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Marussia B2. The most expensive Russian cars

— 6.4 million rubles. -100 151, 95 dollars Second Embodiment Marussia B2 had the same power plant as in the first version, but differed housing.

Marussia B1 . The most expensive Russian cars

— 5 300 000 rubles.-82 883.86 US Dollar Marussia B1 became perym car company Marussia Motors, which in 2007 founded the Nikolay Fomenko and Yefim Ostrovsky.

Marussia F2. The most expensive Russian cars

— 3.5 million rubles. -54 475 dollars Marussia F2 SUV was unveiled in 2010. It was equipped with a 3.6 liter engine. capacity of 340 horsepower, 4-speed automatic transmission, spring suspension and ground clearance of 25 cm. It was not a crossover, not SUV, but a real serious SUV. Run it in a series of […]

GAZ-13 «Chaika» The most expensive Russian cars

— 4.5 million rubles.  —  70 040.25 dollars The famous «chlenovoz» (because it drove the Party Central Committee members), in contrast to the other representative of the USSR cars ( «Victory» and ZIM), has never been on the open market. «The Seagull» was not even set the market price. She was in a «bundled» with […]

2014 Chevrolet Volt. The most fuel-efficient cars

  Chevrolet Volt is often attributed to the category of electric vehicles. V not consider hybridomas even though it is equipped with an internal combustion engine.

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