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Tribal Chic Apartment Tour

The tribal chic trend is a strong look that evokes a specific natural ambience. This open plan studio apartment designed by Li Jun Chen & aTng 糖 achieves a sophisticated African look by sticking to a base palette of grey and white. Interesting layers of raw rustic accents are then introduced through textures found in nature, woven into organic handmade accessories and bold tribal pieces. Wickerwork, jute rugs, leather look items, smooth wood tone and large emerald green leafy plants act as the key to executing this exotic luxurious look. See how modern tribal decor is a style that exudes a warmth and embraces a creative mix of cultures.

In this elongated open plan, every area of the home is visible from the next. A centrally built sofa forms the living room, which looks over a bedroom by the window and a bathroom on the opposite side. No dividing walls have been implemented so that the natural light from the floor to ceiling window remains unobstructed all the way to the back of the room. Therefore, the style in this space also continues seamlessly. Tribal decor flows over each section in one united scheme.

There is no wall art hanging in the rustic living room, but decorative tribal shields are propped against the wall from the back of the concrete sofa structure. The African shield theme continues over in the neighbouring bedroom scheme too – as does the concrete. The base of the bed is a continuation of the volume that forms the couch base and sides. This industrial material keeps the scheme looking sharp and contemporary amidst all of the wicker furniture and accents.

The bedside pendant light has a wicker basket style shade and hangs over a white rustic storage chest, which acts as a bedside unit. A few books and candles are arranged simply over its surface. At the foot of the bed a jute rug matches a natural bed throw. One concrete side of the sofa runs the full length of the bed, providing a low level visual divide and an opportune spot for placing a couple of items, like a wooden bowl and chunky ceramic vase of dried flowers.

A pale grey Moroccan leather pouffe acts as an extra seat by a wooden coffee table in the lounge area, set atop a round sisal mat. It’s colour matches the grey sofa cushions and throw pillows as well as the bespoke concrete installation.

The concrete decor continues right across the floor and climbs up the opposite wall in the form of an entertainment wall. A flat screen television is recessed into the concrete and a console shelf extrudes out of it. The shelf morphs into a higher surface at one end, where it provides a desk surface for working at home. To counteract the cool hard material, a collection of twinkling candles have been set out on a wooden tray and contained inside black lanterns. Ebony black provides a great base note in a modern tribal scheme, it adds weight and depth. There is a black lamp placed on the work surface, and the desk chair has a black metal frame to contrast with its bamboo seat.

A large swiss cheese plant fills one corner of the room with vitality and life. It provides the only colour pop inside the entire home.

A piece of art portrays a buffalo skull, an ideal subject in tribal decor.

Continuing in the concrete furniture theme, the bathtub is a concrete build and the back of the vanity has its bronze faucets mounted on concrete tiles. A small selection of carefully coordinated toiletries perch on top of the bathroom boxing behind twin white basins.

The shower cubicle is part concrete, part glass.

A wooden bath shelf bridges the tub, holding more natural toiletries.

The flooring across the entire wash area is a grey tile instead of the concrete surface found in the rest of the home.

The slope of the bathtub faces away from the desk so that relaxing bubbles can be enjoyed without thinking about workload.

A large round mirror with a black frame is centrally placed over the double sink bathroom vanity. An extra shave mirror is wall mounted at one side. On a shelf beneath the wooden double vanity is a stock of fresh white towels and a fluffy robe, on hand for when one climbs out of the adjacent tub. At this angle we can see that the shower screen also acts as a door to separate off the WC.

Opposite the open plan bathroom area is the kitchen and utility, complete with a concrete breakfast bar and concrete countertop. Wooden bar stools, shelving and a wooden cabinet door add visual warmth and rustic tribal flavour to the grey kitchen. The two simple bar stools form the only dining area in this compact home.

