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Sponge cake with cherry and sour cream

Ingredients: Dough: 3 eggs 100 g of sugar 100 g of flour 1/5 tsp vanillin Jelly: 200 g of frozen cherries (pre-unfrozen) 200 g sour cream 100 g of sugar 15 g of instant gelatin

Jelly » Coffee with cream”

  Ingredients for 6 servings: Jelly gelatin 2 tablespoons cream 9-12% fat 400 ml. strong coffee 300 ml. sugar (here orientirueshsya to your taste), 50-70 grams coffee liqueur (I have Sheridan’s) 2 tbsp For decoration heavy cream (30% fat) 200 ml sugar 70 grams grated chocolate

Caramel Panna cotta

  Ingredients for 4 servings: sugar 125 grams cream 22% fat (you can take fat more or less to your liking) 500 ml. gelatin 8 grams Preparation recipe: Gelatin is soaked in 4 tablespoons of cold water. Put the sugar in a ladle and melt on a small fire to the state of caramel. Pour […]

Cold strawberry cheesecake

  The ingredients to the form, 21 cm: For the basics sugar cookies 200 grams butter 100 grams For cheese filling cream cheese 500 grams condensed milk 200 grams cream of 33% 100 ml. strawberries 250 grams

Mazurka — delicious cake

  Ingredients: eggs — 3 PCs – , sugar-1 Cup, flour-1 Cup, walnuts (kernels – — 250 g, raisins-200 g, powdered sugar for serving. How to cook:

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