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Why Asymmetry Is an Important Part of Interior Design (and How to Make it Work)


It may seem counterintuitive, but asymmetry matters in interior design. Image: Denver Image Photography

Though trends are an important part of the interior design landscape, nothing can overtake the necessity of understanding the fundamentals of how design works. Which is why, today, we’re going back to basics. We’re about to take a look at why asymmetry is a crucial component of design in our homes.

Keep reading to learn more about what exactly asymmetry is, why it matters and how you can pull it off in your own interiors. We’re sure by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be ready to make a few adjustments of your own.


Asymmetry is a type of balance. Image: Clean Design

What is asymmetry?

Put simply, asymmetry is a type of balance that’s often used in design. Typically, when people consider balance as a concept, they stick to working with symmetry — or mirror images — in their interiors. While that’s always a viable option, it’s far from the only one to choose from.

In reality, there are three distinct forms of balance you can incorporate as part of your design. They are as follows:

  • Symmetrical/formal balance: This type of balance is created by taking the room and splitting it into two halves that mirror each other. It could, for example, include a living room that features two sofas with a coffee table between them.
  • Asymmetrical/informal balance: In this case, the room is balanced by the repetition of similar forms, lines and colors, but there is no mirroring or exact duplication. A living room done in an asymmetrical style might feature a sofa with an end table on one end and a floor lamp on the other.
  • Radial balance: Radial balance is the most infrequently used option on this list, but it involves similar objects being placed around a common center point. It’s most often seen in dining table arrangements where the same chair is used throughout.
visual interest

Put simply, asymmetry makes things a little more interesting. Image: Amit Apel Design Inc.

It adds visual interest

Now that you know what asymmetry is, it’s important to take a more in-depth look at why people use it in their designs. The most common reason is that it adds more visual interest. Where the repetition of symmetrical arrangements has a tendency to feel monotonous over time, asymmetrical looks keep us on our toes.

There’s actually a psychological basis for why this occurs. It has to do with the way our brains process information. They aim to pick up on as many patterns and repetitions as possible, so the mirroring effect of symmetrical design makes those rooms very easy to figure out. In asymmetrical spaces, the patterns are less immediately obvious, so it takes our brains a bit longer to process them and ultimately makes them more interesting.

Take the picture above as an example. While the room features a consistent color palette, the same number of chairs on either side of the coffee table, and even a symmetrical layout, it was probably the fireplace that caught your eye first — and held it. Asymmetrical elements are a good tool to use when you want to call attention to a feature of your design.

Asymmetrical design can make your interiors feel more casual. Image: Lucas Y. Hernandez

It’s more casual

Take a second to think of all the mirror images you’ve seen in interior design. More than likely, the images you’re thinking of are stately living rooms that feature double couches or a long dining table with two rows of identical chairs. This rigid duplication of symmetrical design has a tendency to present as more formal and even a little stuffy.

In contrast, asymmetrical designs aren’t constrained by the same level of perfection. The allowance for differences in their arrangement enables the space to feel a bit more casual, a bit more “lived-in.” As such, asymmetrical designs are often favored in high-traffic areas of the home, such as family rooms and eat-in kitchens.


Follow these tips to bring asymmetry to your interiors. Image: Isler Homes

How to pull it off

The last step to becoming a master of asymmetrical design is to know how to apply these concepts in your own home. While there are no hard-and-fast rules for this one, we do have a couple of suggestions to get started.

  • Make it a focal point: If you’re going big with your asymmetrical element (like the fireplace above), make sure it’s something that would be a natural focal point and build the rest of your design around it.
  • It can be big or small: Asymmetry doesn’t always have to make a huge statement. Sometimes even piv0ting a chair at an angle is enough.
  • Use odd numbers: Arranging groupings in odd numbers is a great way to utilize asymmetrical design.
  • Remember coordinating elements: When you’re going asymmetrical, it’s crucial to include a few common threads to help pull everything together. Repeating elements with similar colors, lines and shapes are the way to go.
  • Use your perception: Pay attention to how your asymmetrical elements make you feel. If something feels “off” about your design, you may have to make a few tweaks until everything makes sense.

