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Cake «Nesquic»

  Ingredients: Dough: ● 4 eggs, ● 100 gr. butter, ● 150 gr. Sahara, ● 150 gr. flour. ● 1 tsp. rasping. ● 2 tablespoons. cocoa

Casserole with blueberries — Delicious!

To make the casserole easier to remove from the mold, lightly sprinkle it with breadcrumbs. Ingredients eggs — 2 pcs. fine sugar — 100 g vanillin — pinch cottage cheese (fat content not less than 9%) — 500 g semolina — 3 tbsp. l. fresh blueberries — 150 g Preparation

Strawberry mousse

You can use milk, but in this case you do not need to add lemon juice, otherwise it will curtail. Ingredients gelatin — 3 tsp. fresh strawberry — 800 g juice and a peel — 1/2 small lemon eggs — 2 pcs. sugar — 100 g cream (fat content 10%) — 400 ml sour cream […]

Delicate curd pudding semolina

  The ingredients to the form, 21 cm: curd 9-12% 400 grams eggs 3 PCs. sugar 70 grams semolina 75 grams cream 33% 120 ml. Preparation recipe: Eggs divided into whites and yolks. Put the yolks in a bowl with the other ingredients. Separately whisk the whites to medium peaks. Mass in a bowl, grind […]


  Traditional Italian cake made of dried fruits and nuts is perfect for lean holidays. In this dessert, you can use any combination of nuts, dried fruits and spices to your taste. Ingredients: almonds-150 g, pistachio peeled-150 g, dried figs-150 g, dried apricots-150 g, wheat flour-100 g, honey-80 g, sugar-100 g, water — 2 tablespoons, […]

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