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Color Knockout: 20 Accent Chairs That Will Rock Your World

Colorful accent chairs are making waves in decor, and it’s not hard to see why: They’re an easy way to update and invigorate your space. If you find yourself boxed into a too-neutral color palette but you’re not ready to make a huge change to the room, add an accent chair for color or focus. One or two new accent pieces can turn your color palette around instantly. With your new accent chair color in place, adding a few decorative accessories in the same color will give your space that elusive put-together look.

Accent chairs are available in every decorating style and color, making it easy to find the perfect match for your home. Here are some of our favorites in the top decorating styles.

Contemporary accent chairs

Contemporary style is clean and unfussy, and contemporary accent chairs are great for rooms where you need a simple addition without clutter. The legs and hardware are often imaginative and unique. Look for simple lines and unexpected colors.

Modern Teal Chair

The low-backed Mcgrane Armchair from Joss & Main is a subtle addition to any room. Image: Joss & Main

Green Modern Accent Chair

This whimsical Canyon Vista accent chair from Langley Street for Wayfair adds a pop of color. Image: Wayfair

Contemporary White Chair

A white accent chair, like Instant Home’s Isabel chair from Wayfair, can calm a bright color scheme. Image: Wayfair 

Contemporary Teal Chair

Wayfair’s Coral Springs accent chair in dark teal works well in a cool color palette. Image: Wayfair

Glam accent chairs

Velvet texture and luxurious patterns are the must-have fabrics for your glam accent chair. We love the growing trend of gold metals, like satin brass, as an extra-glamorous touch in glam decor. This style is all about being a little over-the-top in decorating, meaning accent chairs that make a bold statement.

Lilly Pulitzer glam chair

Lilly Pulitzer’s Madison upholstered accent chair features a fun and glamorous print. Image: Pottery Barn

Royal Blue Chair

The Highbury accent chair is regal in royal blue. Image: Joss & Main

Teal Accent Chair

Rich peacock blue sets the Huntingdon accent chair apart. Image: Joss & Main 

Green Glam Chair

Gold metal accents rev up the glam of the Lakeview Barrel Chair. Image: Joss & Main

Boho accent chairs

We love boho style for its vibrant colors and Bohemian patterns. Look for saturated color palettes and lush fabrics for your boho accent chair. Don’t forget to add accent pillows and a throw in similar colors — the boho style is all about comfort.

Colorful Boho Accent Chair

Get the best of boho style with the Bungalow Rose Crown Slipper Chair in a colorful print. Image: Wayfair

Fuchsia Boho Chair

Add vibrancy to your dining room or office with the Bungalow Rose Latta accent chair. Image: Wayfair

Gray Print Boho Chair

A gray print accent chair adds pops of color to your boho room without overwhelming it. Image: Wayfair

Pink boho chair

A cheerful boho chair (or two) can brighten up your bedroom. Image: Wayfair

Rustic and modern farmhouse accent chairs

Rustic and modern farmhouse decor also invites stylish accent chairs. Even if your accent colors are neutral, you can add style through texture and design. We love these rustic accent chairs for their unique design and fabric.

Modern Farmhouse chair

Try a traditional chair with unexpected ikat fabric for your rustic home. Image: Wayfair

Rustic Modern Plaid Chair

The Bryant Armchair pairs plaid with a rustic silhouette for a fun take on modern farmhouse style. Image: Wayfair

Modern rustic accent chair

The Phillip armchair’s whimsical print makes your modern farmhouse living room come alive with rustic style. Image: Wayfair

Rustic modern accent chair

Modern lines and rustic fabrics create the simplicity of this Wovenwood accent chair. Image: Wayfair

Mid-century modern accent chairs

Mid-century modern style is fun to play with in any room. The exaggerated lines and saturated colors of the 1950s provides many options for accent chairs. We love the whimsical shapes and cheerful colors of these chairs.

Blue mid-century chair

Bright pastel colors and whimsical lines make the Bouck Wingback a effortless accent piece for your mid-century home. Image: All Modern

White mid-century modern chair

White faux fur gives the Hillingdon armchair a playful retro look. Image: All Modern

Wood mid-century modern chair

Indulge in minimalism with Langley Street’s mid-century modern Corsica Curvo accent chair. Image: Wayfair

Mid-century cow pattern chair

Have some fun with mid-century modern with the Liam Barrel Chair’s cowhide pattern. Image: All Modern

Accent chairs give color and character to any room, whether you prefer loud patterns or more subtle rustic design. Which style of accent chair have you used in your home? We’d love to hear in the comments.

