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Complex Winery Design Features Green Roof, Sliding Screens

California-based Signum Architecture completed the design of Odette Estate Winery, a modern structure aimed at mirroring the refinement of the wines produced in the famous Napa Valley. The project is said to express the owner’s commitment to sustainable farming and wine production.

Defined by organic shapes throughout, the structure blends in with the landscape.”Nestled in the valley’s eastern hills, the building’s living roof appears to have been pushed up from the earth,” the architects said.

“At the front of the building, sliding perforated aluminum screens in tall, voluptuous forms veil the winery’s covered crush pad and open-air workspace. Behind these screens, three repurposed shipping containers serve as comfortable and sophisticated winery laboratory and office space.”

With a clean and simple layout, it’s easy to move from one functional area of the winery to the next. The design of the fermentation barrels matches the sober interiors, as if to invite guests to take a moment and reflect on the wine-drinking ritual.

On-site renewable energy created by solar panels and the smart use of building materials are just some of the elements that make the project sustainable. Photos and information provided by Signum Architecture.

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Minimalist Home With Blue And Yellow Accents

Living in a world of consumerism and excess, these habits commonly translate into abundant decor. Sometimes though enough is enough. We want peace and calm when we return to our ‘nests’. We want less. Wanting less however does not mean we do not desire a welcoming home or comfortable furniture. No. Minimalism isn’t about depriving ourselves of good design and home comforts, it’s about allowing us to enjoy these very things by cutting out all of the noise. This small modern apartment located in Nõmme, Estonia, visualised by Ines Käärma, shows us where to begin our journey to a simpler interior scheme and how to connect our colour schemes.

In an open plan living room we find a simplistic layout where a neat sofa faces a wall mounted entertainment console with TV. To the right is a minimalist white kitchen with a sociable breakfast bar that seats four. In this space we find the introduction to a cohesive colour story that runs throughout the entire apartment, uniting each space as one uncomplicated idea.

On the upholstered modern sofa there is a selection of scatter cushions covered in bright shades of blue and yellow. The amount of colour used in this space is not overwhelming though, allowing the eye and mind to rest. A nearby floor lamp has a soft metallic sheen, plain floor-length curtains and window frames are white, as are all of the interior walls and long television console. An outdoor dining set takes advantage of the added exterior space.

All of the wooden elements inside the home are of the same light veneer, such as the shelving units, breakfast bar and stools and a square coffee table that has a shelf underneath for concealing magazines from clear view. The flooring is in matching birch too, which continues from the open plan lounge through into the kitchen.

The table lamp behind the sofa matches the yellow in the sofa cushions. The wall shelves themselves have their own built in strip LEDs as an added light source. The extra illumination allows a small collection of wine glasses to double as room decoration.

A single decorative plate on the coffee table and a throw on the footstool have hints of blue and yellow.

An area rug beneath the sofa and footstool pulls the colour scheme together.

A partially dividing wall between the lounge and the kitchen has a selection of kitchen cabinets built into it.

The kitchen is a flat fronted, handle-free design, with a matching white corian countertop. The wall cabinets are of the same plain white design, leading down into a coordinated white backsplash. Even the kitchen sink and freestanding coffee machine are ice white, only the built-in hob and integrated oven contrast with the scheme, standing out in basic black.

A humorous piece of modern art includes the hues used in the decoration of the home, it may even have been the inspiration for the palette.

A duo of differently shaped pendant lights adds a little subtle interest over the breakfast bar.

The bar stools are upholstered with blue geometric cushioning, which gives them cool contemporary style in an understated way.

Birchwood doors and picture frames line the hallway, opposite a row of hallway cupboards.

The handles of the hall cupboards are a leather strap that compliment nearby birchwood tone.

In the master bedroom the headboard wall has been painted in a soft shade of sky blue, contrasting with a sunshine coloured bedspread. The doors and handles of a built-in closet match those found out in the hallway

When opened, the bedroom closet has full length mirrors included inside each of the doors.

A white wall mounted sconce provides reading light over each side of the bed without cluttering up tabletops. The bedside cabinets are simple white wall mounted units, as is the dressing table that is teamed with a solid yellow and birch chair, and a simplistic flat round mirror.

The bedroom has its own ensuite bathroom.

Inside the bathroom we find more light woodtone and a blue mat. The vanity unit is mounted off the floor to assist with easy cleaning and to make the small room appear more spacious by keeping the maximum amount of floor space visible. Above the wall mounted vanity are four large mirror fronted cabinets, providing ample space to stow all of the necessary cosmetics and spare toiletries.

Down the hallway we can spy another sitting area.

A bold yellow accent chair awaits.

A yellow wall sconce lights the spot, along with a modern overhead light.

In the home office a blue sofa bed provides space for a guest.

