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Tart with chili

  For 6 people It will take: 100 g of butter 30 g of sugar 160 g of flour a pinch of salt 20 g of cocoa powder 400 ml cream (33% fat content)

Curd dessert with dried apricots — Delicious!

Cottage cheese mass will be more gentle and lush if you beat it with a mixer or properly «turn» it in a blender. Ingredients cottage cheese (fat content not less than 9%) — 300 g Butter — 50 g powdered sugar — 2 tbsp. l. vanillin — pinch dried apricots — 100 g coconut shaving […]

Cottage Cheese and Poppy Diet Cake

Ingredients: Cottage cheese fat-free — 300 g Eggs — 6 pieces Milk 1% — 1 tbsp Oat bran — 6 tbsp. l. Poppy — 30 g Lemon — to taste Sweetener — to taste

Cupcakes of chocolate paste

  To better bake cupcakes, bake them in small silicone molds. In the dough, you can add nuts, candied fruit or raisins. Ingredients: chocolate paste-200 g, eggs — 2 PCs – , self-rising flour-150 g – Preparation:


  Ingredients: Korzh: Yolk — 3 PCs — Sugar-50 g Flour-70 g Butter-40 g Baking powder — ¼ tsp Vanilla sugar — ¼ tsp Souffle:

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