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Buying a Rental Property for the First Time? Here Are Your 4 Most Important Considerations

buying a rental property

Ready to buy a rental property? Here’s what to look out for. Image: Rawpixel

Are you thinking about buying a rental property? Congratulations! That’s a huge step toward financial growth. However, be aware that buying a rental property isn’t the same as buying your own home. In fact, the two have a widely different set of considerations to bear in mind.

Luckily, we’re here to help you sort it all out. Below we’ve listed four of the most important factors to look out for when investing in real estate. Read them over and keep them in mind as you start looking at potential properties.


Pick a location that suits your ideal renter. Image: Weston Owen

Location, location, location

You may have heard that location is the most important factor when buying a home — and that’s true. However, when choosing a location for your rental property, there’s no single hard-and-fast rule to follow. The ideal location for you depends on the type of renter you’re hoping to attract.

Those hoping to attract a younger crowd should look in the heart of the action. Young renters who aren’t ready to buy on their own like to be close to amenities like shops, restaurants and public transportation. Typically, these renters are willing to pay higher rents for convenience. But beware: They also come with a higher turnover rate.

The other option is renting to families. Obviously, this type of renter will require a larger space, but they’ll also be looking in a totally different locale. For these renters, focus more on properties in established neighborhoods and decent school districts. While you should expect slightly lower rents, it’s often made up for in the stability afforded by those looking for a long-term rental.

cash flow

Check cash flow to ensure your new rental is a good investment. Image: Rawpixel

Positive cash flow

Often, great rental properties come with an existing rental history. This is great for you, because it affords you the chance to see how well a potential investment will pay off. If the previous investor was astute, they will probably have some sort of cash flow analysis, or record of how much money was brought in versus spent, on hand.

As a potential buyer, you can always have your agent ask the seller for a copy of these documents. The seller is not obligated to share these with you, though most will be willing to at least open up about past rental values and average utility costs.

If you can’t access this information directly, you can estimate your own. Here’s how:

  • Use a mortgage calculator to estimate your monthly payment
  • Search public records to see how much you’ll owe in property taxes
  • Add in a 10% cushion for upfront costs like repairs
  • Subtract that number from an average rental income, based on similar properties in your area

If the number comes out positive, you may have a smart investment on your hands.


First-timers should stick to turn-key homes. Image: Black & Milk

Decent condition

This may sound counterintuitive, but you don’t want your first rental property to be a fixer-upper. Purely from a financial standpoint, it doesn’t make sense. Often, properties in need of lots of TLC end up having larger problems than first anticipated. This racks up costs quickly, especially if you’re hiring out the labor.

In this case, it makes more sense to pay a little more for a turn-key home, where the extra expenditure can be rolled out through the life of the loan. Have an agent work up closing costs for you; in all likelihood, you’ll end up paying only a few dollars more each month for a much nicer property overall.

As for what to look for, functionality is key. When buying a rental property, you don’t need to spring for the fanciest house on the block, but aim to find a home in your target location with all of its pieces in working order. That said, keep in mind that having a few nice extras like stainless steel appliances or an open concept floorplan may entice future renters to pay a bit more each month.

changing lightbulb

Make sure you’re ready to take on the home’s upkeep. Image: Rawpixel

Estimated upkeep

The last piece to look into when buying a rental property is how much ongoing upkeep it may need. Obviously, every rental will require regular maintenance, but you can hedge your bets by looking at the property’s unique factors. Is there a lush backyard that needs regular upkeep? Is the home and its systems older or more updated?

Once you’ve collected that information to the best of your ability, it’s time to be honest with yourself about how much work you can do on your own. Are you capable of handling small, handyman-type fixes around the home? Are you willing to stop by every few weeks to cut the grass? There’s no right answer here. You can always hire a property manager to do the dirty work for you, but that’s also another cost to consider.

