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Hyundai is developing a smaller crossover Creta. BEST CAR

The official premiere of the model can take place in early 2018. According to information now circulating Western publications, presentations of new products place can become automobile exhibition Auto Expo in India. Does this mean that the new crossover Hyundai will only sell in the Indian market? Yes, it will be a priority for India, […]

Toyota FT1. BEST CAR- Interesting facts about cars

RWD roadster Toyota Supra produced c 1979 to 2002, the car has received a lot of popularity among fans of tuning. In the Austrian factory of the Canadian company Magna Steyr will start assembling cars by Toyota and Jaguar Land Rover, according to German publication Automobilwoche citing its sources. Now Austrian unit in Graz produces […]

Lamborghini will make the car for women. BEST CAR

The company is known for its uncompromising Lamborghini supercars, but the new head of brand Domenicali said that was up to a small revolution seriously and plans to increase the proportion of women among its customers. With this challenge must be great deal, of course, promising crossover Urus! Until now, all the “Lamborghini” models have […]

Roadyacht GTS from Savage Rivale . 10 incredible cars, which you almost certainly have not heard. BEST CAR

Roadyacht GTS from Savage Rivale – one of the most unique concepts of modern cars. To begin with, it is a convertible four-seater that is already quite unusual. Its doors open upward, the outer side toward the sky, due to which open the entire machine resembles a flower. Roadyacht GTS is equipped with V8 engine […]

Zenvo ST1 from. 10 incredible cars, which you almost certainly have not heard. BEST CAR

Zenvo ST1 from truly deserves the title of the supercar. Incredibly stylish design and exorbitant power – what else is needed? Seven-liter V8 engine combines a supercharger and turbocharger simultaneously, reaching exorbitant capacity 1104 liters. from. ST1 and dispersing up to 100 km / h in 3 seconds. Maximum speed – more than 370 km […]

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