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New Lilly Pulitzer and Pottery Barn Collab: Sunshine, Flamingos and Tropical Happiness

Pottery Barn and Lilly Pulitzer have joined forces to bring you, your kids, and even your baby more vibrant prints and pretty colors (can you ever have enough?). This brand new collaboration offers plenty of sunshine, flamingos and Palm Beach-chic in the form of textiles, tabletop, bedding and furniture pieces for the nursery, living area, bedroom and outdoors, available at Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, and PBTeen.

It’s the first time Pottery Barn has released a collection across all three PB brands, and you can find them all here:

The exclusive prints were all hand-painted with the Pottery Barn customer in mind. You’ll find the more neutral prints at Pottery Barn, while the PB Teen Collection goes bolder. Of course, the nursery/baby collection is the most fun and whimsical of all. See what we mean?!

Party Patchwork baby collection.

Here’s more of our faves from the new Pottery Barn/Lilly Pulitzer lines:

Pillows and bedding from the PB Teen collection.

Fan Sea Pants bedding from the Pottery Barn collection.

An assortment of the Pottery Barn Kids bedroom collection and Big Bam palm wallpaper.

Bazaar baby bedding and nursery items, $24 and up.

What do you think of Pottery Barn’s latest collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer? Love it as much as we do? Let us know in the comments!


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True Open Plan Apartment Under 50 Square Meters (500 Square Feet) With Floor Plan

In lack of an ocean view, designer Indot concentrated on the interior of his apartment – not to create a dazzling decor as such, but to make a space that was intricately tailored to how he used his place. Time would be spent on the sofa or entertaining around a dining table, and relaxation after work looked like a long soak in the bathtub. So with a limited floor area of just 46 square metres (498 square feet), the apartment was thought best suited to an open plan layout. In this home, every single room can be opened up to be part of one whole space… even the bathroom.

Photographer: Hey!Cheese  

Because property prices run high in Taipei, homes are small and every centimetre has to be utilised to its fullest effect; this central rotating TV makes viewing possible in the living room, bedroom and even from the bathtub.

Although all areas of this home are able to merge as one, if more than one person is present then privacy can be achieved by manipulating sliding doors and screening devices.

The TV unit is formed using a folding concept, which at its open side runs into the platform floor of the bathroom.

The decor is simple. Predominantly white paintwork with grey feature walls are brightened by just a splash of colour found in soft furnishings and small accessories.

The dining table is a bespoke design that has been blended with the kitchen.

The table is a good sized space that can be utilised as an extra place for working or entertaining.

Just two iron pipes support the large tabletop. Beneath the wooden layer there is also a copper coated titanium base, which adds elegance to the line.

Opening the bathroom up to the living room makes the living space feel larger. The raised floor of the bathroom makes the facilities appear like a display.

Above the sofa, a set of suspended shelves appear to float lightly in front of the windows.

Frosted glass in iron frames form large sliding doors between the lounge and bedroom. A black slice running up and over the ceiling makes the visual divide more solid. The matte glass allows light to filter through to the bedroom from the windows in the living room.

If more privacy is desired in future, the remaining ceiling space provides opportunity to install curtains across the bedroom doors.

The decor in the bedroom was designed to feel warm and comfortable. The flooring was made different from the living room in order to define the separate areas, as well as being a little cosier underfoot in the sleep space.

An intertwining effect was created with the bedroom and study cabinetry. A volume that runs the length of the window wall continues in a return that ends under the desk. The surfaces of the cabinets have been kept deliberately vacant to allow strip lighting to achieve the desired floating effect, and to highlight the wall texture. Power cable trunking was built into the desk to prevent the inevitable tangle of cables from becoming part of the fixture, and thus ruining the clean look. The minimalist aesthetic allows a small space to feel spacious.

The homeowner has a particular interest in collecting handmade spectacles, so a display case was specially designed to hold this curation, with a tray that slides out to give easy access. On the opposite side of the bedroom, white closets are matched by white wall cladding to create cohesion. A centre shelf has been cut out of one vertical section to provide a bedside unit. Bookshelves have been mounted into the far wall in a clean cut finish.

