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Awesome Room Divider Ideas, Even If You Have a Small Space

Open space living in lofts, studios or homes with high ceilings and few walls are very popular. The open architectural look may be gorgeous, but not always practical. Being able to have a private bedroom or a way to divide the living space from the dining room would create a more functional feel to a home.

So how can you add a little intimacy or privacy to a room without closing up your space permanently? By getting creative and adding a room divider that can open and close as needed, or moved to another spot. Check out these awesome room divider ideas that can work in nearly any space, large or small.

Room divider ideas using bookcases

There’s no better way to multitask than to use a room divider that features storage, too. A bookcase may be the perfect solution. For the ultimate flexibility, add locking wheels to the bookcase so you can roll it to where you need. Or if you’re sure you won’t be moving it, consider adding a built-in cabinet to divide a space.

contemporary room divider ideas -

A sleek wood bookcase with no backing divides the open living area without blocking sunlight. Image: Musa Design

room divider ideas for the bedroom -

This studio owner added a wall of bookcases to create a more private bedroom feel. Image: Kea Design

small studio room dividers -

A built-in bookcase is the only wall in this small studio. It doubles as storage and a divider to separate the living area from the bed. Image: Elayne Barre

room divider ideas

A centered cabinet can store cutlery and china on the dining room side and hold books and the television on the living room side. Image: Ciccozzi Architecture

Hanging room dividers

When floor space is of a premium, hanging a room divider can be the perfect solution.

room dividers

The room divider by Blomming appears to be made from a textile in a laser-cut pattern, but it’s actually more modular than that! Each diamond, or facet, can be tilted to open to create a custom look.

For a sleek fabric room divider, hang a curtain featuring large metal grommets from a simple chrome bar mounted on the ceiling. Image: Podio Arquitectura

Geometric room divider ideas

Sometimes a room divider is nothing more than a design feature that creates the illusion of dividing a large or small area without actually closing it off. These room divider ideas are the perfect example. They add a custom look to a room that’s memorable.

Panels of stacked wood blocks add a graphic look to the area dividing the living room and dining room. Image: Betty Wasserman

A custom metal panel with leaves and vines not only divides the space, but creates beautiful shadows on the floors when the sun shines in. Image: SFA Design

The clever installation of a graphic wall serves as both a headboard on one side and a desk on the other side. Image: Kimberley Seldon

An industrial loft’s focal point is a glass and iron room divider. Image: Axis Mundi

Slatted wood room divider ideas

Simple wood slats can be mounted to create a sense of a smaller, intimate area without completely closing off the spot. Depending on a home’s decor, the look can be mid-century modern or contemporary in style.

Wood slatted room dividers create a small library or sitting room in an open loft. Image: Stebelskiy Studio

Adding uplights and some greenery to a slatted room dividing wall create a zen vibe. Image: Futurcret

The wood slats of this contemporary home were stained in a rich black tone. Each slat rotates to close off the space completely or open it up as shown. Image: Don Taylor Design Associates

This room divider hides the stairwell. Image: Maurizio Giovannoni

The light-color stain of the wood slats adds a natural Scandinavian feel to the small studio space. Image: Mr. Mitchell

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Two Examples Of Industrial Modern Rustic Interior Design

Modern rustic decor often melds with industrial home style. Combining rustic furniture and accents with industrial ideas results in an interesting contrast; where concrete backdrops and reclaimed metal intermingle with warm wood tones and natural rattan. We’ve selected two solid examples of this here. One a stark loft that appears as though almost everything in it was a once lost and now newly found item, perhaps recovered from an abandoned industrial building. The other home is steeped with tradition, abundant in decorative pieces crafted specifically for the space, but juxtaposed by concrete and modern styling. See how to adjust the balance of industrial and rustic to achieve a different twist on the same trend.

Visualizer: Serhii Seinov  

The first of our two rustic interiors with industrial influences is a loft interior in Chicago. From this birdseye view the scheme appears almost soft despite the solid concrete floor. The huge sectional sofa is a light grey upholstered design in a sociable L-shaped arrangement.

Peeping out from beneath the sofa in the rustic living room, an area rug lays at an interesting angle that invites you to come in and sit down, then leads you back out over to the dining suite.

An eclectic coupling of tables and an old planter make an interesting centrepiece in the lounge.

