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Amazing birds! Beautiful pictures (photo)

Feathered feathers inflate their feathers for various reasons, for example, to create the impression of a larger body (for protection from enemies) to warm up or attract a female.  

10 facts about wolves

1.Defining weather conditions, wolves are capable to hear sound signals which sound at distance of 9 kilometers. 2.Wolf’s blood, which was drunk by the Vikings before the battle raised the morale. 3.In caves, the age of 20,000 years, was found the first image with the wolves. 4.Wolves are able to distinguish more than 200 million […]

Interesting facts about bears.

Contrary to popular belief, not all bears hibernate for the winter in hibernation. Polar bears, for example, are not affected by this phenomenon — they hibernate only pregnant bears. Bears are a fairly young species of living things. Well, relatively young-they are about 5 million years old, give or take. For comparison, you can see […]

Magnificent houses, beautiful design


Beautiful pictures — wonderful flowers


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