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Luxury cars, which even millionaires dream about (5 photos) -2

6. LaFerrari FXX K — 2.7 million dollars Thanks to the 6.3-liter V12 engine with 1,035 horsepower and the fact that only 32 copies of this model were produced, the price of LaFerrari FXX K is 2.7 million dollars. However, this machine can not be used on the road or in any race. 7. Bugatti […]

Luxury cars, which even billionaires dream of (5 photos) — 1

There is a fairly large number of cars, the cost of which amazes even the most wealthy people. More often than not, such a car is a desired prey for any collector. Just get these cars is not easy, because in addition to the huge cost, they are, as a rule, quite rare in the […]

Mercedes has created a new four-door coupe.

Test Drive: Mercedes-Benz CLS 350d Sea. The sun. The greens … Ha! When I write these lines, the Spanish rain sadly knocks on the «curved line of windows» of the new CLS, covering it with a «shark nose» and collecting pimples on «muscular hind wings.» This is equally pleasing and sad. Pleases — because we […]

Pininfarina will release electric hypercar by 2020 (Top cars)

  In the last year, the Italians from Pininfarina took up the car market seriously. If before we were happy with the success of the company in building bodies for eminent supercars, soon we will see a whole line of electric vehicles. But even this is not the main news. The main news is that […]

A unique car GAZ-12 ZIM for 20 000 000 rubles (318 000 dollars) (10 photos)

The unique GAZ-12 restimod GIM is sold in Novosibirsk (Russia) for 19,999,000 rubles ($ 318,000). Let’s find out what causes such a high price. The long-base sedan was equipped with a 3.0-liter Nissan VQ-30 engine, the power of which, depending on the degree of forcing, can be 193 — 230 liters. with a rear axle […]

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