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Maserati — An excellent car! (7 FOTO)


Bugatti — Atlantique. Concept. Best Car


Arab supercar Lykan Hypersport (8 pics)

The novelty of the third international motor show Qatar Motor Show is the Arab supercar Lykan Hypersport manufactured by the unknown firm W Motors (Lebanon). Thanks to a 6-cylinder engine in 750 hp. The car can accelerate to 100 km per hour in 2.8 seconds, and its maximum speed is 395 km per hour. The […]

Luxury cars, which even multi-millioners dream about (5 photos) -3

There is a fairly large number of cars, the cost of which amazes even the most wealthy people. More often than not, such a car is a desired prey for any collector. Just get these cars is not easy, because in addition to the huge cost, they are, as a rule, quite rare in the […]

Luxury cars, which even millionaires dream about (5 photos) -2

6. LaFerrari FXX K — 2.7 million dollars Thanks to the 6.3-liter V12 engine with 1,035 horsepower and the fact that only 32 copies of this model were produced, the price of LaFerrari FXX K is 2.7 million dollars. However, this machine can not be used on the road or in any race. 7. Bugatti […]

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