Will you be giving asymmetry a chance? Image: Isler Homes

Believe it or not, asymmetry is a foundational principle of interior design. Read over this post and consider our tips carefully. We’re sure when you learn more about the why and how of this design technique, you’ll be ready to give it appropriate attention in your home.

What do you think of asymmetry? Will you be making an effort to include more of it in your interiors? Let us know in the comments below.

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Want a Home Library? Here Are 4 Tips to Help Make Your Dream Come True

home library

You’ve always wanted a home library. Now’s the time to make it happen. Image: Trilogy Cabinets & Design

Most bookworms we know dream of having a space where they can escape from the world with a good book. Though home libraries may sound like a thing of the past, there’s no reason why you can’t create one of these areas in your own home. All it takes is a little planning to make sure this project comes out the way you’ve always envisioned.

Since these spaces are highly personal, much of your design will come down to your tastes. But there are some tips to help ensure your home library functions at its best, regardless of your aesthetic. Read on below to get one step closer to creating your dream home.


Proper shelving is key to your display. Image: JWT Associates

Focus on your display

Proper storage is the holy grail of the home library. If you’re an avid reader, you’ve likely spent a lot of time storing your books in less-than-ideal conditions. Now that you’ve committed to designing your very own library, it’s time to proudly put your books on display.

The first step is picking the best location in your home for this project. Few are lucky enough to be able to dedicate an entire room to the task. Rather, it’s much more common to find creative ways to share space with a home office or formal living space. If need be, a smaller reading nook can also be carved out from previously unused space in a master bedroom or loft area.

Once you can picture where your library will take shape, it’s time to get serious about storage. Floor-to-ceiling shelving units or built-ins are the traditional choices. However, these days, homeowners are getting more creative. Search out some design inspiration for alternatives that will work in your unique space.


Make sure there’s plenty of seating. Image: Martha O’Hara Interiors

Create the right seating arrangement

After storage, proper seating is the next most important part of a home library. There are very few hard-and-fast rules here, but whether your space will accommodate a single chair or you have square footage for a whole grouping, it should be comfortable. This is one of the few times we’ll advise you to forgo ultra-modern minimalism in favor of the larger, more plush pieces common in traditional design.

Once you have your furniture in place, designing a proper layout is the next step. Of all the seating arrangements in your home, this one in particular should feel welcoming. Try arranging each piece at a slight angle to bring a casual and comforting air to the space. When there is more than one seating element involved, you’ll want to position them so they’re angled toward each other rather than turning away.

layer lighting

Layer lighting to make reading easy. Image: Amanda Kirkpatrick Photography

Layer your lighting

While proper lighting is a key element in every room in your home, it’s especially crucial in a library. No one likes the struggle of squinting to make out words. Providing a proper lighting scheme, as well as the right type of light, is essential to the room’s ability to function the way you want.

Start by reviewing your existing lighting scheme. Ideally, it will feature at least one of each of the following:

  • Ambient: Also known as general lighting, ambient light fills the majority of the room and allows you to move around safely. It usually comes from recessed lighting, track lighting or wall-mounted fixtures.
  • Accent: Accent lighting is used to highlight a particular focal point, such as a piece of wall art. Picture lights, wall-mounted-fixtures or track lighting are common, and dimmers are often used on these features to provide mood lighting.
  • Task: As the name suggests, task lights are used to assist you in completing a particular function. This could be anything from desk lamps to pendant lights that hang over a kitchen island.

Here, your ambient and task lighting is most important. Make sure to have one of each directly above or beside each spot in your seating area. Then, provide the right light temperature. Day bulbs, ranging from 5,000K-6,500K, are the best choice for reading, so you may want to invest in a few of those.