Do you have any experience buying a rental property? What other tips do you have for prospective buyers? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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33 Gorgeous Green Kitchens And Ways To Accessorize Them

Eating and the preparation of food is primal. The places in which we partake in these tasks have come a long way but there is still something very nurturing and uplifting about a nature inspired green color kitchen. Green kitchens remind us of the great outdoors, taking us on an earthy adventure even when we’re fastened indoors. These designs show 33 ways to achieve this look via kitchen cabinets and shades of kitchen paint, and we will be recommending some cool hand picked accessories at the end of this post too. Whether it’s bright lime, cool mint, olive or sage you’re after, this collection has something to suit all green decor desires.

This kitchen theme is like a Springtime nature walk, where dappled sunlight sparkles over dew drop bejewelled grass. White kitchen cabinets against green walls help a scheme look crisp and airy. Light wood grain adds to the fresh outdoors feel.

Visualizer: Rusu Ruslan  

A darker woodtone underlines this white and lime green kitchen. The highly saturated lime shade is used on only a small soffit and behind open kitchen shelving so that the hue doesn’t become too overwhelming.

Visualizer: Denys Kozak, Daria Ozhyhanova  

This minimalist kitchen is a good example of how a tiny area of red can achieve high contrast with olive green kitchen walls.

Designer: Grieve Gillet Andersen  

Keep pendant lights simple so as not to overcomplicate a bold scheme. This green bar and backsplash stand out against honey coloured wood. On the front of the central island, a couple of darker green painted cabinets match the extractor fan unit behind.

Designer: Matt Gibson  

Lime green decor suits a glossy modern kitchen, where spotlights can play over high colour surfaces.

Designer: Gradiz  

Wooden wall decor adds an earthy rustic side to an otherwise clean and contemporary composition.

Visualizer: Eka Adnyana Putra  

Darker notes give bright schemes more weight and depth, like the black countertop and breakfast bar that cuts across these light kitchen cabinets.

You can quite easily add a splash of colour to an existing kitchen installation by adding a bright new backsplash. A pendant light in a matching shade would work wonders in uniting an attached dining space too.

Visualizer: Yulia Klyakhina  

An unusual modern chandelier can add panache to a simple scheme.

Visualizer: Pikcells  

Consider expanding your tiled area to create an entire feature wall from floor to ceiling, like this tiled backsplash wall.

Visualizer: Filip Sapojnicov  

A seafoam green kitchen with coral accents makes a pretty combination. You can use kitchen bar stools and accessories to throw in a quaint retro vibe too.

Visualizer: Magdalena Dominiczuk  

Paint your dining table to match your decor. This open plan space sees mint green wall paint spill out into the hallway decor too.

Visualizer: Pikcells  

Break things up a bit: Team mint green base cabinets with white larder units. You can also add a little warmth to a pale green and white kitchen with the introduction of chic copper edging.

Visualizer: Anastasia Kuspeleva  

You don’t have to leave walls colour-free around a colourful kitchen. Be brave and go with a darker hue around a light green kitchen.

Visualizer: Jonathan Coronado García  

Contrasting bar stools are ideal for adding an unexpected pop of alternative colour – like these two peachy seats in this gentle green tea kitchen. A small row of leafy potted plants are an easy option for matching

Visualizer: Pikcells  

Grey and green kitchen cabinet combinations make for a sophisticated scheme.

Visualizer: Tonia  

Lime green kitchen decorations can come in the form of zany wallpaper and typographical wall art.

Designer: Hub Kitchens  

Just one colour coordinated accessory is enough in a high-colour kitchen. In this example, three walls of glossy avocado green kitchen cabinets are accessorised by the colourful spokes of a mid century modern clock. White and stainless steel kitchen gadgets keep the rest of the scheme simple.

Visualizer: Nimbusart  

Zingy lime green kitchen curtains and dining chairs will lift a monochrome room.

Visualizer: Maria Stepanova, Olga Khovanskaya, Natalia Pozdnyak  

Mottled gray and green kitchen cabinets and countertops create an atmospheric culinary space. Green kitchen canisters and decorative vases add a colour coordinated finishing touch to open shelving.

Visualizer: Syba  

Install LED strip lighting to highlight dark green kitchen cabinets and walnut wood panelling.

Visualizer: Julia Trintsukova  

Looking for something a bit quirky? The link with the great outdoors is taken one step further here, with the introduction of a garden hammock in the kitchen!

Visualizer: Nikolay Limanskiy  

An eye-catching green kitchen backsplash looks stunning paired with copper kitchen accessories and shiny globe pendant light.

Designer: Wohn Harmonie  

Chocolate and lime make a tasty combo.

