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Amazing birds. Beautiful photos. Interesting facts about birds

1. At the moment, people know about 9,800 species of birds that live on Earth.   2. The greatest number of yolks ever found in one egg is nine.   3. To boil an egg of an ostrich with a hard boiled it should be boiled for 2 hours! 4. The only bird in the […]

Incredibly amazing city of Toronto. 10 Beautiful photos…


Birds are beautiful creatures. Interesting photos

Birds are beautiful creatures by definition, and arranging a beauty contest among birds is not an easy task.   Nevertheless, subjectively among more than 9,800 species — namely, as many birds live on our planet — one can single out a number of handsome men, invariably attracting the views of people and causing unconcealed admiration […]

Amazing birds! Beautiful pictures (photo)

Feathered feathers inflate their feathers for various reasons, for example, to create the impression of a larger body (for protection from enemies) to warm up or attract a female.  

10 facts about wolves

1.Defining weather conditions, wolves are capable to hear sound signals which sound at distance of 9 kilometers. 2.Wolf’s blood, which was drunk by the Vikings before the battle raised the morale. 3.In caves, the age of 20,000 years, was found the first image with the wolves. 4.Wolves are able to distinguish more than 200 million […]

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