This space should be as cozy as possible. Image: Kevin Dakan Architect

Make it cozy

The last component to any home library is coziness. While this isn’t an official principle of interior design, in our minds, it’s absolutely essential here. After all, this space is an indulgence at heart. Your final product needs to feel like somewhere you’d gladly curl up with a good book for hours on end.

In this case, utilizing textiles is an especially great option for bringing a level of comfort to the room. For example, you can ground the space with a nice, plush throw rug. Then, add a few throw pillows to each chair or sofa in your seating arrangement. Finally, consider adding a soft blanket to the mix to keep warm in cooler temperatures.

The last component is adding an element of personalization. Since your home library will likely function as an escape from the stresses of everyday life, that’s incentive to make it feel like an oasis. Whether it’s a piece of wall art or a particular décor item that will make this room feel like your own, here is official permission to invest.

home library

Take our advice and create a home library of your own. Image: LINEA, Inc

Many of us dream of one day having our very own library. However, there’s no reason why that dream can’t become a reality, even if your living situation isn’t conducive to the typical library we see in old movies. The tips in this post are aimed at helping you create a personal oasis, no matter how much square footage you have. Keep them in mind as you design your space. You deserve it.

What do you think of our home library ideas? Will you be taking steps to include one of these spaces in your own home? Tell us about it in the comments.

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42 Modern Dining Room Sets: Table & Chair Combinations That Just Work Great Together

A dining room is all about its table and chairs, which means matching (or mis-matching) them perfectly is essential. Whether your dining room edges on the rustic, monochrome, Scandinavian or minimalist, we’ve put together 42 great combinations that show how the right dining furniture can be your décor’s best friend. Get four Kartell Masters around a table in the same hue, elongating the space of a kitchen-come-dining. Set a smooth white block around four Scandinavian chairs, with a handy table extension allowing two more. Get creative and cost-efficient in your dining, by taking a peek at our best original and replica dining table and chairs.

$140 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Merax Black Rectangular Table Chairs: Kartell Masters Chair Replicas

Designing for a kitchen-come-dining? Match your dining chairs and table to the shade of your kitchen. This simple, black rectangular table makes a charcoal bench seem longer, whilst drawing in the eye with a neon yellow fruit bowl. Four Kartell Masters chairs add subtle flair in similar materials.

$320BUY IT

Table: Dessa Rectangular White Dining Table (Similar) Chairs: Kartell Masters Chair Replicas

Reverse the look in bright white. A similar table in polypropylene-coated metal joins with three Kartell Masters to match the cabinets in this kitchen. Light-wooden flooring and a warmer wood for the benches complete the scene, which is artfully scattered with stone and black vases.

$169BUY IT

Modern Dining Table With Benches: Go back to school with a set of wooden benches. This pretty trio stands out with its black iron frame against a cluster of monochrome prints. A posy of peonies and potted fern at the back inject a dose of nature.

$182 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Modway Satellite Dining Table Chairs: Modway Drift Dining Chair
Make patterns in your dining with table and chair legs as your feature. Bentwood-top chairs and a classic round table find common ground with their matching hairpin legs, a mid-century modern staple. A simple fruit bowl in white subtly centres the scene.

$219BUY IT

Compact 4 Seat Dining Set: Not sure you have room to hosts friends at dinner? Never fear – a dining set with storage is here. This four-seater set in laminated plywood boasts taupe seating on the top and hidden storage beneath. Affix an aluminium pendant over the top as a fixture.

$260BUY IT

Eames-Style Dining Table: Design legend Ray Eames knew what made furniture beautiful, yet functional. This Eiffel-leg table replica gives substance to style with its four matching chairs. Set it upon white for a minimalist vibe.

$276BUY IT

White Extendable Modern Dining Table: Not sure if you’re having two or six to dinner? Try out this extendable table for size. Growing from 160 to 205cm long and back again, it’s a solid companion for moulded plastic chairs – or you can buy the ones pictured here.