A small selection of books are visible on high shelves but everything else is tucked out of sight behind a row of cupboard doors.

A yellow mat brightens a pale second bathroom.

A small corner vanity is a good solution for a small space, like this cloakroom located just off the entrance hall.

A frameless round mirror adorns one wall in the hallway.

A few floor units and an arrangement of shelving cubbies above a clear fronted fridge makes this spot into a home bar.

A white console with cupboards is wall mounted beneath the circular mirror in the hallway, making a nice little area for putting on outdoor accessories and checking one’s appearance before leaving the apartment.

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How to Decorate Your Rental Walls (and Still Get Your Deposit Back)

rental walls

Here’s how to decorate rental walls without forfeiting your deposit. Image: Joseph Bergin Architect PC

Rentals can be tricky. On the one hand, you want to make the space feel like home while you’re living there. On the other, you don’t want to make it so homey you kiss your security deposit goodbye. In particular, choosing to decorate rental walls can feel like walking a fine line.

That’s where we come in. In this post, we’ve gathered lots of practical suggestions to help you decorate your walls without having to deal with a single nail. Read them over and weigh how each one will mesh with your rental space and personal tastes. We’re sure you’ll find at least one option that strikes your fancy.


Display art rather than hang it. Image: Nathalie Priem Photography

Display art on surfaces

Here’s the No. 1 secret to keeping your security deposit safe and sound while still feeding an art addiction: You don’t actually have to hang art on your walls to make sure it plays a prominent role in your design. When your ability to change the décor is limited, simply displaying the art can have the same effect without inflicting any damage.

All it takes to pull this look off is a little imagination. Start by going around your apartment and looking into the various possibilities available to you. Consider existing shelving, tabletops or other surfaces that could use a makeover. These days, many minimalist looks even include larger artworks that have been propped up on the floor as a style statement.

If you’ve looked at your available spaces and aren’t quite satisfied, remember you can always bring in your own. Decorative ladders are great for displaying small décor items, as are entertainment centers and bookshelves. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative with this one.

alternative hanging

Hanging art doesn’t have to mean mounting it on the wall. Image: Kenneth Brown Design

Find alternative hanging methods

If simply displaying art is not to your taste, you may not have to forgo hanging entirely. Here, it’s all about getting creative with the way they’re hung. Take the picture above as an example. With a little planning, a variety of household items can be transformed into part of a DIY gallery.

Though this list is by no means exhaustive, here’s a quick rundown of some options:

  • Use S-hooks and decorative rope to hang pictures from your molding
  • Enlist the help of wash-tape
  • Get some of those removable wall hooks
  • Opt for some Velcro

In this case, being satisfied with the method of installation and the final look of your pieces is key. After all, some people may be all for the bohemian flair of S-hooks and decorative rope while others may not care for it at all. We recommend looking at a few design sites like Freshome before you get started to gather some design inspiration for the task.

wall decal

Temporary wall decals aren’t what they used to be. Image: Gaile Guevara

Reconsider removable wallpaper

Remember wall decals? They aren’t just for kids’ rooms anymore. Today’s wall decals — rebranded under the term removable wallpaper — are a great way to make a big design statement for relatively little effort and upfront cost. With a press-and-stick installation method, plus the ability to peel the design off and throw it away at the end of your lease, this method should be a go-to pick for any renter.

When working with removable wallpaper, the first step is to gauge the quality of your walls. Look for ones that aren’t heavily textured or have lots of loose plaster. Smoother walls reduce your chances of having air pockets under the design on installation and ending up with a bubbly look.

With the walls prepped, the possibilities are endless. Depending on the design you choose, you could opt to cover a whole room in a print, stick to one eye-catching design to create an accent wall, or highlight a particular area like an office nook or kitchen backsplash.


Consider adding greenery, one of 2018’s biggest trends. Image: Michelle Gage | Interior Designer

Add some greenery

This may be an unconventional suggestion to some since it doesn’t involve your typical forms of wall art, but in our minds, it’s about time to give greenery its fair share of attention. There’s no denying that natural elements like plants can bring a fair amount of visual interest and variety to your home, but best of all, there’s absolutely no wall-mounting required.

From a design standpoint, over the last few years, we’ve seen greenery become increasingly popular. Many modern aesthetics, especially those that advocate for simplicity like Scandinavian design or Japandi, count on plant life to give their interiors a much-needed pop of visual interest. With that in mind, if you choose to go this route, you’ll be solidly on-trend.

