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Lighten Up! Get Inspired with These 16 Fresh Pendant Light Ideas

pendant light ideas

Let these fresh pendant light ideas inspire your next design. Image: Earle & Ginger Kitchens

Pendant lights have been around for a while, but that doesn’t mean there’s only one way to use them. In fact, far from it. Occasionally you need to shake things up by combining traditional design elements with new pendant light ideas. Often the results turn out better than you ever could have imagined.

With that in mind, we present you with 16 fresh pendant light ideas. Read them over and consider how you can bring some of these lighting design twists into your own home. After all, sometimes even the classics benefit from a little makeover.

Pendant light ideas for the kitchen


Consider grouping your pendant lights to create a faux-chandelier look. Image: Certified Luxury Builders – Dallas/Fort Worth


A polished finish gives your metal pendant lights a fresh, modern touch. Image: Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home


Shake up your design by using two different lighting fixtures in the same room. Image: Morgante Wilson Architects

fun fixtures

Remember, your light fixtures don’t have to be boring. They can be as fun as you make them. Image: kabi kitchen and bath cabinets

Pendant light ideas for the dining area


Use pendant lights to highlight your dining area. Image: Eldorado Stone


Coordinate your pendant light ideas with the rest of the room. Image: SHED Architecture & Design


Always make sure your pendant lights are evenly placed to highlight the entire space. Image: Moon Design + Build


If you’re only installing one fixture, use it as a statement piece. Image: Northworks Architects and Planners

open concept

If you have an open concept space, consider using pendant lighting throughout the entire room. Image: Cornerstone Architects

Pendant light ideas for the bedroom


Pendant lighting is a great addition to kids’ rooms, too. Image: Caisson Studios


Add a statement fixture over the bed to draw attention to your bedroom’s focal point. Image: i3 design group


Alternatively, put one fixture on either side of the bed to promote balance. Image: Incorporated

visual intresest

Consider using an outside-of-the-box design to bring more visual interest to the space. Image: Ariel Muller Designs

Pendant light ideas for the bathroom


Pendant lighting works in the bathroom, too. Image: Wanda Ely Architect Inc.


Try matching your fixtures to create a cohesive look. Image: Custom Design & Construction


Add a pendant light on either side of your mirror. Image: Cabinet Concepts by Design

What do you think of these pendant light ideas? Are you inspired to try any of them out in your own home? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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We Asked Pro Movers for Their Top Moving Tips. Here’s What They Told Us

moving tips

Pro movers gave us their best moving tips for making your transition as easy as possible. Image:

Let’s face it: Moving days are never easy. After all, no one looks forward to lifting heavy boxes in and out of trucks, up and down stairs. However, moving day doesn’t have to be completely chaotic, either. All it takes is a little planning and forethought to make the day run smoothly.

With that in mind, we decided to go straight to the source. We asked pro movers to share their best advice on how to accomplish a painless move. Incorporate some of these moving tips into your packing plan to help this would-be-stressful process go off without a hitch.


If possible, schedule your move for early morning. Image:

Schedule your move strategically

“If you’re hoping to get a better rate on a moving company or rental truck, avoid scheduling your move on weekends or at the end of the month. These companies are usually slower during the week/mid-month and are willing to give deals,” says Ryan Carrigan, co-founder of moveBuddha.

“If you’re hiring a moving company, try to book the earliest morning time slot available. The moving crew will be fresh, so they’ll typically get the job done more efficiently.”


Gather your materials first. Image:

Have the right materials on hand

“Most people know that they’ll need plenty of boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap for the move. However, shrink wrap can be your best friend when it comes to moving,” advises Tieece Gordon of Affordable Removals. “Take furniture, for example – it may be expensive, but it’s also fragile. Drawers and doors on wardrobes, dressers, etc. can also be securely fastened shut using this cost-effective material. Plus, it never hurts to buy more of everything than you think you’ll need.”


Packing non-essentials like décor first saves you effort later. Image: Breather

Pack non-essential items first

“Don’t just start boxing up everything in sight,” says Kelly Tenny, Content and Social Media Manager with Zippboxx. “Pack up your belongings in a strategic manner. Go room-by-room and begin by packing up items that you do not use very often, like décor and accessories. Leave the things that you use frequently for last. This will save you time scouring boxes you already packed for that one item you need!”