$319BUY IT

Modern Compact 5 Piece Dining Set: Pair scooped plywood and chrome for dining decor less ordinary. This come-one-come-all set of dining chairs are muted enough to let other hues do the talking. Sit them beside a wood-cabinet kitchen.

$390 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Kubo Dining Table (Similar) Chairs: Eames Molded Plastic Armchair Replica, Panton S Chair Replica
Make a more solid impact with a thick-legged dining table. The block colouring and squared edges of this inner-city apartment are complemented by this pine table’s presence. Accentuate its form with more rounded seating, such as the Eames plastic armchair and Panton S styles shown here.

$396 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Modway Cyclone round wood top dining table Chairs: Modway Stack dining chair
Get fancy with an intricately-detailed leg. This rounded number, originally based on the famed Cyclone table by Isamu Noguchi, uses chrome-plated steel with a cast-iron foot ring. Black print frames and muted-hue chairs match it well.

$399 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Ikea Drop Leaf Table Chairs: Ikea PS 2012 Chairs
Need your dining table to do more than just extend? This find, carved from bamboo, seats two, three and even four people by lifting its two flaps, ladybird-style. Pair it with deliberately mis-matching black chairs to make it modern.

$399BUY IT

Modern Natural Oak Dining Set: You can’t beat oak for a classic dining table. This four-seater brings a feeling of home with white padded seats, a sprig of wild flowers and a base on a rug.

$399BUY IT

5 Piece Modern Glass Top Dining Table: To celebrate a city view, go for glass. This metal-inner, wood-coated leg table and chairs fight the termites from your carpet whilst reflecting sun from your window.

$490BUY IT

Algedi 7 Piece Dining Set: Looking for a larger family? This sturdy, light bentwood table seats an impressive seven. The white band around its middle colour-matches its accompanying chairs, each designed with legs in chrome.

$610BUY IT

Wooden 5 Piece Mid-Century Modern Dining Set: Create a dining room in the mid-century modern style. This French oak five-seater with faux-leather seats lets you nail the look in one. Stand it upon a wooden floor and rectangular mat to accentuate its curves.

$640 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Julien Round Walnut Dining Table Chairs: Cherner-Style Chair Replicas
Cherner-style chairs are eating up the home interior scene, and there’s no reason why you can’t have some for your own. Circling a rounded walnut-veneer centre, they’re perfectly complemented by a stone-finish floor, bamboo pendant and wood groove fruit bowl.

$933 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Strut Dining Table Chairs: Eames Molded Plastic Chair Replicas
Try something different for your dining. This powder-coated steel table makes a splash in unexpected red, alongside four Eames chair replicas. Do the look justice with a sprig of red florals and simple glassware.

$995 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Extendable White Dining Table Chairs: Ghost Chair Replicas
White dining tables are fresh and breezy every mealtime. This simply-alluring combination shows off a white gloss table, which extends from a 17-inch desk to an 118-inch feast, and four ghost chair replicas, which dazzle and delight with their see-through frames. Accentuate the look with a white or grey wall feature and flower-filled glass vase.

$1,029 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Magis Tavolo XZ3 Chairs: Ikea Svenbertil
Seat a small attic space with dining furniture in black. This set, not originally paired together, look a dream with their stencil steel legs and glossy surfaces. Accessories in glass, such as the cluster of hanging pendants and simple vases shown here, keep it contemporary.

$1,100 for the tableBUY IT

Table: AAT20 Chairs: AAC 22, Replica, Fiber Side Chair, J110 Chair, Stackable Hee Dining Chair
Designer Hee Welling uses natural oak plywood to frame the edges of this circular white table, kept interesting with a selection of different, wooden-legged chairs.

