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Using Gold Accents In Interior Design

The metallics trend is a hot one that looks set to continue long into the future. We’ve seen gold accents gleaming on the catwalks and now we’re dressing our homes to impress with this rich lustre. Just as we can adorn any type of outfit with rich trims, gold has become a go to accent for each and every room of the home, from living rooms to kitchens, bedrooms to bathrooms. A word of warning though: You can overdo it. Getting the look just right can be a delicate balance. Too little goes unnoticed and too much becomes gaudy. This inspirational home design, visualised by Home D, hits it just right.

Two precious gold accents are allowed to sing out in their individual spots in this neutrally decorated living space. A modern gold swing seat has been hung across the room from a gold coffee table. The two are of complementary circular designs to make the room harmonious.

A grey modern sofa, pale beige curtains and a light herringbone floor create a cool coloured backdrop for warm metallic lustre, giving the room crisp contemporary class.

The unique coffee table is composed of two golden discs, one upper and one lower volume. The surface is uncluttered to let it gleam. Beside this, a taller more narrow version of the dual disc coffee table design stands in white, so as not to fight with the showcase piece.

A store of cut logs acts as a focal point to one side of the television wall. The natural tone of the wood ties in with the beige tones elsewhere in the room.

A hoop of warm light echoes the golden circular lines of the swing seat and coffee table.

At the other side of the open plan space, a central kitchen island has a golden finish. The rest of the kitchen is a simple white design. Only the kitchen faucet and a couple of additional small fixtures have been carefully added to tie in with the metallic treatment of the showstopping island.

A set of four white dining chairs have slender golden frames.

The circular theme continues in the dining area, in the frames of the chairs and two white dining pendant lights.

An amazing installation falls somewhere between being a chair and a piece of art. The casual swirl of gold paint within works perfectly with the other accents in the home, and makes a superb stand alone centrepiece for a blank white wall.

Wooden wall cladding continues the tone of the floor up to eye level and creates a cosy atmosphere amongst the whiteness.

Bedroom pendant lights have been finished off with a strike of gold down each of their oversized white tubular shades.

The rest of the master bedroom decor is a relaxing scheme of soft pale grey and white, where texture does all the talking.

The platform bed is covered in tactile upholstery, against a headboard feature wall imprinted with a uniform pattern of debossed dots.

A gold side table wraps over one deep side of the upholstered platform bed, displaying a large decorative vase.

The fireplace in the bedroom matches the one out in the open plan living area. The flames dance behind a slim vertical pane of glass that has been partially painted in white.

The clothing rails of a walk-in wardrobe peep out from behind a full length mirror. The angular rails have LED lighting built into their undersides to illuminate the garments.

In an ensuite master bathroom, the tiling is of a sophisticated textured design. A strip of golden light runs along the length of a recessed shelf that holds spare face towels and a few select toiletries.

The shower screen has a golden tint to the glass, and a gold shower head can be seen through it.

The gold bathroom vanity unit is a semi-circular design that becomes part of an ellipse when coupled with the arch shaped vanity mirror above it. A gold faucet completes the lustrous look.

A second sleep space displays a more cubic bedroom accent wall, behind a rounded edged bed design.

The dressing chair, which appears to be the Gubi Beetle chair, matches the rounded look of the bed. The seat has been paired with a neat console in a matching grey colourway.

Three minimalist pendant lights hang over the bed at various heights.

A small beige pouffe sits in front of beige window dressings.

The same smooth pale herringbone flooring continues throughout the home.

A bank of shoe storage is lit by LED strip lights in a bespoke closet. A second circular wall chair is mounted nearby.

A utility area has been fitted out with a set of storage cupboards and cubbies to house a washer-dryer machine, an ironing board, fresh linens and laundered clothes. The shelves and doors have all been painted taupe for a tidy tailored finish.

The hue continues over an interior door and upper tiles in a second bathroom scheme.

Gold accents sit comfortably against the rich tone.

A set of slender gold side tables doubling as a plant stand, a neat gold faucet and gold shaving mirrors decorate the small space.

Gold tipped lighting has been incorporated into the modern bathroom vanity.

Other fixtures in the bathroom are white so that gold does not dominate too strongly.

A unique faucet is mounted on white marble tile.

