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Delicious diet cake «Raspberry tenderness»?

Ingredients: For cakes: * Rice flour-55 gr * Corn flour -55 gr ( can be replaced with any flour 110 gr) * Baking powder-1 tsp. * Ryazhenka-200 ml * Sweetener-to taste * Egg-4 PCs * Vanillin-1 gr For the cream: * Cottage cheese (I have fat-free in the briquette)-500 gr •Yogurt~300 ml

Chocolate cake with hazelnut

  Ingredients: * 2 cups hazelnut • 1 Cup dates, pitted * 3/4 Cup cocoa powder * 1/2 Cup 2 tablespoons maple syrup • 1 medium avocado Preparation:

Cake » maple caramel and walnut»

Dough:200 g brown sugar150 g butter200 g maple syrup3 tablespoons walnut paste 400 g flour1/2 teaspoon baking soda3 eggs The dough should be boiled in a water bath, this will allow us to get soft cakes, because the brewed flour is able to retain moisture. An important point when baking-do not dry the cakes in […]


  This delicate, airy cookies cooked on kefir will please with its wonderful taste and ease of preparation. As a filling, you can use any jam or condensed milk. This pastry is very popular with children. Recommended! Ingredients Kefir-200 ml Egg — 1 PC. Flour-480 g Butter-100 g Sugar-1/3 Cup Soda-2/3 tsp Vanilla-to taste Jam […]


  Braised in sour cream chicken thighs with mushrooms and carrots are suitable for a hearty home dinner. Ingredients: 8 chicken thighs 1 onion 1 carrot 250 g of champignons 2 garlic cloves salt & pepper to taste 200 ml sour cream vegetable oil

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