Source: truKitchens  

Dark accessories add edge to a bright space. Try adding some black picture frames or a statement kitchen clock.

Designer: Design A Space  

These kitchen pendant lights look plump and ready for the chopping board.

Visualizer: Yuliya Plaksina  

Green decor makes the ultimate contrasting colour against red cabinets.

Visualizer: Nenad Jovanic  

If you don’t want to go the whole hog, just a few coloured cabinets can be equally effective. A small green kitchen rug can add a finishing flourish too.

Visualizer: K Band  

A big glass bowl of green apple kitchen decorations always make a deliciously fresh looking centrepiece. A few indoor herb planters can be rather tasty too.

Visualizer: Mihail Vasin  

Colour coordinated kitchen appliances like this extractor unit can really pull a soft hued scheme together.

Visualizer: Marcin Kasperski  

Green paint colors for kitchen walls can be tricky to choose from. Patterned wall tiles or wallpapers can offer multi-toned alternatives.

Source: Alphablindsni  

Blinds are the main play here. Another simple fruit bowl adds an effortless accent to this blue and green kitchen.

Visualizer: Kola Studio  

Again green window treatment hogs the limelight in this kitchen. Indoor plants greenly feather the edges of monochrome modern units, like these crisp white cabinets beneath a black linear suspension light.

1. Green kitchen canisters
2. Kiwi fruit clock
3. Cookie jar
4. Green kitchen towels
5. Comfort kitchen mat
6. Green kitchen pendant lights
7. Counter edge cutting board with collapsible bin
8. Green foldable cutting board
9. Green and white sink strainer
10. Green kitchen trash cans
11. Green kitchen stools
12. Green kitchen cabinet knobs

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Need a Move-In Deep Cleaning? Amazon Home Services Has You Covered

You’ve just moved into your new home or apartment. Looking at everything that needs to be done, you might feel like you need an army on your side. You’ve got boxes to unpack, that tricky smart home security system to install, flat-screen TVs to mount and new furniture to assemble. Plus, you want your home sparkly clean — STAT. Thankfully, Amazon’s got you covered; its Amazon Home Services department will send someone over right away to check off the items on your honey do list.

amazon home services moving

While you may not be familiar with the service, it’s been around since 2015. Amazon’s been building an impressive directory of experts and professionals across the country, ready to come complete the chores you assign them.

What can Amazon Home Service experts do for you?

amazon home services moving day

The Amazon Home Service experts offer a wide variety of services. Tech or smart-home related tasks like optimizing your Wi-Fi router or installing a smart thermostat are their widest range of service. But Amazon also has plumbers, electricians and manual labor-related pros. Some of the most requested tasks you can order up include:

  • TV wall mounting
  • Surround sound and home theater setup
  • Smart remote setup
  • Patio furniture assembly and general assembly
  • Yard work
  • Home improvement
  • Move-out cleaning
  • Move-in cleaning and general house cleaning
  • Handyman by the hour

How much does the handyman-by-the-hour cost?

Amazon makes it easy to get upfront quotes on home services before ordering. Enter your zip code, check off what you may need and you’ll get an instant price. For example, a handyman to work inside your home for two hours with a step ladder costs:

  • $210.99 in Downtown Chicago, IL
  • $196.69 in Austin, TX and Phoenix, AZ
  • $208.49 in Los Angeles, CA
  • $189.99 in Downtown Atlanta, GA

According to Amazon, the handyman can complete multiple services within the hours given. The list of services is extensive, but some of the most popular requests are hanging shelving, baby-proofing the home, wiring home theater components, repairing glass windows and repairing drywall. The page even estimates how many hours are needed for the different tasks.

How much does a move-out cleaning cost?

A move-out cleaning is pretty detailed, since everything needs to be cleaned — baseboards, cabinets, lighting fixtures, door jambs, blinds, window sills, tops of kitchen cabinets, the refrigerator interior, etc. According to the Amazon Home Services Move-Out Cleaning page, a move-out cleaning of a home or apartment up to 1,000 square feet in Downtown Atlanta costs $160.

Where do you find Amazon Home Services?

Amazon’s Home Services page lists every service available. You can also find an expert installation price quote on many of the product-for-sale pages.

wall mounting option

In this example, there’s an option box for “Get expert TV wall mounting” just below the TV size options. The option includes a wall mounting price for your zip code ($96.90 for Atlanta).