The home plan reveals that a further cooking area is located around a corner, next to the visible utilities, separated off by a glass door. Prep units span each side of the concealed kitchen. To the other side of the open plan utility is a storage area. We can also see that there is a balcony on this home that is equipped with a comfortable outdoor chair and footstool set. Another planter completes the look.

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40 Grey Living Rooms That Help Your Lounge Look Effortlessly Stylish and Understated

Need to revamp your living room, but not sure where to start? Pick grey to colour it. No longer associated with dungeons, dull office blocks or unpainted walls, grey is a hue perfectly understated, making your furniture look contemporary sans large risks in design. Cut Lego-style stairs into a shaft concrete wall, amidst relaxed L-chairs in the hue. Go fifty shades darker, with charcoal leather couches, LED-lit bookcases and a roaring fire all in tone. Brighten it up with light grey walls, framed monochrome prints and a cornered Corinthian column. Effortlessly achieve a cool, up-to-date edge with our forty grey living rooms as your inspiration.

Visualizer: Thai Quang  

Combine grey and green together for a look that’s fresh. The tropical leaves and pineapples in this grey and white interior make a splash upon an exposed brick wall, two grey ottomans and two Scandinavian coffee tables built to match.

Photographer: Anders Bergsted  
Source: Entrance  

Grey living rooms take on many styles. This light grey number simulates Scandinavia with its six monochrome prints, two square leather chairs and structured, rectangular furniture. A Greek column fireplace in the corner adds a touch more character. Check out our 50 Inspirational Scandinavian-Style Living Rooms post for more interiors in this theme.

Visualizer: aTng 糖  

Prefer dark Scandinavian interior design? Paint a wall almost black, colour your floors in dark slate and pop a cat on its frontage, like this bold interior. A lighter grey couch, industrial light and a range of potted cacti provide items of interest.

Designer: One Work  

Go simple yet functional with a lounge in grey. The slick concrete feature wall of this black-and-grey interior is peppered with an artsy staircase, grey L-seater and abstract oval coffee tables.

Source: Archvizer  

Grey creates space for dominant features. Mis-matching wooden floors, grey couches and muted accessories make way for a large facial abstract on an exposed brick wall. Red-lined shelving and a miniature yacht help tie the artwork in.

Visualizer: Roman Kolyada  

Grey’s a great base for a modern living room. This decor employs dangling lights to illuminate a grey couch, floor and ottoman with a matching kitchen bench and sprinkles of red and blue. A Turkish rug and floral print add pattern to form.

Designer: Zrobym  

Grey walls need not be dark. This light and bright lounge is backgrounded by almost-white tiles, a snug suede L-seater, and pops of pastel in a pink seat and beige print. A multi-jointed lamp to the side stretches beside a paint-splashed table leg.

Architect: Sreten Jovanovic & Maja Urh  
Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina  

Use many shades of grey. This room combines fingerprint artwork, a grey-tiled floor, corrugated iron wall and marble fireplace to make grey with green creepers look effortlessly sophisticated.

Visualizer: Rohit Aurora  

Decorating a small space? Grey and white can make it look larger. This attic-roofed interior coats a wall and a half in mid-grey and a floor in splotches, amidst framed prints, photographs and square suede cushions. A potted tree in the corner speaks nature.

Visualizer: Dekaa  

Grey works fabulously as a minimalist shade. This smooth painted wall provides shelving behind a suede L-seater and simple grey rug. A swing arm lamp illuminates a scramble of white cushions and accessories.

Visualizer: Eduard Caliman  

Go dark for the ultimate in living room class. A carved-in fireplace, LED-lit shelving and charcoal leather couches frame a black velvet rug and acrylic coffee table. Lighter, textured wallpaper in the centre focuses the eye as windowed light streams in.

Visualizer: Denis Fomin  

Make your bookcase a feature. The stencilled lines of this lounge’s black shelving hold a multitude of reads, tribal statuettes and vases, as a soft block couch and ball light enhance their enjoyment. A concrete wall and polished grey floor form a slick backing canvas.