Put heavy items like books in smaller boxes. Image: Daria Nepriakhina

Watch the weight of your boxes

“Be careful not to pack boxes that are too heavy,” suggests Emil Perushanov, owner of Top Removals. “Not only will they be a literal pain for your movers on moving day, but they’ll be difficult for you to move around while packing.”

As for a general rule? “Try to stick to a 30-pound limit for each box and, when packing heavier items like books, use smaller boxes. This will keep you from overloading.”


Make sure your appliances are turned off, defrosted and cleaned. Image: Naomi Hébert

Prep your appliances in advance

Kate Windleton, Relocations Manager at Strong Move, recommends planning ahead when it comes to appliances. “Your fridge needs to be defrosted at least a day earlier. Your washing machine, your oven, etc. should be turned off, cleaned and, if possible, put in their original boxes. Secure their cords and seal their doors so they don’t open accidentally while inside of the truck.”

Have you moved recently? What moving tips can you share from your experience? Tell us in the comments.

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33 Gorgeous Makeup Vanities Plus Tips To Help You Accessorize Yours

Everybody likes to look at their very best for the day–or their night out–and a vanity unit is a bit of kit that is designed to help us do exactly that – but how can we give our dressing tables a stylish look all of their very own? We have put together this extensive collection of 33 gorgeous makeup vanities and surrounding decor to provide inspiration. With such a multitude of ideas on how you can accessorise your vanity area with stunning mirrors, dressing chairs, vases and lighting, you may even begin to find more satisfaction in beautifying your beauty station than in perfecting your own look!

Visualizer: Roman Kot & Andrew Bezdar  

Theme the area with a common shape. Note how this makeup vanity chair is composed of circles, which reflect the shape of a globe table lamp and both mirrors. More LED lighted round mirrors are available here.

Visualizer: Roman Kot & Andrew Bezdar  

Make a bold colour feature in a small nook. A blue backdrop sets this spot apart from the rest of a white room. Copper accents across the base of the vanity stool, lotion dispenser, bowls and magnifying vanity mirror add a sophisticated little sheen.

Visualizer: Phuong Nguyen  

Go compact and camouflaged in a busy room. Use mirrored surfaces to make wall cupboards fall away from attention. This neat vanity table and vanity chair are neutral so as not to overcomplicate an already stacked scheme.

Use decorative layering. An spectacular round hanging mirror is suspended in front of stunning boiserie and a floral art print for a chic layered look. A metallic modern makeup vanity is matched by a coral dressing chair with golden legs.

Visualizer: BAkhAn Muhammed  

Stake your place in the room. An enormous copper framed mirror is wall mounted over this brown makeup vanity to evoke a look of grandeur that gives it permanence.

Visualizer: Qide Design  

Decorative vases make a beautiful and subtle accessory to any table.

Visualizer: H2Design Group  

Go for gold. Whether it’s gold mirrors, a gold legged chair or lustrous lighting, gold says glamour. It’s also bang on trend.

Designer: Harrell Remodeling  

Illuminate your best features. Colorful glass vases paint this bathroom makeup vanity in luminous shades of green and blue. The Bellini style chair is an good choice for a humid bathroom space as it is essentially a modern outdoor chair, so there’s no cushioned upholstery to get damp and harbour mildew from the steam.

Visualizer: KUOO Architects  

Play up your best assets. We all know that natural light helps in applying the right coverage of daytime makeup, so if you have space by a window, use it. You should try not to block too much of your glorious sunlight from the rest of the room though. This slimline console lets the light and the view flow on by.

Visualizer: KUOO Architects  

Why not utilise an existing full length bedroom floor mirror as your new vanity makeup mirror?

Visualizer: Leyla Salayeva  

Create a glamorous vista. This white makeup vanity set is backed by a floor to ceiling mirror that’s nestled between two closets. The designer table lamp you see here is the Flos IC T2 table lamp, which sets the dressing nook aglow even when the overhead modern chandelier is switched off.

Visualizer: AM Studio  

Create one cohesive dressing environment. To incorporate a makeup station into a sleek dressing room, keep furniture in a matching style. This freestanding modern white vanity table has a similar style to the rest of the open fronted closet furniture, to create an easy flow. The chamois stool links with the colour of adjacent shelving.

Visualizer: Motiva Studio  

Link study and dressing areas. Streamline and save space with vanity makeup desks. Decorative candle stands at one end and a table lamp at the other mark when the makeup zone starts and stops.