Why use Amazon Home Services?

The biggest reason to use Amazon Home Services is that Amazon makes it easy; you can order a move-in cleaning or a home improvement expert in a few clicks and pay for agreed service upfront at checkout.

Amazon screens its experts, inviting professionals who they claim “have a strong record of service quality.” You’re trusting a stranger to enter your home or office based on Amazon’s reputation, so the company performs a six-point criminal background check and verifies licensing and registration. You can also read reviews about the experts from other customers to help inform your decision.

And if something goes wrong, all Home Services are backed by the Amazon’s Happiness Guarantee. If you’re not 100 percent satisfied, Amazon will fix it or give you a full refund.

Have you used Amazon Home Services? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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The Best Contemporary Furniture and Objects from Milan Design Week 2018

Milan, Italy’s Design Week is the destination for those who want to be first to see the newest contemporary design trends. Architects, designers and retailers all converge with the latest furniture pieces and avant-garde home objects. Soft edges, pastels and lots of Art Deco inspiration dominated the show this year. Here’s a roundup of the coolest (and most out-there) creations from Milan Design Week 2018.

The entrance to Missoni’s showroom for Milan Design Week 2018 featured oversized textiles printed in the fashion house’s signature patterns and colors. Image: Missoni Home

Patricia Urquiola’s Milan Design Week 2018 work

Designer and art director Patricia Urquiola created some of the most memorable pieces of the show. Her color selection and fluid lines were on-trend with the soft tones and Art-Deco-inspired vibe. Her collaboration of leather goods with Louis Vuitton for their Objets Nomades show were especially striking. Photography by Patricia Urquiola.

Urquiola’s leather Swing Chair for Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades collection.

Contemporary chairs and sofas

Modular pieces and color were popular among the best contemporary sofa and chair designs in Milan Design Week 2018, adding fun and personality back into the formal living room space.

best of Milan Design Week 2018

Tape by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso is a collection of modular pieces that mix and match to the configuration of your choice. Polyurethane tape in a contrasting color, which is used for sportswear, joins the seams of the collection. Image: Moroso 

Gerrit Rietveld’s Beugel Chair was produced in 1930 but got a refresh with modern materials. The design of chair remains unchanged; it looks as contemporary today as it did nearly 90 years ago. Chair and image: Cassina

milan design week 2018

Arper’s Kiik Collection, designed by Iwasaki Studios, is inspired by Japanese minimalism. Image: Arper

This outdoor stool is shaped like a donut, created by Mikiya Kabayashi for Diabla. Image: Diabla


Wisse Trooster’s Cardboard and LED lights for Cartoni are lightweight and earth-friendly. Image: Cartoni

Oversized orbs of pleated fabric create these dramatic hanging pendant lamps. Product and image: PaulinePlusLuis

Designer Federica Biasi was inspired by antique Art Deco lamps when creating this updated Deco pendant. Image: Federica Biasi

Everyday objects

Sonos has finally broken from its signature black and white wireless speaker design. In collaboration with the Danish design brand HAY, the speakers come in yellow, red and emerald green. Image: Sonos

Simone Crestani reimagined the ordinary carafe and made it rock-and-roll sexy. Image: Simone Crestani

Avant-garde objects

Some objects and furniture pieces were odd, yet beautifully fascinating. The following had visitors doing double takes as they passed.

Erez Nevi Pana designed a line of “vegetarian” furniture like this Salts Stool with earthy elements like salt and soil. Check out the fascinating process of how he made this stool here. Image: Erez Nevi Pana

best of milan design week 2018

“Puddle” is a blown glass orb that appears to be melting off the table. Object and image: Elinor Portnoy

This whimsical lamp would be perfect in a baby’s nursery. Chandelier and image: Marcantonio Raymond Malerba


The Justine Cabinet in presented in an unusual kidney shape. Cabinet design and image: Matteo Cibic

Textile and texture

Cristina Celestine found inspiration in Renaissance-era garden grottos for these new tiles. Image: Fornace Brioni

Spanish fashion house Loewe’s new line of home textile went global with Japanese silk, African weaves and Indian textiles. Image: Loewe

Bottega Veneta’s new table line features patterned Travertine tops. No two are alike. Image: Bottega Veneta

What’s your favorite contemporary item from this year’s Milan Design Week? We’d love to hear in the comments.


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