Visualizer: Filip Sapojnicov  

Grey works with pops of colour. Paired with many different patterns and shades in pink, the shade covers the base wall, pendant and shelving niche to avoid cluttering.

Visualizer: Andrey Avdeenko  

Use grey and a shape as your design staples. With grey colouring an exposed brick wall, rug, walls and couches, rectangles come to the party in an inset fireplace, ceiling LEDs and one of the longest L-seaters known to man.

Visualizer: Sergrey Baskakov  

Grey allows your living room to host more patterns and textures. This lounge spices it up with a wooden slat wall, quilted rug, smooth book cabinet and painterly canvases. A sprig of orchids to the side adds polish.

Visualizer: Varayut Denthlordkarn  

Let texture be your focal point. Showcasing an abstract artwork at its centre, this lounge’s grainy wall tiles, suede seating and woollen rug keep more than a hint of the cosy in a room wide and spacious. Check out our living room wall textures post for more focused inspiration.

Visualizer: Andrew Skliarov  

Accent grey furniture with wooden features. This structured living room seats its almost-futon sofas on a wooden floor, its ornaments on wooden shelves and a zigzagging floor lamp against wall-to-ceiling wooden panelling.

Visualizer: Mirela Świerc  

Draw the eye in with pops of dark grey. This mostly-wooden clad room paints a TV frame, coats an ottoman and offers a seat in charcoal colouring. Bursts of white in a matching quilted seat and foot stool match the foreground coffee table.

Visualizer: Plasterlina  

Grey can work with warmer colouring. This autumnal living room creates heat with an olive green feature wall and terracotta cushioning, as grey softens the scene with an L-seater couch, woollen rug and TV panel. A roaring fire, wood stack and two Chinese lanterns make it homely.

Visualizer: Now Design  

Create a contemporary tribal look using white, green and grey. Mid-grey walls pair with a circular charcoal art piece, grey-wooden table and stretching hover lamp. A volcanic ash vase holds sprigs of bamboo, as lush green fernery hides behind the sofa.

Visualizer: Hatice Unsal  

Bring the outside in. This concrete living room uses large wall panels and a grey-tiled floor to make noise between two rows of creepers. A simple wooden coffee table boasting a stone corner mingles with grey armchairs and pot plants in this 21st Century scene.

Source: Ditre Italia  

Use grey to accentuate your lounge’s sense of the unusual. Ceiling-height olive trees stand tall in this two-level design, as brown leather couches catch their fall afront a stencil bookshelf. Grey colours the rug, floor, walls and chairs, creating coolness with a contemporary twist.

Visualizer: Hotwalls  

Grey lets brighter colours shine. This lounge’s orange chair strikes a pose alongside hints of dusty pink and a rug, marble plinth, walls, blinds and sofa in grey.

Visualizer: Svyatyuk Stanislav  

After living rooms with large wall art? This darker grey room is a lesson in using shades, as its walls stretch seamlessly across light and dark panelling. The painterly canvas finds friends in two bright orange cushions and a stencil coffee table.

Visualizer: Nastya Ivanchuk & Marina Tsishyna  

Monochrome prints are perfect for grey lounges. A full-length photographic decal meets our gaze beside a simple grey couch, differently-shaded cushions and a mottled rug. Black elements in a series of pipe lighting, a standing camera light and marble splashback make its contrasts seem natural.

Visualizer: Maks Marukhin  

Like your lounge clean and spacious? Keep it tidy with grey inset shelving, a woollen rug and leather L-seater beside exposed brick. A yellow and grey abstract adds creative edge.

Visualizer: ATO Studio  

Create contemporary drama with a living room in grey. The bold contrasts between the almost-black side wall and pendants, the light grey couch and kitchen appears almost monochrome in this design. A deep berry chair and resonating artwork avoid a clash in themes.