Large panels were used to cover the wall and floor of the bathroom to reduce the necessity for intricate cleaning in the grooves. A thicker wall had to be created to mount a wall-hung toilet. Because of the increased wall thickness, a recessed shelf could be introduced to store toiletries. The vanity unit was custom made to order and covered in artificial stone for a smooth seamless finish over the edge of the basin onto the countertop. Because it is a customised vanity unit, the end nearest the toilet has been installed with a recessed toilet tissue holder. A floating drawer beneath the vanity unit provides a space for fresh towels or washcloths. The vanity extends through the shower screen to create a handy spot for perching bottles.

Bathroom accessories were selected in a black finish to create contrast with the white walls. Out in the living room, a desk height platform runs behind the sofa as a third option for a workplace.

Due to the restriction of space, the shower could not be contained within a cubicle with a door, so a half screen became the compromise. The screen shields the vanity unit from the shower water.

The desk area behind the headboard of the bed has a pegboard feature for making impromptu displays or hanging useful items.

A smart home lighting solution is at play here, by the REXLite company in Taiwan.

The apartment takes on a different personality by night.

Glass doors retract to connect the indoor and outdoor areas.

A large terrace is situated behind the sofa.

To create a blur between inside and out, the bathroom platform has been extended to the outdoor space.

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Elegant Scandinavian Style Home With Green Decor

The Prime Life project is an 81.6 square metre apartment design for a young woman and her son, located in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation. The brief from the client stipulated that her son’s single bedroom and bathroom should be separate from the rest of the apartment with its own personality, there must be plentiful storage opportunities to tidily house all of their belongings with ease, and that the kitchen should accommodate an extra sleeping spot for an occasional guest. Cartelle Design embarked upon a Scandinavian minimalist style in calm and gentle shades; this has resulted in a muted colour scheme that exudes elegant sophistication.

Soft continuation of a light and even colour palette throughout the apartment makes each space flow gently into the next, without any jarring visuals. That said, each room has its very own sense of style.

The kitchen diner holds a beautiful dual tone kitchen, where white cabinets populate the upper half of the vertical space above frosty green base units. The cupboard fronts are of a timeless shaker design, finished with white enamel handles. In the dining area, a sofa creates seating at one side of a Scandinavian style dining table, and doubles as a bed for guests. On the other side of the light wood table, two Scandinavian dining chairs complete the suite in contrasting grey and white finishes.

The cool colours of the painted kitchen has been accessorised with warm copper kitchen equipment, keeping the look current and bang on trend. A single L-shaped installation of open kitchen shelving runs above the countertop, displaying quirky artwork, plants and favoured cooking oils. A bright glow emits from the underside of the shelving, casting extra light over the worktop below. Exposed storage cubbies provide other opportunities for having often used ingredients quickly to hand.

The artwork here is modern and monochrome so as not to interfere with the smooth colour story.

Light wooden flooring in the dining room gives way to patterned tile in the kitchen, for a durable easy clean surface.

Two simple dining pendant lights hang over the dining area, and a subtle strip of LED lighting around the perimeter adds extra illumination all the way to the edges of the room.

The opposite wall to the kitchen is decorated with green wainscotting to complement the design of the cabinets. Beside the door a flat screen TV occupies a small area, underlined by a small wooden shelf. This gives the dining room sofa a third use – as a lounge – as there is no other living room in this home.

The master suite is a beautiful serene space that is decorated in powder greys. Artwork and a bedside bedroom pendant light bring in crisp white accents. The IC S2 Pendant is suspended over a neat wooden table that matches light wood paneling above an upholstered headboard. The area rug is a strong monochrome design that adds a little weight to the scheme. Notice how the rug sits centrally in the room, inline with the overhead light, despite the beds offset position due to an extensive array of closets. The asymmetrical layout achieves perfect balance.

The central light fixture has a decorative spray of white glass and rose gold. A bed throw and cushions are a pretty blush shade which works beautifully with gold tones.

The white accent chair is a button back winged design with curves that invite you to sit.

A small tray table holding current books, plus a couple of exposed bulb pendants, makes this a sweet reading chair A console beneath the television holds more reading material as well as a few decorative vases and knick-knacks.