1. Gold accent planters
2. Gold finish candle holder
3. Table Lamp With Gold Cage Base
4. Atollo table lamp
5. Gold paper origami pendant
6. Grasshopper style floor lamp
7. Faux marble and gold coffee table
8. Modern golden chandelier
9. Golden accent side table

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3 DIY Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions for Your Spring Clean

eco-friendly cleaning solutions

Get your home sparkling this spring, with eco-friendly cleaners. Image: Marlowe Hues Color & Design

Spring cleaning is supposed to refresh your home. It’s a little counterintuitive, then, that traditional cleaning methods lean on harsh, often toxic chemicals to do the job. Your home may look better after using these products, but, in actuality, you’ve only swapped germs and grime for possible dangers to your family and the environment.

There’s a better way. These three eco-friendly cleaning solutions get your home sparkling while keeping it safe.

If you’re new to the do-it-yourself world, making your own cleaning solutions is a great place to start. All you need to do is throw ingredients together in a container, and you’re set. Plus, you probably already have the majority of what you’ll need on hand. Before you reach for the bleach, give these environmentally-conscious DIY cleaners a try.

all-purpose eco-friendly cleaning solutions

A DIY all-purpose cleaner can be used on virtually any surface. Image: Blue Ocean Design

The king of eco-friendly cleaning solutions: homemade all-purpose spray

Get your surfaces to sparkle with an easy solution you can use in nearly every room of the house. In a spray bottle, mix:

  • 1 part water (distilled is best)
  • 1 part white vinegar
  • Optional: 12-15 drops of essential oil (lavender and lemon are great options)

Spray this solution into a soft towel, and use on almost any surface. If you omit the essential oil, you’ll lose the refreshing scent, but can also use this solution as a glass cleaner.

Note: Vinegar isn’t safe for stone surfaces, such as marble or granite. As an alternative, a baking soda solution will get your counters shiny and spot-free.

eco-friendly cleaning solutions for the kitchen

Eco-friendly kitchen cleaners keep your surfaces safe for food preparation. Image: Showcase Kitchen & Bath

In the kitchen: natural grease remover

Getting rid of grease in your kitchen doesn’t have to be a headache. There’s a surprising solution to that pesky buildup on your stovetop: more grease!

Pour a small amount of vegetable oil onto a paper towel and rub it over grease-stained spots. The interaction of the new grease breaks down the old.

Once finished, go over the area with a damp sponge sprinkled with baking soda. This removes any residual oil, leaving your kitchen surfaces spotless.

eco-friendly cleaning solutions for the bathroom

Ditch bleach in the bathroom for a gentler–but equally powerful–cleaning solution. Image: Amy Trowman Design

In the bathroom: powerful, simple tub cleaner

If you have stubborn spots in your shower or tub, you’ve probably tried to clean it with lots of different chemicals. A surprising solution could unlock the like-new tub you’ve been looking for. Natural cleaning experts swear by this simple, eco-friendly cleaning solution.

In a spray bottle, combine:

  • 1 part white vinegar
  • 1 part blue Dawn dish soap

The specific soap formula of the blue Dawn makes the solution most effective. Plus, since it’s routinely used to remove oil from sensitive animals after oil spills, you can rest easy using it at home.

Coat your tub or shower with the spray and let it sit. 15 minutes is sufficient for mild buildup, but serious scum might require an overnight wait. After it sits, scrub the tub or shower and rinse thoroughly to reveala sparkling surface.

These eco-friendly cleaning solutions will help you tackle your spring clean without any toxic cleaners. Enjoy your beautifully cleaned home or apartment; take a deep breath of that fresh, chemical-free air!

Have any eco-friendly cleaning solutions, tips or tricks of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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Check Out Trisha Yearwood’s Dreamy New Southern-Chic Line For Kirkland’s

Trisha Yearwood is so much more than a country music star. She’s also a TV cooking host and three-time New York Times best-selling cookbook author, with a line of food products available at Williams Sonoma. And now, she’s got a brilliantly stylish new collection of Southern-chic home accents at Kirkland’s.

