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GAZ-13 «Chaika» The most expensive Russian cars

— 4.5 million rubles.  —  70 040.25 dollars The famous «chlenovoz» (because it drove the Party Central Committee members), in contrast to the other representative of the USSR cars ( «Victory» and ZIM), has never been on the open market. «The Seagull» was not even set the market price. She was in a «bundled» with […]

2014 Chevrolet Volt. The most fuel-efficient cars

  Chevrolet Volt is often attributed to the category of electric vehicles. V not consider hybridomas even though it is equipped with an internal combustion engine. 2014 Chevrolet Volt The car can travel up to 60 kilometers, relying solely on its electric battery. Once the battery is low, connect the internal combustion engine powering an […]

1986 Chevrolet Sprint. The most fuel-efficient cars

  Hardly a large number of such vehicles can be found there on the road today. At first glance, this relic of square mid-80s is similar to the old man outlived its time. However, Chevrolet Sprint is a very effective model even by the standards of the current automotive era. Even before the advent of […]

The most fuel-efficient cars -2. BEST CARS

Ford Fusion Energi Combined with four-cylinder Fusion Energi motor allows the model to achieve exceptional fuel economy. Initially, Ford argued that the Energi will be able to pass 35 kilometers on 1 liter, but these numbers were quickly refuted by consumers. Ford Fusion Energi On average, the combined hybrid installation allows you to overcome the […]

The most fuel-efficient cars -1. BEST CAR

In this collection, you’ll learn about the most cost-effective, but efficient cars that are already available to the mass consumer. This is not some kind of transcendental concepts, namely, real cars, thousands of which can be seen on roads today. These hybrids will be interesting for those who do not yet want to risk with […]

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