Recessed shelves in the side of the closet forms a second bedside unit, with the upper half protected from dust by a clear glass door.

The grey, black, white and blush colour story continues in the master bathroom.

The monochrome art here is also of a similar style to that found in the kitchen diner, as is the pattern of the floor tile.

Bathroom facilities are raised up on a wooden step that matches a floating wood vanity unit.

The bathroom is accessed via clear glass doors off the hallway. Privacy is achieved by drawing the curtain.

The boy’s bedroom design has a clever layout whereby a study area has been made separate from the sleeping area with the implementation of a cushioned divide around one side of the bed. The segregation between the two room uses promotes both focus and relaxation.

Superhero artwork on an exposed brick feature wall gives the scheme an youthful city vibe.

Exposed wiring adds in a touch of industrial styling too. These wood and concrete pendants are available here.

The colour scheme launches into teal in this room, giving it a different mood from the rest of the home.

The bathroom that is allocated for the use of the young man of the house also carries a deep teal hue.

Light wooden elements marry up with those also used over the hall in the master bathroom.

Large mirrored cabinets hide away bathroom clutter.

Tiling around the wet zone carries a multitude of contemporary pattern.

The home entryway is flanked on either side by huge storage cupboards. A recessed display unit is lit from within, behind a clear glass door.

A glazed archway with a green frame marks the end of the foyer and the beginning of the homes inner quarters.

The flooring in the entryway has a stunning monochrome geometric overlay in a honeycomb design, which breaks to reveal a wooden floor.

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Get The Latest Anthropologie Home Pieces at Nordstrom Now

Nordstrom is known for their incredible customer service, easy online shopping experience and very generous return policies. Anthropologie is known for their artisanal fashion and home collections that always include a bit of exotica or vintage flare. Pair the two companies together and you’ve got some happy shopping to do!

Earlier this week (Monday, March 19, to be exact), Nordstrom began offering 200 Anthropologie Home items at select Nordstrom stores and on Items include bedding, textiles, rugs, tabletop decor and other home accessories featuring a global, bohemian-chic traveler vibe. Fringe, embroidery and hand-painted effects are prominent in the collection. The best part: all pieces ring up at a fairly affordable price point: expect to pay under $50 for a table runner, for example.

Ready to add a little boho-chic to your home? Here are some of our Anthropologie Home Collection faves:

Colorado earthenware vases, made in Portugal. All images: Nordstrom

Anthropolgie Home Mimira appetizer plates

Mimira appetizer plates by North Carolina ceramicist Lindsay Emery.

Dog-a-Day stoneware dessert plate by Sally Muir.

Anthropogie Home Collection at Nordstrom hardware

Knobs featuring amethyst, lucite and mother of pearl inlay. From top, clockwise: Mother of Pearl. Streamline, Crowned Quartz, Margot and Tuva.

anthropolgie home collection pillows

Hand crafted pillows for miles.

Hermine Van Dijck for Anthropologie Home jacquard table runner.

Tabletop collection pieces, name and prices to be announced.

The collection has plenty of chic, colorful and textured pieces to add a little life to a dull interior. The contemporary patterns and colors are bound to work with nearly any decor, and, with the line scheduled to expand and vary according to the season, we’re expecting Nordstrom’s backing of this collection to be a success.

Which pieces do you love? Let us know your favorite picks (we know, it’s hard to narrow it down!) in the comments.

Shop the collection in store at Nordstrom, or online at

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30 Cool Computer Keyboards To Help You Match Your Workspace To Your Decor

We use keyboards daily, but don’t often think about their design. With us for 40-and-over hours a week, their little details can make all the difference. We’ve compiled a list of thirty cool computer keyboards for everyone from the hard-out gamer to the reluctant typist. We’ve found keyboards that are ergonomic; keyboards that are pure laser light; keyboards that look like typewriters; keyboards that don’t need batteries or wires. Whether you’re looking for a fun typing station with LED lights, colour gradients and a half split or something simple, minimalist and non-fussy, take a cheeky gander through our top-notch and varied selection before you next hit the office.


