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Salad “Shrimp under a fur coat”

  Ingredients: ● Boiled peeled shrimp — 500 g; ● boiled potatoes in their jackets — 4 PCs. medium size; ● eggs boiled hard-boiled — 4 PCs.; ● red caviar — 1 can (140 g); ● mayonnaise. Preparation: Shrimp boiled in spices (Bay leaf, black pepper, salt).

Salad “The Gift”

  Ingredients: This salad put layers and each grease with mayonnaise. 1 layer — chicken breast cubes; 2 layer — mushrooms fried with onions, season with salt and pepper; 3 layer — grated boiled carrot on a coarse grater; 4 layer — grated Apple; 5 layer — chopped walnuts; 6 layer — yolks, cheese, grated; […]

Salad “Cap Of Monomakh”

  Ingredients: ● 250-300 g of cooked meat; ● 3 large boiled potatoes; ● 3 boiled eggs; ● 150 g of raw carrots; ● 1 Cup walnuts; ● 130-150 g of cheese; ● 1 pomegranate; ● green peas; ● mayonnaise. Preparation:

Magic oven: Smart cake.

  Miracle cake is surprisingly tasty, and for making the most simple products: milk, butter, flour, eggs and sugar. Unlike other kinds of cakes, wonder cake without any additional effort on your part in the baking process itself is divided into vanilla soufflé, custard cream and sponge cake. Ingredients: Butter — 65 g Sugar — […]

Pancakes from mashed potatoes.

  Great recipe pancakes from mashed potato, greens and Cheddar cheese. Ingredients 300 gr. potatoes (prepared mashed potatoes) 150 gr. cheese (Cheddar) 4 feather green onions 1 piece chicken egg 1/2 Cup flour (wheat) to taste vegetable oil to taste pepper (black ground) salt to taste Instructions

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