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Bugatti Chiron was the fastest car in the world

  Bugatti Chiron is designed on the basis of the Veyron hypercar, but all components were subjected to thorough modernization. The engine retains the volume of 8 liters and the unique W16 scheme, but received four more productive turbine, a new fuel injection system with electronic control and lightweight crankshaft, and many parts are now […]

Buick Streamliner 1948

Sedan Kia Rio 2017. BEST CAR

  China was seen Kia K2 sedan new generation fully without camouflage. This same model is sold under the name Kia Rio on the Russian market. Photos «chetyrehdverki» published Autohome resource. By analogy with a related single platform model Hyundai Verna (Russian Solaris), the updated K2 / Rio has a more expensive appearance. Top options […]

Updated Audi Q3. BEST CAR

Mitsubishi will present in Paris, a new cross-concept — GT-PHEV.

The company Mitsubishi Motors will present at the Paris Motor Show a new concept crossover GT-PHEV with a hybrid power plant. His task — to show progress in the design and potential of the brand in the development of hybrid technology. The Mitsubishi GT-PHEV prototype design based on the concept of Dynamic Shield, expressed in […]

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