Retro-Style Nintendo SNES-Inspired Mechanical Keyboard: Used to have a SNES? This purple number will bring back memories. Featuring Gaote Blue textile switches, 104 anti-ghosting keys and case accent lighting, its nostalgic form comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

$125BUY IT

Black Mechanical Keyboard With Gradient LED Backlights: Gamers can’t go past this find, the world’s first mechanical keyboard to feature Cherry, Gateron and Kailh hot swap switches. Its sand-blasted aluminium façade and multi-colour LED backlighting can make any gamer go weak at the knees.


Mechanical Keyboard With Round Keys & Multi-Color LEDs: Looking for round keys? Featuring the same multi-colour LEDs, this keyboard features 18 backlit modes and 104, 100% anti-ghost keys.


Mechanical Gaming Keyboard With Wrist Rest: If you’re spending hours gaming, think of your wrists. This ergonomic keyboard boasts a wrist-leaning station (see the circled area), typewriter-inspired keys, multi-colour LED backlights and a phone holder at its back.

$349BUY IT

Mechanical Typewriter-Inspired Keyboard With iPad Stand: The original typewriter-inspired keyboard, this gem is made out of scratch-resistant aluminium with antique-style keycaps. An integrated tablet stand and wireless features take it into the 21st Century.


Compact Multi-Device Mechanical Keyboard With Groove: Want a keyboard you can put to many uses? This mechanical find boasts wireless connectivity, mechanical green switches and high-speed haptic feedback in one portable unit you can store in your bag. An ergonomic groove sits your smartphone or iPad at the ideal angle.


Cute Round-Key Keyboard: Available in black or blue, this small, universal beauty can connect to up to three devices simultaneously, switching between them at a touch of a button. Its two-year battery gives it longevity; OS adaptiveness, ease of use.

$200BUY IT

Logitech Craft Keyboard With Creative Input Dial: Are you a creative working from home? Get the right keyboard for your freelancing needs. This keyboard instantly accesses context-specific functions, letting you move between apps at a touch of the Crown. Keys designed for precision make it easy to type faster.


Minimalist-Style Living Room Illuminated Keyboard With Trackpad: Want less than a computer, but more than a remote control? This minimalist keyboard can wirelessly tune into your TV with handy buttons like mute, volume and scroll. Its sensor detects the amount of light in the room, automatically dimming or brightening its backlights.

$139BUY IT

Cute Mechanical Keyboard With Round Keys: Inspired by classic typewriters, this mechanical keyboard comes in five colours compatible with a Mac’s function keys. Its long-life battery gives you up to three weeks’ of usage from a single charge, while its GATERON switches offer up to 50 million keystrokes.


Solar Keyboard For Mac: Save the planet during your workday. This eco-friendly keyboard gives you at least three months of power – with no wired recharges – in the familiar Mac layout. A concave key cap design feels good to the touch.


Solar Keyboard For PC: Have a PC? Never fear – a solar-powered keyboard for you is also available. Only 1/3 of an inch thick, its ultra-thin design uses concave caps and a wireless receiver.


iClever Backlit Foldable Keyboard: Want another keyboard, but don’t have the room? This full-size keyboard folds three ways. Featuring wireless and wired modes, iOS, Windows and Android compatibility and a colour-changing backlight, it’s the perfect ergonomic design for student or business travellers.


Roll-up Waterproof Silicone Keyboard: Rather roll it up? This silicone design is silent, waterproof and lightweight, using materials non-toxic and odourless. No lunchtime crumbs can stick to this one!

$165BUY IT

Split Keyboard With LED: Take it up a notch and get a keyboard cut in half. This backlit beauty hosts Doubleshot PBT keycaps, an ergonomic key shape, 9 LED backlighting modes and keyboard-bound program layouts.

$319BUY IT

Kinesis Ergonomic Contoured Keyboards: Having problems with typing? Get an ergonomic keyboard that’s best in class. This patented, contoured find positions your hands naturally, with the thumbs centred inwards and digits out to one side. Its keyboard layout is customizable for easy reach, so you won’t have to bend and cause RSI strain. Advantage Palm Pads and Plus Jestik Microfiber Cloth included.