Metal shelves create a tall bookcase up a wall adjacent to the lounge.

An industrial dining suite is made up of a distressed wooden trestle table with a flaking painted finish and a set of six matching stools.

A rustic kitchen complete with exposed ducting forms a backdrop to the rustic dining room.

The table centrepiece is a concrete planter with a metal surround, teamed with a light modern paper shade table lamp.

A distressed table also acts as a simple side console in the dining area, where a swing arm wall lamp is located as a picture light over a piece of art.

Metal and wooden storage boxes populate the space beneath the rustic console.

The kitchen island is another weathered looking piece. A metal chair with plenty of patina sits at one end. Behind it we see that the industrial looking exposed extractor ducting has been fitted with LED lights around its base to provide light over the cooking hob.

Surface mounted electrical wiring runs down the rustic textured walls, on which areas of paintwork has cracked and crumbled away. A rustic wood-burning stove glows brightly in the stark hollow space.

Industrial features are packed into this Chicago loft space, including old industrial fans, signage, rails and steel stair treads.

Suspended above the rough ensemble is a crisp geometric modern chandelier. It draws the eye up and over to a mezzanine level that holds the bedroom and bathroom.

A hay bale makes a seat in the bathroom.

A simple rail is the closet.

The bedroom decor is a slight change of pace, with warm natural rattan basket weave dominating the scheme.

Three storage baskets mark the foot of the bed.

Two rattan bedroom pendant lights illuminate the bedside, which is a trestle stool just big enough to hold a teapot and cup.

Visualizer: LOGOVO Design Group  

Our second is a home design created from some old principles that cause some unusual zoning, based upon the structure of a traditional Belarusian hut.

The contemporary looking outer form is half of a simplified model of a hut. A second home stands separately in mirror image to complete the symmetrical silhouette.

A menagerie of natural woven ceiling pendants greet us upon entering this living space. Bare wooden beams span the upper volume whilst intricate textiles adorn the couch cushions below. Thick chopped tree logs act as coffee tables and end tables, and fur rugs define the zoning of the open plan room.

High gloss white floors make this a much cleaner looking rustic space than the previous home.

An industrial vibe is introduced via a concrete wall treatment.

The undulating shape of this live edge desk is a sweet rustic touch.

A little nod has been made to the most honoured place in a traditional Belarusian home that was known as the ‘red corner’, a name likely derived from the symbolic red colour of the ruchnik, which was an embroidered ceremonial towel. Following ancient layout rules, the fire is located diagonally across from the ‘red corner’. The old furnace has been replaced with a modern fireplace, though it bares a resemblance to a traditional stove.

Upon opening up the red corner you find an entirely different type of towel, rolled and stacked in a bathroom. Behind the rustic barn door a modern white bathtub contrasts with a wooden bathroom feature wall and concrete.

Custom designed basket weave dining chairs add another dash of tradition. Above the rustic trestle table a geometric chandelier pulls the scheme back into modern realms.

The rustic rattan dining chairs directly resemble the shape of fruit baskets.

Exposed kitchen shelving allows fresh white crockery to add a visual lift to the chunky wooden rustic kitchen cabinets. An aluminium backsplash adds industrial flair.

A single wooden stair adds a rustic stripe to a smooth white ascent.

Upstairs, the rustic decor of the bedroom is freshened by bright white flowing voiles.

A home office area has a much more contemporary feel provided via numerous examples of geometric artwork and a designer rug.

The matte black textured facade of the squat build blends quietly with the surrounding landscape.

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Small Tilted Kiosks in Canada Inspire a Sense of Movement

Atelier Urban Face completed the design and development of the “Mount-Royal Kiosks” project. These three oddly shaped buildings are meant to spice up urban family escapes in Mount Royal Park, Montreal, Canada.

“The new kiosks take on the shape of the hamlet,” the architects explained. “This was an important factor in the design, as a hamlet incorporates the idea of a village, one that encourages a sense of interaction and community. The positioning of the kiosks are random, representing a dialogue between the kiosks and the main pavilion, the waterfall at Beaver Lake.”

The installation is inspired by two main components: the play of light and the constant shifting of the wind. Thanks to steel structures, each kiosk leans at a different angle, as if being pushed by the wind. The first kiosk is inclined at 10 degrees, designed for both summer and winter class field trips. With enough room for up to 30 people, the activity possibilities are numerous.

