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Delightful nature. Nice pictures

The doctor cures diseases, but nature cures. Hippocrates ***** The closest woman to nature is giving birth to a woman: on one side even nature itself, and on the other — a man herself. Prishvin M.M   Nature is always right; mistakes and delusions come from people. Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Amazing nature. Beautiful photos.

Nature can not be overtaken sloppy and half-dressed, it is always beautiful.  Ralph Emerson     The power of nature is great. Mark Tullius Cicero

The beauty of the birds. Beautiful pictures.

    American Woodcock, a seemingly inconspicuous bird, but with an amazing feature. In order to get worms for herself, she lies down on the ground and knocks on it with wings, imitating rain. Worms fleeing from “drowning” get to her on the table. How did she know how to do it. ?

Amazing and mysterious birds. Beautiful photos .

      Birds need feathers to fly, and they also protect the bird from bad weather, from cold air and water. Placed like a roofing tile with an oil layer, feathers protect the bird from water and heat deprivation, similar to how roof tiles help protect a house.  

Amazing birds. Beautiful photos. Interesting facts about birds

1. At the moment, people know about 9,800 species of birds that live on Earth.   2. The greatest number of yolks ever found in one egg is nine.   3. To boil an egg of an ostrich with a hard boiled it should be boiled for 2 hours! 4. The only bird in the […]

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