Visualizer: Zrobym  

A yellow accent living room nicely twists grey. Homer peeps from a cushion on a couch in the hue, as grey stretches behind and below the sofa. Relaxed wooden furniture holds pieces in white, allowing room for a sunny yellow panel.

Visualizer: Marina Selivanova  

Keep it light, bright and shiny. This almost-white living room introduces grey in a comfy corner seater, greyscale photography and zebra-striped cushions. An artistically-lined rug and black square fruit bowl tie the pieces in.

Visualizer: Oporski Architektura  

Grey is perfect for the minimalist living room. This space designs with angles only, bathing a block L-couch and exposed brick wall in grey. Stark monochrome finds in a TV, artwork and chair add drama to form.

Visualizer: Tâm Võ  

Grey and metallics are the best of friends. Lit up with firework chandeliers and a designer table lamp, here the luxurious Atollo lamp, this room screams luxury with mid-century modern pieces. Grey and gold wallpaper, a partly-living wall and a pea green armchair bring the antique to modern day.

Visualizer: Tracy Ong  

Grey can make double-height living rooms majestic. A dangling cluster of pendant lights make the most of high ceilings, amongst charcoal curtains and a many-tiled wall. A stacked stone fireplace and fluffy mushroom rug make the space warmer.

Visualizer: Kholostova Olga  

Pair grey with yellow for a personal touch. This lounge screams through a trio of buttercup pendants, a Greco-Roman bust, printed canvas of a rapper and modern wooden platform. Grey ensures it’s not busy with muted Roman blinds and a sofa half in colour.

Visualizer: Filip Sapojnicov  

Create a French boudoir feel with a contemporary twist. Accessorized with a small standing bust, white-bulb chandelier and swing arm wall lamp, French panelling gets moody aside simple grey furniture and white-bordered walls.

Visualizer: Horizont Design  

Grey can lend room to more dominant features. The glass bauble chandelier, zigzagging floors and turquoise couch of this living room are afforded coolness with light grey paint and wallpaper.

Visualizer: Polygons  

Going industrial? Grey is the perfect colour scheme. The rough wooden rafters and cabinetry of this lounge-come-kitchen are made modern with a soft grey L-seater, fluffy rug and floors. Walls and ceilings come to the party in full-scale concrete.

Visualizer: S Marshall  

Prefer the look of the artist’s retreat? With a ceiling and feature wall in shiny stone, grey wooden floors and slumped couches join to chill. An electric guitar and potted twisted cane hint at greater creativity.

Visualizer: Serhii Seinov  

Create a rustic living room in black and grey. Centred around a trio of tree trunk coffee tables, this grey winding sofa and ceiling-height bookcase are beautifully lit up by a train station window.

Visualizer: Mihail Scherbak & Timothy Kalakutsky  

Let yellow and wood add interior pizzazz. Set upon textured grey, wood forms into ceiling rafters, Scandinavian shelving and a rustic coffee table. Yellow bandages grey seats with striking lines of colours, as a metal TV cabinet and iron chandelier cement this industrial-style living room design.

Visualizer: Romas Noreika  

Grey acts inspirational in this industrial loft. As wood streamlines the space in rafters, couch frames and a winding staircase, grey adds polish in slick concrete, distressed walls and a darkened, piping-feature glass panel. A bouquet of lightbulbs completes the look.

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Check Out 15 Stunning Tile Design Ideas Just In Time for National Tile Day

National Tile Day is February 23. And we can thank the largest stone and tile show in North America, Coverings, for bringing it back. “National Tile Day is rooted in a desire to celebrate the many great benefits tile has to offer as a material,” explains Alena Capra, industry ambassador for Coverings. “We’re encouraging the architecture and design community to get inspired by tile.”

Tile is a great choice when you’re looking for something durable and unique. Nowadays it can even look like hardwood flooring, complete with the grooves and textures, but offers a lower maintenance surface that doesn’t need refinishing.