The second kiosk, inclined at 20 degrees, houses tools and equipment for park services, as well as a first aid station. The third, with it’s 30-degree incline, is home to the ticket office, plus storage of recreational equipment.

“The uniqueness of each individual kiosk is the result of their integration into the park in the most discreet and harmonious manner possible,” the architects said. “Not only respecting the environmental integrity of the mountain itself, but blending in with the poetry of the landscape, and all this with an eye on longevity.” Information provided by Atelier Urban Face; photography courtesy of Fany Ducharme, Normand Rajotte, Sylvain Legault and Sylvie Perrault.

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Green and Gold Interior With Modern Eclectic Vibe [Includes Floor Plans]

There is a clear harmony in a green and gold colour combination in decor. Maybe it is reminiscent of colours found in nature, like the changing colours of tree leaves in the weeks leading from summer into autumn, or of strong sunlight dancing over wild grass. Whatever it is, the pairing also has a regal quality that adds an air of sophistication in whichever space they grace. Take this green and gold home tour designed by Oksana Dolgopiatova. This apartment has tones that vary from an aqua blue-green hue all the way over to deep forest green, and gold that ranges from classic gleaming metallic to matte golden yellow fabric.

This green and gold colour journey starts with a decidedly aqua blue-green tone. A section of wall and ceiling around the floor to ceiling windows is of a turquoise hue, brightly framing the natural light source in the room. The colour band creates a visual pitstop at the end of an elongated layout. A couple of indoor plants soak up the sunlight that filters through white privacy voiles across the exterior glass.

Taupe upholstery on a deep cushioned sofa works beautifully with the vivid blue-green paint colour, slightly neutralising its intensity. A selection of graphic scatter pillows tie the two hues together. A bold black and beige throw edged with tassels gives the neutral sofa a fresh and youthful flourish. Behind the sofa a stack of white display shelves stand against a white wall, holding a selection of framed pictures, books, decorative candles and wine glasses.

A trio of contemporary wall lights mark the sudden transition of wall colour, and draw attention to a textured surface of the wall.

A pair of round wooden nesting tables hold a gold designer table lamp, for use as a focussed task light on the sofa.

Opposite the taupe fabric sofa is an understated console unit, made with a combination of wood, glass and black powder coated metal. The floating wooden volume at the centre of the low console unit is three drawers used to stow away DVDs or games for viewing or playing on the wall mounted flat screen TV above it. The television is situated on a plain white wall with concealed wiring. The expanse of white balances out the eye-catching colour around the window nearby. Two decorative panels are also in white, casually propped against the plain wall at floor level.

A modern eclectic dining set has been curated for this space. It consists of a gold dining table big enough to seat four to six people. Two gold wire-frame chairs and two black leather chairs have been selected.

Green glass decorative vases adorn the dining table top, tying the eating area in with the green kitchen cabinets that stand behind it. They are teamed with a small black plant pot to match with the two black leather dining chairs.

The dark forest green kitchen cabinets are accessorised with gold door handles that gleam luxuriously in the light. The wall and ceiling framing the kitchen area has been painted in a matching shade, echoing the colourful framing stripe around the window opposite.

Interior glazing keeps the home feeling spacious and airy. Sliding glass doors are famed in ebony black. White curtains hide away the view of the dressing room when in use, where stacked grey pouffes provide a seat.

By evening, three dining room pendant lights create soft twinkly mood lighting over the open plan living room.

Glazed panels above the green kitchen let borrowed light through to the bathroom behind the wall. The kitchen backsplash is made of light marble to complement the corian worktop that is accessorised with a white faucet and white kitchen sink.

The flooring throughout the apartment is wide wood plank with a dark distressed stain effect. This cohesive look connects the living area seamlessly with the bedroom.

Going through into the bedroom we find a tassel edged monochrome bed coverlet with geometric pattern, laid over a golden yellow upholstered bedstead.

A stripe of matching golden yellow has been painted around the perimeter of the room where the coving lies. A piece of abstract wall art also carries splashes of gold to connect the yellow of the upper and lower levels.

Neat gold wall sconces on white hinged arms act as reading lights at each side of the upholstered yellow headboard.

