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Easiest cake in the six cakes

  Cakes are juicy, they do not even need to be impregnated, but very sweet, although I reduced the amount of sugar to 600 grams instead of 660, but for our taste and this is too much. Glaze of butter and powdered sugar, I also prepared for the first time. Due to lack of time, […]


  Ingredients: * peaches-2 kg * lemon juice-60 ml * sugar-800 g * cinnamon-2 sticks * ginger root-about 1 cm Preparation:

Chocolate dessert

All chocolate fans are offered a delicious dessert with whipped cream. Bake it pretty easy, with the recipe even for a novice Baker. Ingredients: 160 g margarine; ⅔ Cup sweet sand; ⅔ Cup cream (33%); teaspoon Ripper; two chicken eggs; ⅔ Cup flour; 55 g cocoa; sweet powder to taste.

Quick chocolate dessert with ice cream

  Ice cream is a win-win option when you need to do something delicious, and there is no time for complex desserts. Ingredients (for 4 servings): Chocolate ice cream-0,5 kg, Bitter chocolate – 1 tile, Oranges (only the zest) – 2 PCs., Sugar cookies-12 PCs – , Mint-12 leaves. Preparation:

Custard cakes

  We will need: For the dough: Eggs-5-6 PCs – , Milk-150 ml, Water – 150 ml, Flour – 200 g, Butter – 150 g, Sugar – 2 teaspoons, Salt-1 pinch. For the filling:

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