The Trisha Yearwood Kirkland’s collection of 23 pieces is affordably priced between $10 and $300. The collection includes wall art, accent furniture and home accessories inspired by Trisha’s Southern roots. The best part: the pieces are all mix-able and match-able in beautiful (and extremely versatile) ivories, golds and sea foam.

trisha yearwood kirkland's

“Some of my favorite things about my hometown of Monticello, Georgia, are the dogwood-lined streets of spring, and everything that goes along with that time of year. Everything is fresh and new, and has a certain sparkle to it,” says Yearwood. “That’s the feeling that inspired this collection. It’s an elegant, yet comfortable collection that you can easily incorporate into your own style of decorating.”

Check out a few of the Trisha Yearwood Kirkland’s pieces:

trisha yearwood kirkland's
trisha yearwood kirkland's
trisha yearwood kirkland's
trisha yearwood kirkland's
trisha yearwood kirkland's
trisha yearwood kirkland's
trisha yearwood kirkland's
trisha yearwood kirkland's
trisha yearwood kirkland's

If you want to soften your space up a bit with some muted, yet elegant shades and add a little bit of lovely texture, you’ll love her collection. The items tie in well with neutrals such as beiges, greys and whites.

All the items can be purchased online or at Kirkland’s national locations.

Have a favorite piece in the collection? Let us know in the comments!

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How does a home warranty work

Nowadays, many homes in America have a warranty policy to protect the owner’s possessions. If you are buying a new home from a real estate agent or previous owner, it’s recommendable to purchase a warranty policy to complement your existing home insurance cover. This contract covers the costs of repairs and replacement of damaged systems and appliances.

Home insurance vs Home warranty

While both home warranties and insurance cover unforeseen risks, there’s a difference in the two considering that the first case only covers damages caused by typical wear and tear or mechanical breakdown, whereas home insurance is meant for disasters like theft, fire, flooding and natural calamities.

A warranty is designed to meet the expenses of various household items that are not usually covered by home insurance, this is what makes it interesting to many homebuyers.

Property owners can get a warranty regardless of whether they own a condo or house, for instance, if you own a dishwasher, air conditioner or plumbing system they are just as susceptible to damage in a condo as when in a house.

Additionally, though this policy doesn’t form part of your typical home insurance, you can still buy a warranty from the same company that provides your insurance cover. With the growing popularity of warranties, many insurance providers are beginning to offer package incentives that can be added on top of the insurance plan for warranty features. However, ensure that you fully understand the combo policy offered by your insurer before taking the plan.

Always ask your home insurance provider if they have any warranty endorsement that can be added, before making the decision to buy it from somewhere else.

What it covers

Typically, a home warranty will cover many major household components such as your HVAC, water heaters, electrical and plumbing. It can also be used on regular appliances like washers, refrigerators, stoves and dryers. Moreover, some policies allow you to add other optional appliances such as a swimming pool, pumps, a second fridge and even your fridge.

In most cases, home warranties are individually managed so be keen to ask for specifics of the policy you’re considering before committing to the contract. Apart from the above mentioned items, others that can be covered by the home warranty plan include:

a) Ceiling fans
b) Garbage disposals
c) Central vacuums, and
d) Contractor services by experts such as plumbers and electricians

What is not covered

As much as a home warranty is helpful, there are certain items that it usually doesn’t cover. Some of which include:

i) Garage doors and tracks

While the policy may recognize garage door openers, the door and tracks are usually not included in the cover. If in any case you’re worried about your garage door, or just want to change it for aesthetic purposes, then refer to your homeowners insurance or consider paying the expenses out-of-pocket.

ii) Preexisting conditions

Any mechanical problem that was detected during the home inspection stage is regarded as pre-existing, and therefore won’t be covered in the warranty plan. Similarly, if damage is found to be as a result of poor maintenance of your systems then the home warranty won’t cover it.

Most firms will request for a copy of your house inspection form before providing the warranty claim, so ensure that you negotiate mending or replacements of any preexisting conditions in your offer before closing on the home.

iii) Your favorite service contractor

The policy won’t meet expenses of hiring your preferred contractor or plumber for a particular task. If you want more control over who’s allowed to work in your home, ensure that you choose your own service provider within the terms and conditions of your warranty.

What’s the process of claiming a warranty?

The first step is calling your company to report the problem. Next, they will send a technician to conduct inspection and cost evaluation of the damage. He or she will identify the cause of the malfunction and do the necessary repairs upon approval by the company.

To summarize, a home warranty is a great way to secure your home from unexpected systemic and appliance problems. The policy can save you from continuous repairs that can be costly. However, it’s vital to be aware of the clauses found in your home warranty plan before signing up for the offer.