We’ve come a long way from the basic white 16″ squares of the past. Here are 15 tile design ideas to inspire you:

Mid-century modern tile design ideas

mid century modern tile design ideas -

A mid-century modern dining room wall is finished in a white retro tile to add texture. Image: Mod-Ified

modern tile design ideas -

A vibrant retro aqua tile backsplash offsets the crisp white cabinets and yellow pops of color. Image: Tile Desire

The geometric pattern appears 3D due to the shadowing of the design. Image: Anthology Interiors

Textured tile design ideas

bedroom tiles -

White honeycomb tile runs floor to ceiling in front of a marble field tile in this contemporary bedroom. Image: Cle Tile

bathroom tile design ideas -

Soft waves carved into the large format tiles add a peaceful, spa-like feel to this contemporary bathroom. Image: Porcelanosa

outdoor tile design ideas -

A home’s atrium is finished in a dimensional tile to create light and shadow textures from the skylight above. Image: Garrison Hullinger

Metallic tile

metallic tile design ideas -

This metallic herringbone-pattern tile is available in gold (shown) and silver. The tile is durable enough to work as a backsplash or floor tile. Image: Porcelanosa

New kitchen backsplash tile ideas

backsplash tile design ideas -

A small floral repeating pattern softens the hard edges in this chef’s kitchen. Image: Walker Zanger

backsplash tile ideas -

A powder blue, brown and white backsplash pattern gives the transition open kitchen a sense of depth and interest. Image: Walker Zanger

The wall tiles warm up the masculine and contemporary look of this kitchen. Image: CBD Lofts

This kitchen’s tricolor tile pattern ties in all the color elements perfectly. Image: Sustainable Kitchens

 Modern floor tile design ideas

A kitchen tile floor is one of the easiest surfaces to clean and maintain. Image: Optimise Design

bathroom tile ideas -

Black and white marble tiles form a stripe pattern on the floor and in a modern grid pattern on the bathroom wall. Image: Optimise Design

Bathroom tile design ideas

Vivid turquoise raised elliptical tiles work well with the cherry wood bathroom vanity. Image: Sarah Jeffries Design

bathroom tile ideas -

Layers of monochromatic tiles in the form of distressed wood planks, marble squares and octagonal shapes create an understated yet elegant bathroom. Image: Porcelanosa

Which tile design idea is your favorite? Comment here or post your favorite on our Facebook page using the hashtag #nationaltileday.

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Butterfly Wings Inspire Art Studio Design in Connecticut

Valerie Schweitzer Architects completed the design of a tiny sanctuary for creativity and reflection in Westport, Connecticut. Inspired in part by the closing of a butterfly’s wings, this 350 square foot (32.5 square meter) art studio and private office for a family home, provides a comfy refuge.

“Like shards protruding from the earth, the studio’s angled panels clad in stucco and recycled teak, impart a primitive and futuristic quality at the same time,” the architect said.

“Due to the skylight and narrow windows, there is a strong sense of privacy and being hidden from the rest of the world. The view of changing skies and light create an optimal space for intermittent reflection during artistic production.”

The interior may seem small, but it offers everything an artist needs. There is plenty of space here for an office, a sports mat and even a half bathroom.

Energy efficient elements of the design include concrete flooring with integrated radiant heat piping, as well as a cross-ventilation system, achieved by carefully placed windows that capture breezes off the nearby Long Island Sound. Information and photography provided by Valerie Schweitzer Architects.

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3 Scandinavian Homes with Cozy Dining Rooms

There is nothing quite as cozy and inviting as the clean lines and soft textures that are so common in the Scandinavian design style. By using soothing neutral tones alongside natural greenery and bare wood, the Scandinavian homes featured here are exude a calming warmth. Further, the furniture chosen in each is able to convey how important simplicity of style is to the designer. Embellishments and garish accessorizing is better left to other styles — the Scandinavian interior (no matter where its geographic location) is content only with harmony in its color palettes, flow, and overall livability.