One caveat to this: Unlike the other suggestions in this post, adding greenery into your interiors does come with a promised commitment of ongoing care. Make sure you check out the upkeep instructions for any plants you intend to purchase so you know what you’re getting into.

rental walls

Follow our tips to keep your deposit safe. Image: Marcia Prentice Photography

Decorating a rental and, in particular, dealing with rental walls can be a challenge. On the one hand, it makes sense to want to make the space feel like your own during your tenure there, but the threat of losing a security deposit can be enough to quash that aspiration for many. With the help of the advice in this post, we hope to have your décor feeling unique to you in no time flat.

What do you think of our suggestions for bringing a little life to rental walls? Will you be using any of them to decorate your apartment? Tell us in the comments.

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Three Pretty Pastel Home Decor Schemes

These three pastel homes positively sing with prettiness; “I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright!”… Well, not literally obviously, but you get the gist. Sweet shades of baby pink, powder blue and chalky mint green cover the furniture, walls and accessories of this trio. If you worry that a candy coloured interior might make your teeth hurt a little, then this inspirational collection of interiors will show you how such shades can be comfortably neutralised with light wood floors and fresh white elements. See how to hold the hues within simplistic contemporary outlines to keep your scheme from appearing frilly or trite.

Visualizer: Ruslan Kovalchuk & Stephen Tsimbalyuk  

Throwing you straight in at the deep end with our most pastel filled home, this first apartment is awash with soft shades of blue, pink and green. At the centre of the scheme the pink couch looks like a row of soft marshmallows but is of an unfussy contemporary style. In direct contact and contrast with the centrally placed couch, a sky blue area rug matches the powdery blue curtains and a light blue coffee table. To earth these airy colours, a selection of amber glass vases decorate the table surface. These tones are echoed over in the dining area situated behind the sofa, where six dining chairs stand in natural rattan.

The rattan dining chairs have pale blue cushions to match the nearby rug and curtains. Their natural tone carries through via wooden accents in the open plan kitchen. The surrounding walls are all awash with minty green.

A floor lamp and a wall mounted bookcase carry through more of the calming blue hue.

Beneath the wall mounted flat screen television, a long wooden console perfectly matches the tone of the wood floor.

The wall art is almost a continuation of the view beyond the window pane.

The kitchen backsplash countertop and adjoining dining table are all pale marble.

The dining room pendant lights are a grouping of organic shaped white glass vessels.

The simple table centrepiece coincides with the natural elements in the room.

In the hallway, a couple of bike wall mounts provide a practical storage solution and transform the homeowners transport into a focal point.

Wooden stools and beams strike of modern rustic note.

A second pink sofa is located in a room with a study area and a relaxing swing chair.

This pink couch would double as a bed. The natural rug beneath it neutralises the sweetness of the pink upholstery.

Beside the home office area is a large bank of bespoke white storage units that feature a cut through of wooden display cubbies, which hold frequently used items close at hand.

This bedroom has a towering upholstered headboard design in powder blue. The rest of the feature wall is finished in wood panelling that matches the side tables.

The furniture and bed linen are of a geometric design, which sharpens up the look of the pastel coloured room.

The opposite wall tells us this is a kid’s room: A blue wall has been made into a subtle chalkboard, and a set of wall bars are all set for swinging.

A cute kid’s desk chair sits at a computer table that has been accessorised with a copper desk lamp.

Geometric accents can be found around other parts of the scheme too.

Visualizer: Ruslan Kovalchuk & Stephen Tsimbalyuk  

Our second apartment belongs to a ballet dancer, and uses just a soupçon of pastels here and there; like this exquisite sea breeze sofa.

Opposite the L-shape sofa is a blue feature wall with a giant debossed leaf motif.

The rug is purest white faux fur.

A console underneath the TV has curvaceous wooden design.

Sea breeze and wood tones are carried through from the lounge into the dining room.

Two copper dining table pendant lights are suspended over the neat eating area.

The ballet dancer’s small porch has hardy enough room to pirouette in, though manages to accommodate a bar area where one could enjoy a coffee and the view, plus a tidy home office area complete with designer table lamp.

Light cabinets and exposed kitchen shelving form the backdrop to the small dining area.

The bedroom is just a ‘jete’ from the living room sofa, and can be seen through sliding glass doors. Natural light makes its way through from the lounge, and privacy curtains may be drawn when company is present.

The bed is coral pink. The feature wall is a repeat of the leaf motif used in the lounge to join the two spaces.

The bathroom is a minimalist design.

A small selection of essentials are out on open shelving, with no other storage present in the room.

Designer: Guan Pin Interior Decoration  

Our third home is a cosy den of pastel surprises, where an upper volume is reminiscent of a treehouse.

Beneath the mezzanine ‘treehouse’ nestles a small white kitchen and a pink and wood dining suite.

The walls are painted in mint green or white.

Tiny pink accents are sprinkled over ice cream colours.

The kitchen backsplash and breakfast bar side panelling are a blue hue.

