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Tender nature. Beautiful pictures

Manage nature can only be subject to it. Francis Bacon ***** All the aspirations and efforts of nature are completed by man; they strive for it, they fall into it, like in the ocean. Herzen A.I.  

Beautiful pictures — Wonderful nature


Beautiful photos of birds.

Birds are an integral part of our nature. They surround people, and therefore it will be interesting to learn the facts about birds. Cuckoos, eagles, canaries — each of these birds is tempting in its own way. Interesting facts about birds are unique knowledge not only for children, but also for more adult generations.  

Amazing nature. Beautiful pictures. Interesting facts

By burrowing nuts, acorns and other seeds, each squirrel “plants” 20-25 trees annually. Whales have nipples, because they feed their young with milk. But it is terribly inconvenient to do this in water, so the mother whale splashes milk of 50% fat into the baby’s mouth with force, using special muscles. A small whale is […]

A variety of amazing birds. Beautiful pictures.

A variety of amazing birds

To date, people know 10,694 species of birds that live on Earth.     Interesting facts about birds confirm that the largest number of yolks in one bird’s egg is 9 pieces.

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