$1,246 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Giove Rounded Rectangle Extendable Dining Table Chairs: Frida Upholstered Dining Chair
Go back to the 50’s with this varnished taupe table. Also available in wood, wood-ceramic or wood-glass, its splayed legs work well with this no-fuss painted floor and synthetic seating. Lift up its edges to make its surface smaller.

$1,759 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Astor Dining Table Chairs: Delancey Side Chair
Made from polished steel coated with a white lacquer, this unforgettably sleek table welcomes Delancey chairs to the party. Lift out its middle to extend the table, standing its form on a polished floor to keep the look sophisticated.

$2,170BUY IT

Anastasia Contemporary 7 Piece Gray-Themed Dining Set: Mimic the style of the ancients, with a dining table on a pedestal. This cement-finish bottom and glass top table is ringed by six seats in grey faux leather. A background of French panelling and black and white prints brings it into the modern day.

$2,550 for the tableBUY IT

Premium Option:
Table: Dulwich extension table Chairs: Eames wire chair with seat pads
Cheaper Alternative:
Table: Baxton Studio Juliette mid-century modern dining table Chairs: Eames-style wire chair replicas

Mix and match mid-century modern pieces for a dining look that’s fresh. The evolved modern lines of this Matthew Hilton table, paired with the well-known contours of Eames wire chairs, surprise and delight guests with their eclectic feel. Use white walls and a creative clock to complete the scene.

$2,595 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Similar styled one from Restoration Hardware Chairs: AAC 22, Replica, Fiber Side Chair, J104 Chair, AAC 22 With Upholstery
Wood salvaged from century-old buildings in Great Britain created this table by Timothy Oulton, a rectangular-legged twist on the classic circular round. Mix and match it with chairs in similar styles and materials, to prove white and wood need not be boring.

$2,595 for the tableBUY IT

Premium Option:
Table: Dulwich extension table Chairs: Eames-style molded plywood chair
Cheaper Alternative:
Table: Baxton Studio Juliette mid-century modern dining table Chairs: Eames-style molded plywood dining chair replica

Get the whole family together. Walnut from Latvia constructed this long and lean dining table, another design by Matthew Hilton. Accompanied by Eames-style walnut chairs, its tapered edges and more-leg-room splays look just gorgeous underneath potted succulents.

Premium Option:
Table: Saarinen Tulip Table Chairs: Saarinen Tulip Chair
Cheaper Alternative:
Table & Chair Set: Modway Lippa 5 Piece Fiberglass Dining Set

Seat a table for four that looks like the Jetsons’. The famed Saarinen Tulip style spreads across four chairs and a table in this marble-topped design. Stand this set close to your kitchen, for an easy way to keep an eye on your toast.

$493 for tableBUY IT

Premium Option:
Table: Saarinen Tulip Table Chairs: Hans Wegner Wishbone Chairs
Cheaper Alternative:
Table: Saarinen-Style Tulip Table Replica Chairs: Hans Wegner-Style Wishbone Chair Replicas

Pair your Saarinen Tulip table with chairs in a homely feel. Four Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs add wooden frames and rope seating to this interior, providing warmth with woollen throws and a bright Turkish rug. The table’s marble top adds to the feeling of opulence.

$493 for tableBUY IT

Premium Option:
Table: Saarinen Tulip Table Chairs: Eames Molded Plastic Chair
Cheaper Alternative:
Table: Saarinen-Style Tulip Table Replica Chairs: Eames-Style Molded Plastic Chair Replica

Looking for something Scandinavian? Using the Saarinen Tulip as a base, this décor adds to the look with Eames molded plastic chairs and a woven circular rug. Illuminated by a copper cone, the look is fresh, modern, and practical enough for everyday.

$493 for tableBUY IT

Premium Option:
Table: Saarinen Tulip Table Chairs: Magis Chair One
Cheaper Alternative:
Table: Saarinen-Style Tulip Table Replica Chairs: Magis Chair One Replica

Monochrome is the word for this industrial-style dining. A Saarinen Tulip table is paired with four Magis Chair One designs in black, adding geometric flair to thin wooden panelling, exposed brick and extractor fans. A series of white vases in different forms find flair.