Dark Decor For A Night Owl

There are people who prefer to rise bright and early with the first bird song and morning dew, and then there are the night owls who live for sundown and hitting the town. This dark decor interior looks fresh out of the club, with jet black walls, colourful lighting and cool stylised seating. Those who live their lives by night will appreciate the dramatic atmosphere of this modern apartment visualised by Igor Sirotov, which feels loaded with exciting possibility for the night ahead. Check out the capsule lounge that is fully encompassed in wood cladding, a black bathroom scheme with triple waterfall shower heads and a kooky cloakroom.

Walnut planking spans each wall, the floor and the ceiling in this statement living room. The encapsulated lounge holds nothing but a contemporary sofa and footstool combo, a minimalist floor lamp and a wall mounted flat screen TV that spans the width of the entire wall. The side of a tall black kitchen unit runs up against the border of the living room decor. A single recessed shelving unit set into the space at the back of the kitchen unit, offering the opportunity to store a small selection of books.

The shelves of the recessed unit are underlit so that even in the absence of books or decorative items the unit serves purpose as ambient lighting. Track lighting runs either side of the ceiling space, casting a glow down the wood grain walls.

The black floor reading lamp casts light over the textured grey sofa.

Daytime evokes a different atmosphere in this home suited to night owls. Sheer drapes let the natural light shine through.

The ottoman coffee table acts as a place to put up one’s feet or to set down a tray of refreshments. The living room is only practically equipped for one to person to stretch out, or would make a snug spot for two.

A black metal frame is visible around the perimeter of the room.

The black kitchen to the left of the TV blends in with a black backdrop, though feature lighting draws the eye to it.

The tv wall features a frosted glass panel at one side, which is a hazy window through to the bedroom. Four TV sound speakers are set into the corners of the ceiling.

Outside of the smooth walnut covered living room area, the decor gets a lot darker. Black walls, ceiling and floor run around the entire kitchen, dining room and home entryway.

Lighting over the home is minimal to maintain the drama.

Even by day, the black decor absorbs the natural light, and recessed lighting is used to brighten the edges.

Strip lighting runs along the base of the dark dining room, and around the edges of a tall mirror. The dining set comprises of a round black table and four black dining chairs.

Above black kitchen base units, tall sliding doors draw back to reveal purple lighting inside shallow shelving units. The illuminated kitchen cabinets look like an alcoholic drinks display in a trendy bar.

A black faucet blends in with the dark kitchen cabinets and countertop.

A 4 poster bed fills the majority of the bedroom floor space.

The black and white bedroom decor scheme holds no colourful accents or feature lighting, just simple stylish furniture in a minimalist layout.

Sheer white voiles surround the four poster bed and create a dreamy canopy.

A slender floor lamp stands at either side of the bed.

The dressing table is a wall mounted volume in a recessed position. The dressing table shelf is backed by a floor to ceiling mirror and is lit from each side. A neat square dressing stool sits beneath it.

An interior glass wall slides away to give access to an ensuite shower room. Here the bedrooms walnut wood flooring ends and black floor tiling resumes.

A triple waterfall shower falls from a black bathroom ceiling, with the splash zone held behind a sliding shower screen.

Colour changing lighting in the bathroom matches the ambience of the kitchen, with purple LEDs creating a colourful haze down the shower wall and above the vanity mirror. Bright uplighters are positioned beneath the modern bathroom vanity to draw the accent lighting colour all the way down to the floor.

The wall mounted black vanity is split into two separate volumes, creating a handy towel storage space between. A rubber duck placed amongst the rolled spare towels adds a light hearted touch to the serious scheme. A black heated towel rail flanks the wall beside the WC door.

A black basin sits atop the bathroom vanity unit, beneath a wall mounted black faucet.. White ceramic soap dispensers brighten the look of the dark vanity area.

The LED shower heads light the streams of falling water, like a scenic fountain.

The WC provides a break from the black and walnut interior scheme, with olive green decor and orange LED lighting. An unusual cuboid green toilet sits on a black floor. A black flush plate matches the display shelving, the interior door colour and a black ceiling.

The striking orange accent lighting glows around the edges of the black flooring, and climbs the sides of a tall mirror. A modern black vanity unit holds a green wash basin that matches the green toilet.

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