Visualizer: Evgeniy Zhdanov  

Create your own wall space. A small dividing wall is all that’s needed to anchor a fully fledged makeup vanity with lights to boot. A mirrored wall sconce at each side gives this narrow new wall an established look. Note the mirrored edging down the sides of the volume too, for that extra flash of luxury.

Designer: 閤里居 Interior design  

Showcase favourite accessories every single day. This recessed shelving unit and necklace display bust allow treasured items to be enjoyed day-in day-out.

Make use of an awkward space with a corner makeup vanity table.

Visualizer: Thao Uyen  

Light up a shady makeup vanity table with lighted mirror designs. This one is tucked behind the window drapes but you wouldn’t notice its shady disposition thanks to the bright lights of a theatrical mirror. You can get a similar round hollywood style makeup vanity light on Amazon.

Visualizer: Fog Architecture  

Another glamorous Hollywood style mirror available on Amazon.

Visualizer: Totl Studio  

Incorporate a shelving unit where you can stow occasional makeup away in storage boxes.

Visualizer: Kyde  

Recess lighting for a smooth finish. This mirror illuminates from behind the glass. You can get a similar LED lighted rectangular mirror here. The yellow swivel chair gives the area panache.

Visualizer: Archi Studio  

Set the mood for the evening ahead with decorative candles.

Visualizer: Anastasia Skoblik & Julia Lapteva  

An alternative all-in-one lighted makeup vanity mirror; a similar backlit design is available here.

Visualizer: Thao Nguyen  

Install more lighting options than you think you will need. In dressing areas, we always seem to need more illumination. This bedside swing arm wall lamp could double as extra task lighting over the tabletop.

Visualizer: Zrobym  

A flip top vanity table is the undetectable ninja of dressing spots.

Visualizer: Alexander Barchan  

Use your fave snaps as decor, simply display in cool photo frames.

Visualizer: Fenix Design  

Evoke old school glamour with a vintage makeup vanity. Find a similar mirror here.

Visualizer: Sergey Makhno Architects  

Introduce some industrial chic. This concrete backdrop overlaid with glass globe lights is both chic and unique.

Designer: HB Design  

Harness flower power. A minimalist bathroom can be brought into bloom with a floral vanity chair.

Designer: Grapevine Designs  

Utilise the space between a double sink bathroom vanity layout.

Designer: DDAANN architects  

Wall mounted designs work well in challenging shaped spaces.

Visualizer: Lera Brumina  

A hallway is an opportune spot for checking your appearance on the way out the door.

Visualizer: VAE  

This black makeup vanity has its mirrors flanking each side.

Visualizer: Andrii Pavlov  

Incorporate storage for small items, like these tiny drawers in the mirror stand.

1. Vanity table with flip top mirror
2. Corner vanity table
3. Tri-fold makeup vanity miror
4. Hollywood style vanity mirror
5. Transparent vanity chair
6. Concave vanity stool
7. 10x magnifying mirror with locking suction
8. Vertical hanging vanity storage
9. Makeup Organizer Set

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Product Of The Week: Haoshi Goldfish Clock

Equal parts art and clock, this sculptural time telling piece can make any wall special.

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$185BUY IT

$185BUY IT

Get it on Amazon.

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Steel-Framed Café Becomes Hanging Garden in Vietnam

steel-framed cafe stairs

Studio Le House recently completed An’garden Café, an original spot for daily gatherings located in Hà Đông, Hà Nội, Vietnam. This steel-framed café has a total surface area of 8,072.9 square feet (750 square meters) and features a playful layout. Plants and flowers add character throughout the space, inspiring a sense of freshness and seclusion.

“While a house full of steel frame may sound dry and heavy, the impression of An’garden Café comes from impromptu hanging plant pots, conjuring up a vision of a dreamlike hanging garden,” the architects say. “This building aimed for an exclusive place that brings guests enjoyment from both coffee fragrance and picturesque surroundings. ”

Despite clear industrial influences, this original steel-framed café in Vietnam feels welcoming. Dim lighting and plenty of wood finishes help achieve a friendly atmosphere.

“The facade of this shop intermingles large pieces of glass with steel frames,” the architects add. “Simple cement walls separate the pavement from indoor space. In order to minimize heavy feelings of cement, plants are considered an optimal solution that synchronizes with the indoor environment.”

Because the tables are organized in a variety of configurations, the space invites both large gatherings and intimate talks. A small pond with aquatic plants under the staircase adds to the charm. Photography by Hiroyuki Oki.

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