the shower room, with the second row of closets shieling the bedroom from view of the front door. A woven seated vanity stool sits at a bright yellow and black hallway console unit, in front of a large black framed mirror. A decorative vase and a couple of tealight holders make a welcoming display.

Small black floor tiles mark out the separated home entryway/dressing area. Laminate dark wood flooring covers the expanse of the main living room.

The window sill that dips behind the wood-look kitchen countertop is used as a spot to nestle some dry larder supplies in attractive glass jars, plus a couple of indoor herb planters. A white kettle and cooking hob matches with the white kitchen cabinets.

The shower room is covered head to toe in small white tiles, finished with black grout. The result is quite busy for the small space, but a wooden backsplash behind the vanity unit and toilet smooths out the look. SImple chrome fixtures and fitting dress the facilities.

The shower room is very small but pretty perfectly formed. It houses a shiny chrome heated towel rail, a modern wall hung toilet and a compact vanity unit with storage space for all of the everyday essentials.

A black toilet flush plate has been selected as a slight pause from the chrome fittings. This is matched by a pair of black candlesticks and another black pitcher.

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Product Of The Week: Ceramic Owl Succulent Planters

Can you resist these cute little things?






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