$1,175 for tableBUY IT

Table: Otago Dining Table Chairs: Wegner-Style Wishbone Chair Replicas
Rather be in a resort? This Otago Oak, tree trunk-shaped table provides a hint of the tropical beside hemp rope seats and potted ferns. Natural monochrome photography and a circular woven rug complete the look.

$1,369 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Modern White Round Dining Table Chairs: Grey Upholstered Dining Chair
Like the Otago table’s shape, but not its finish? Make it contemporary in polished white lacquer. Two grey upholstered chairs atop a sea of geometrics make it a modern scene.

$1,495 for the tableBUY IT

Premium Option:
Table: Muuto 70/70 Table Chairs: Muuto Cover Chairs
Cheaper Alternative:
Table: Barris Dining Table Chairs: Otis Arm Chair

Get a dining set in the Muuto design. Classically Scandinavian, these Danish designers frame long, white tables in aluminium, carve oak into curved chairs, and unfold pendants in silicone. Pair them with a white and bright interior and mix and match chair colours to let their genius shine.

$800 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Aurand Dining Table Chairs: Wegner-Style Wishbone Chair Replicas
Bring white and wood together for simplistic dining. This elongated table looks perfect beside white-painted wooden chairs in the Wegner style. A crumpled offering of oranges adds a dash of colour.

$2,795 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Muuto Split Dining Table Chairs: Muuto Nerd Chair, Cheaper Replica
Designed by Staffan Holm, this classic Scandinavian-style table lays low beside pastel-painted oak chairs. A polished concrete floor and simple white décor let its bubblegum hues take centre stage.

$2,795 for the tableBUY IT

Premium Option:
Table: Muuto Split Dining Table Chairs: AAC 22
Cheaper Alternative:
Table: Bloch Dining Table Chairs: AAC 22 Replica

Go Scandinavian and minimalist at the same time. This oak Muuto Split table splays its legs amongst four cubby-style chairs, as a concrete pendant demarcates the space. Light wooden floors and white walls keep it minimalist.

$2,660BUY IT

Premium Option:
Table: Cappellini Fronzoni 64 Table Chairs: Hans Wegner Wishbone Chairs
Cheaper Alternative:
Table: Condie Family Dining Table Chairs: Hans Wegner-Style Wishbone Chair Replica

Contrast square edges with chairs of a curve. The white lacquered finish of this straight-legged, long-lined dining table meets the dreamy flowing backs and hemp-weave seats of three Wegners. A cork stool to the side and light kitchen behind bat in turn for each party.

$1,135 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Limari Home Concrete Dining Table Chairs: Limari Home Nyana Upholstered Fabric Dining Chair

Be industrial yet theatrical in your dining room design. This workingman’s concrete table packs a punch beside even bolder fabric chairs in red. Stencil chair legs help tie the hues in.

Premium Option:
Table: Saarinen Tulip Table Chairs: Platner Chairs
Cheaper Alternative:
Table: Modway Lippa Table Chairs: Platner-Style Chair Replica

Want your dining room to make a mid-century modern splash? This Saarinen Tulip table and six avocado Platner chairs are staples of the look. As guests are wined and dined on a surface of marble, they’ll kick their feet across 50’s innovations in metal.

Premium Option:
Table: Platner Dining Table Chairs: Platner Chairs
Cheaper Alternative:
Table: Fishburne Dining Table Chairs: Platner-Style Chair Replica

Want the full set? With gold, splayed metal legs, a glass top and black-upholstered cushions, this mid-century modern scene sure does look regal. Buy the originals for snobbery, the replicas to get a taste of everyday fine dining.