Sunshine accents brighten quirky cutouts.

On climbing the open sided staircase you will find the master bedroom, where a black floor lamp creates an unexpected heavy base note beside a sweet selection of pink, blue and white bed cushions and covers.

Expanses of blue and neat pink accents continue up in this space.

One of the pink dining chairs has been utilised as a desk chair.

A large wooden wardrobe earths the pastel scheme.

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4 Small Studio Interior Designs That Give Little Places A Lift

Live small, think big. The designers of these four small but beautifully formed studio apartment interiors have put together decor schemes that are filled with gorgeous home style, furnishings and attractive accents without feeling overstuffed, despite their limited proportions. A small open plan studio layout can too often feel like each and every area is forced up to the next without pause or breathing space, but not in these examples. Take a look at how the designers of these compact homes have managed to create visual separation and even a feeling of airiness by using carefully considered colour palettes and modern furniture silhouettes in cleverly thought out arrangements.

Source: Husman Hagberg  

Our first interior is set in an apartment that was originally built in 1906. The total area of this small studio home is just 21 square metres. The tall black storage unit that stands between the bed and the sofa is the wardrobe; this provides the only large scale divide in the room.

The vibrant colour choices would have you think that this was a new build rather than being well over a century in standing.

The small sofa is stuffed with cosy cushions and a faux fur throw. Juicy orange colour pops contrast against luscious green indoor plants. A base of grey and white tame the brighter hues so that the palette doesn’t become childish or overbearing.

Opposite the sofa, black kitchen cabinets match the storage unit on the other side. Wall units make full use of the vertical space. A glossy white backsplash prevents the look from becoming too heavy.

A modern fruit bowl and a set of decorative candles sit on top of a small breakfast bar that’s big enough to seat three people for dinner.

An induction hob keeps the countertop sleek. A tidy selection of cooking oils and cutting boards are dotted along the work surface as decoration and to free up some valuable cupboard space.

Wall mounted coat hooks keep the hallway tidy and keep bulky winter coats out of the narrow wardrobe in the main room. A small nook contains a tiny washbasin by the front door.

A stool makes a handy bedside table, and a wall shelf over the head of the bed provides an attractive display surface. The bedding is a bold mix of tribal print and geometric pattern, which brings bags of character to the limited space. Wall art matches the edgy modern tribal theme of the bedclothes.

Little nuggets of greenery are everywhere throughout this small apartment. The plants make the scheme feel friendly and provide cleaner air in these close quarters.

The tiny bathroom has been given its own pop of style with the simple and easy introduction of geometric and colourful towels.

An outdoor balcony is adorned with sweet colourful fabric cushions, plus matching blooms.

A neat table helps make the limited outdoor space a practical and sociable area.

Plant pots have been hooked over the railing to achieve extra gardening opportunities for green fingers.

Visualizer: Lina Zaharova  

This one room apartment in St.Petersburg has an entirely different colour story. Here things are of a more serious industrial vibe, with expanses of raw concrete and swathes of grey.

Not every area is dark and dramatic though, white and light wood tone balance out the shade.

The entertainment wall acts as a half height divide between the lounge and dining room.

Four upholstered dining chairs provide a bit of colour around the table, whilst a swing arm wall lamp illuminates the eating area.

A white and grey kitchen forms the backdrop to the dining area.

Another pop of deep colour is found on the pillow cases in the bedroom.

The bathroom is a dramatic charcoal scheme.

Visualizer: Recent Spaces  

Our third studio apartment is a sunlit chic space. The tone for the sophisticated home is immediately set by two golden dining pendant lights that gleam above a four setting dining table. The table is anchored in an area that could possibly have allowed for a six seat suite but the spacious feel of the room would have been compromised.

The gold dining pendant lights work beautifully with surrounding blonde wood tone. The other accents in this space, such as the dining chairs and tabletop, are all bold solid black. The base note provide great contrast against lighter elements.

A fruit bowl makes a simple table centrepiece.

In the open plan bedroom, a black bed throw, wall art and a bedside table provide more black accents to the scheme.

Everything else in the sleep space is crisp white, from the duvet cover and pillows, to wall paint and bedside lamps.

A neat wooden chair holds reading material.

The Scandinavian style sofa has a slimline frame to save precious space.

Visualizer: Recent Spaces  

Our last studio apartment tour is unusual in that it has a centrally placed sofa.

The sofas central position is due to walkways flanking either side, providing access to the bedroom and a desk.

The lounge area has a small round coffee table, adorned with a simple decorative vase filled with a bunch of cheerful flowers.

An area rug defines the sitting area.

A pendant light sheds light over the work area in lieu of a desk lamp, freeing up table space.

Scandinavian style chairs and table add soft wood tone into a grey kitchen-diner.

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