$107BUY IT

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard: Compatible with the Surface Pro 4, Book or Studio, this ergonomic keyboard has a natural arc and slope that works with your hands. A double-cushioned palm rest covered in good-looking Alcantara supports your wrists.


Microsoft Keyboard With Fingerprint Sensor: Ensure no one else can hack into your desktop. Showing off Microsoft’s recent best-in-class design improvements, this sleek-looking keyboard has a hidden fingerprint sensor using Windows Hello biometric authentication. Bluetooth and wireless, it’s compatible with Windows 10 PCs and phones.

$101BUY IT

Wireless Transparent Keyboard: Hate the clunky, black look? This transparent keyboard has got in goin’ on. Made of glass, it features a blue LED backlight for night time, gesture controls for ease. Its waterproof surface is easy to clean and disinfect, making for a more hygienic place to work everyday.


Wooden Bamboo Keyboard: Looking for a more natural material? This bamboo keyboard provides comfortable typing with a wireless connection. Get its matching mouse to complete the look.

$1,424BUY IT

Optimus Popularis Keyboard With Fully Customizable Keys: The Rolls Royce of customisable keyboards, this wide device can be programmed to any language, any symbol and any device you desire. Splash out to own a keyboard bespoke to you.

$190BUY IT

Steampunk-Style Mechanical Keyboard: Complement your steampunk home decor with a keyboard in the style. Showing off a leather top plate, zinc aluminium alloy frame and chrome finish, each piece comes complete with a custom logo plaque. Its mechanical keys are backlit, and can be twisted to adjust to your perfect wrist height.

$180BUY IT

Wood and Metal Keyboard: A wood finish achieves a similar look. A leather top plate and backlit keys polish off this mechanical keyboard, which holds enough battery in one charge to last a full year.

$500BUY IT

The Diviner Victorian-Style Keyboard: Don’t let functionality get in the way of style. The Diviner draws from the Victorian era, with its natural poplar frame, vintage typewriter keys and Roman Ogee pattern edge routing. Hand-stained and varnished in a deep mahogany finish, its four points and corners are accented with acanthus brass, its indicator LEDs with refractive red jewel lenses. Treat yourself to its 50 million-stroke key caps and Cherry MX switches.

$725BUY IT

The Machinist Industrial-Style Keyboard: Rather have a piece for your industrial home decor? The Machinist is just as fancy. Aluminium-framed and propped up by two gear-assembly risers, its black faceplate and hex keys mingle with Cherry MX blue mechanical switches and typewriter keys.

$725BUY IT

Vintage-Style Aviation-Themed Keyboard: Aviation enthusiasts will love this vintage-style keyboard. Brushed aluminium and typewriter-style keys blend with Cherry MX switches and three sapphire blue jewel indicators, creating a cockpit feel.

$1,650BUY IT

Nautical-Themed Seafarer Keyboard: This nautical home decor keyboard is anything but standard. Its gorgeous gold foil illustrations were drawn by historical cartographer Peter Schenk the Elder. Its typewriter-style keys are set on cast brass beside Cherry MX switches on a spiral rod frame. Its cap lettering is fade-poof beside green jewel indicators, providing a feeling of luxury for the avid voyager.

$1,000BUY IT

The Sojourner Premium Luxury Keyboard: We’ve never seen travel-inspired home decor look this good. The last in the line of the Datamancer keyboards, the Sojourner’s steampunk-esque, weathered-look design is made of polished brass. Its typewriter keys and Cherry MX switches are set on Elizabethan-typeface parchment, beside an aged leather face plate with amber jewel indicators.


Futuristic-Style Laser Projection Keyboard: Don’t like the keyboard look? Project yours instead, with a laser light alternative. Bluetooth-compatible and available for Mac and PC, you can adjust its brightness, sensitivity and sound on flat, opaque surfaces.

$332BUY IT

Star Wars-Themed R2D2 Virtual Keyboard: Fans of Star Wars home decor can’t go past this R2D2 projector. His robotic form projects out your office’s virtual keyboard, laser-style.

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