Premium Option:
Table: Cross Extension Table Chairs: Platner Chairs
Cheaper Alternative:
Table: Fishburne Dining Table Chairs: Platner-Style Chair Replica

A modern dining room set for 6 can be seated with Platners, too. These seats sit around a wooden extension table crossed over at its bottom, matching the room’s décor in lines in the wood-panelled ceiling, curtain folds and chair legs. A striking lightbulb chandelier draws in visitors.

$2,224 for the tableBUY IT

Table: Curzon Dining Table Chairs: Oxford Dining Chair (shown on image)

Need a modern dining room set for 8? This Brazilian table with stainless steel legs finds favour in black, stitched leather case seats. For an alternative, white-hued look, the Eiffel Base Eames-Style Molded Plastic Chairs would also work a treat.

Recommended Reading:
50 Modern Dining Chairs

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Modern Cabin Interior Design: 4 Inspiring Examples To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Life seems to race along at a faster rate than ever before now that we have instant access to everything and everyone via wireless internet and social media platforms. Our smartphones seem to be superglued to the palms of our hands whether we intend it or not. Have you ever wished you could break free from the shackles of modern media for a while by running away to a place where it simply cannot reach you? Well, imagine tucking yourself up in one of these four inspiring modern cabins in a twinkling snowy wilderness, with not one single ping or alert to disturb your outer or inner peace…

Visualizer: VIZN Studio  

A modern cabin doesn’t require you to “rough it” just to get away from it all. This first contemporary cabin interior contains all the desired home comforts – bar the TV, computer and phone. A cushiony sectional sofa is flanked by a selection of indoor plants perched on modern plant stands. A large piece of monochrome fox wall art decorates the wall to bring in a little wildlife.

Black floor cushions and a tree stump stool sit to one side of the modern sofa. A tribal patterned rug takes the centre spot beneath a trio of coffee table designs.

Opposite the modern coffee tables is an additional grey sofa that looks back at the first. Above the second couch, deer head wall decor in a silhouette style adds another modern take on rustic art.

Hanging from the lofty ceiling are Flos AIM pendant lights, with chunky black metal shades.

The other half of this cabin contains an extremely generously sized kitchen diner, where the dining table is built right up into kitchen work station. Facing into the lounge area is a set of open kitchen shelves that display a selection of crockery, cookbooks, pots and pans, a teapot and pitcher.

Four Scandinavian style chairs sit at the dining bench, including the Muuto Cover Chair and the Tom Kelley Salt Chair.

A fur throw warms up the seat of one of the dining chairs, adding a rustic flourish. Grey chevron floor tiles keep a modern edge to the scheme.

Up on a mezzanine level there is an attic bedroom. The pallet bed base and a bedroom chair have been painted white to match stark white surroundings. This minimalist bedroom interior could be anywhere but looks out over rustic cabin decor below, giving its inhabitants the best of both worlds.

Looks like they could use a headphone stand!

Visualizer: HED Studio  

Modern cabin number two stands in the snowy wilderness like a glowing beacon of light, guiding you to a simpler life.

One entire side of each volume is completely glazed from roofline to ground level, as if the building had been cut through like cake to reveal its filling. Outside, a heated pool steams in the cold winter air.

From the back the home, it appears as though it is closed up tight like a fortress. Interior lights twinkle through back doors that look armoured against the elements.

A deck has been cleared to make way for a modern deck chair…

… With a view like this you can see why it’s worth braving the cold air.

Inside this cabin, ceilings are high and furniture is low.

The sofa is a multi-colored sectional design that allows cushions to be separated off as needed, like this one pulled closer to the roaring fireplace. The decor of this rustic living room is a combination of wood clad walls and a concrete floor.

As far as living rooms for book lovers go, this one should hit the spot. The library is also kept at floor level – or rather at stair level – as the books are stored on a three wooden steps that climb up toward the kitchen.

The fourth step is a concrete platform. An open plan kitchen sits atop the concrete volume as though it were a stage and this were a public cooking demonstration.

Also up on the concrete stage is a rustic dining room.