Visualizer: Johannes Lindqvist  

The first home featured takes an open floorplan and keeps much of the floor itself open for foot traffic.

The use of indoor house plants in the main living area is anything but minimalist, but it works to create a welcoming gathering spot.

Area rugs, this one with a nice nubby texture, are a great way to separate spaces without closing off a room.

The chevron stripe is a popular feature in the Scandinavian style, and its use here in the wood flooring is a classic, playful choice.

Open shelving necessitates keeping things orderly — this gorgeous white option is from Swedish furniture maker String.

For those people without a green thumb, incorporating plants in wall art is a nice option.

And modern fruit bowls are anotehr way to bring a bit of edible nature into a design.

While the way this throw is slung over the Eames-stlye chair may look careless, it’s actually an effective way of blending textures.

When natural light is allowed in, the contrasting tones take on a more exciting look.

The design in scandinavian kitchens like this one is also typically quite simple.

In the small dining area, Scandinavian style chairs complete a clean and functional look. These particular black chairs are the Thonet style chairs.

Visualizer: Ivaylo Dimitrov  

The colors in the second featured home are not as high-contrast as the first, but the overall effect is still similar.

This design certainly uses a bit more color, as evidenced in the area rug as well as the print of a mural by Jackson Pollock over the sofa. A simple floor lamp makes the sofa a cozy place to read at night, too.

The kitchen looks out onto the main living area, so keeping the colors in the same family (grays are used here) is important.

The Scandinavian style is no stranger to creative accent chairs like this leather butterfly chair.

An architectural art print, this one celebrating Mies van Der Rohe is indicative of the designer’s reverence for style.

Custom city maps, available on Etsy are another stylish way to personalize the walls of any home, Scandinavian in style or otherwise.

The artwork in use in this design ties the space together, with the reds in the wall print mirroring the reds in the living room area rug.

White walls may be drab for some, but in this design they indicate openness and focus the eye on other design elements.

When we get inside the minimalist kitchen, we can see just how simple and sleek it is.

An indoor herb planter is the only spout of life on the clean and clear countertop.

A simple faucet and undermounted sink are practical an unobtrusive.

The dining room is more Scandinavian than minimalist, with gray dining pendant lights and a decorative vase on its large wooden dining table.

A bit of a departure from the design focus of the art around the house is this satire of Giovanni Battista Moroni’s portrait.

Extensive natural lighting in the kitchen and dining area is quite glorious.

In the bedroom, more white on white creates a cocoon that makes it easy wake up each morning.

Even the art in this space tends towards a bit more soothing.

Finally, a neat bedside table lamp, in this case the JWDA Lamp makes it easy to drift off while reading what is surely a design book from the minimalist bedside table.

Visualizer: Kirill Gordeyev  

The final home featured has quite a bit going on in its main living space.

Not only is there a turret in the corner with intricate detailing, but there a few more bold colors and patterns than some Scandinavian designs tend to use.

In the main living are, a swing arm wall lamp acts as lighting for a chocolate-colored velvet sofa.

The rich dark brown works in harmony with the black furnishings like the coffee table and dining chairs to create a modern warmth.

Again, we see the Thonet style chairs used to great effect in the dining space.

Wooden fruit bowls like this one are practical but also stylish.

The lived-in kitchen uses a sleek cutting board as well as a small wooden stool that stand in contrast to its marble countertop.

Another rustic stool decorates one corner of the kitchen.

The dark gray bedroom also has the decorative turret (clearly a heating element) as well as cool gray linens and monochrome art.

The bedroom is not at all fussy, a design choice which can make it a bit easier to relax at night.

The modern wall sconce in the corner is a useful source of light at night.

Finally, a highly modern table makes for the perfect bedside accompaniment to the simple bed design.

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