Each swing arm sconce is mounted above a wooden bedside unit with storage drawers. Beneath these an area rug has been situated to keep the floor warm underfoot around the bed.

The padded headboard of the yellow bed wings out from the base to create a cosy cocoon.

A gold wall clock decorates a plain white hallway.

A gold trim adds a luxe finish to the white marble tile floor in the home entryway.

A unique green bathroom vanity is accessorised with a black faucet, bottle trap and black wall mounted soap dispenser. A coordinated green towel hangs on an adjacent towel rail. The circular shape of the basin and vanity shelf is matched by a round mirror. The black metal frame of the vanity is echoed by the mirrors thin black frame.

The wash basin zone is visually separated from the bath area with the installation of dark wood tongue and groove over the floor, walls and around the bathtub itself.

White LED lighting brightens the dark wood decor around the bath zone. A white towel ladder provides a place to hang a green bath towel.

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10 Things to Do With the Empty Space Over Your Bed

You’ve got the perfect headboard and bedding set up. But does your bedroom still feel a little … vanilla? The large and empty wall area over your bed is probably the reason something’s missing. It’s not easy to decorate the area over your bed — it’s a long and sometimes narrow area. Here are some easy ways you can take your bedroom wall decorating to the next level.

1. Paint (or wallpaper) the wall a rich, vibrant color

bedroom wall decorating

Set off the headboard wall with a rich color or beautifully textured wallpaper. Image: Clean Design Partners

2. Hang a patterned rug

bedroom wall decorating ideas -

Hanging a rug over your bed sideways could be the perfect solution to filling the large wall beautifully. Image: Modern Mecca

bedroom wall decorating ideas -

A tapestry that’s been mounted on a pole makes an interesting bedroom wall decor idea. Image: An Aesthetic Pursuit

3. Add a wall mural

A map of the world mural in contemporary shades of grey add personality to this simple bedroom. Image: Gaile Guevara Studio

The mural in this sophisticated bedroom is finished with a wood frame to re-create the look of a large painting. Image: Raji RM & Associates

4. Create a gallery wall

Try putting a gallery wall together of your favorite objects. Besides hooks, be sure to use double-sided tape to ensure the artworks don’t fall off the wall and on you. Image: Ms. Weatherbee

5. Hang a room divider

A quick and effective way to fill the empty wall space behind your bed involves hanging a room divider. This three-panel version in silk is especially polished and elegant. Image: Oliver Burns

6. Hang a horizontal painting or mirror

Not sure what type of horizontal art would be the perfect scale for over your bed? Choose one that’s somewhere between 2″ to 12″ shorter than your bed’s width and center it. Image: Alessandro Cerruti

A horizontal mirror expands the sense of space in a bedroom. Mirrors can be heavy and dangerous if they fall — use caution when hanging one or hire a professional to mount it safely over your bed. Image: By Helen Design

This bedroom wall uses two design elements to create a wall that pops: a rich, textured wallpaper and a contemporary horizontal wall canvas in a contrasting color. Image: Zero Energy

7. Hang a series of wall art horizontally

A triptych (trio) of metal lattice wall panels are the perfect wall decor over the bed. Image: A Good Chick To Know

You can space your wall panels as close together or as far apart as you’d like to fill the wall area. Just be sure they all measure the same distance from each other to look symmetrical. Image: Charm Home

8. Use vertical panels to fill the wall

Have tall ceilings you find challenging to decorate? Try hanging vertical wall art in a series to fill the wall. Image: Joel Kelly Design

9. Hang sculptural pieces in a freeform pattern

For something a little more dimensional and less typical, skip the paintings and hang a series of wall decor. Try hanging different sizes in a freeform pattern for the most dramatic effect. Image: Opal DC

Modern paper lanterns create a fun and unexpected bedroom wall decorating idea. Image: Twist Tours

Repeating metal sculptures in a coral shape are hung on the wall in a circular pattern to offset the angular furniture pieces. Image: Our Style Stories

10. Add stylish storage

Claim the space over your bed by adding clean and modern storage. Narrow, wall-mounted storage cabinets with mirrored or colorful doors can hide a multitude of items. Image: Ensoul

Try mixing and matching a few of these bedroom wall decorating ideas to complete your room. Which are your favorite ideas?

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