Whilst we hope that the candles in this chandelier are the fake flame kind, this alternative is fire-safe and more fitting for a smaller area.

Modern wall sconces gently illuminate the rustic bedroom.

Visualizer: Jakub Komrska  

This mountain cabin has bright turquoise accents.

Small pops of bright colour lift and modernise large areas of natural wood tone.

A fur rug keeps things rustic.

A decorative vase sweetens the bedside.

A coloured shelf adds a nice twist to open kitchen shelving, and creates an eye-catching spot to display indoor herb planters and a kitchen clock above the kitchen sink and cutting boards below. Two kitchen stools form a casual eating area at the wooden bench.

High gloss black wall cabinets complete the look.

Visualizer: Sanel Muranović  

Our last cabin looks like an extravagant home library, where a large floor lamp casts light over proceedings. This is a Flos Arco Style Lamp.

A black modern sofa sits at each side of a black glass coffee table.

An enormous black chimney breast dominates the room.

A double sided fireplace can be enjoyed from each end of the home. At this end there is a kitchen with a central island, decorated by a single fruit bowl.

If you loved this set of modern cabin ideas then take a look at these:

Gorgeous Colorado Cabin Secluded Among the Trees
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Get Your Space Oscar-Ready With These 10 Old Hollywood Glamour Decor Ideas

The Oscars are March 8. Why not get Oscar-ready by adding a little Hollywood-chic to your home? Old Hollywood glamour decor is fresher than you’d think — many of its elements like velvets, greys, mirrors and glass are perfectly modern and hot for 2018.

Here are some ways you can add a little old Hollywood glamour decor to your home, in time for the Oscars.

1. It’s all about silver, platinum and light metallic sheens

old hollywood glamour decor -

Layer matte and high-gloss shades of silver or grey in your home to ramp up the Hollywood luxe. Mirrors and chrome are two great ways to incorporate the look. Image: AM Dolce Vita

2. Add some fur

old hollywood glamour decor ideas

Faux fur pillows, rugs or throws, especially in grey, platinum or pewter tones add glamour to any room. Image: The Expert Touch

3. Curvy and rounded old Hollywood glamour decor is essential

The old Hollywood vibe takes cues from Art Deco style. Add curved furniture or a round mirror or table to get the look. Image: Jamie Herzlinger

4. Pattern and texture required

old hollywood glamour decor

Repeating patterns, tufting and quilted fabric are all important elements of the old Hollywood glamour decor look. Image: Centered by Design

Notice the patterns expressed in all the decor ranging from the geometric wall paper to the quilted bench and bed cover and the stripe detail on the rug and curtains. Image: Greg Natale

5. Mirrored decor and furniture add old Hollywood glamour to any room

Add a mirrored side table or some mirrored candle holders to “glamorize” your room. Image: L2 Interiors

6. Don’t skimp on the lighting

It’s all about drama — and the best place to add some is in the lighting. A large chandelier featuring lots of bling is the perfect way to glam a space a la Hollywood Regency style. Image: Kohler

7. Make friends with purple

Purple is the color of royalty — and its Hollywood counterparts. Add your favorite shade of purple; it looks fabulous with greys, silvers and whites. Image: Kimberley Seldon

8. Layer in velvet, suede, faux fur, silk and leather

A glamorous Hollywood Regency style home has to look and feel like a million bucks. Velvets, silks and suedes are a quick way to get the effect. Image: Starr Homes

9. Add clear glass and acrylic pieces

The clear effect not only adds glamour and shine, it also expands the look of a room. Image: Keough Sterns Interiors

10. Add your favorite Hollywood starlet to your room

If you’re a film buff, add your favorite icon to your walls as art. Go with a black and white image for that old Hollywood feel. Image: Design Stories SF

Now that your room is Oscar-ready, don’t forget yourself! A pair of silk pajamas or fabulous loungewear will tie in nicely.

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