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Dessert with raspberries

  The recipe for the preparation of a healthy and delicate yoghurt dessert. Ingredients Greek yoghurt — 400 ml frozen raspberry — 150 g sugar — 100 g honey — 2 tbsp. l. walnuts — 50 g Preparation Raspberries pre-unfrozen. Berries to throw in a colander and let the juice drain.

Sweets with strawberries and chocolate

20 pieces Ingredients gelatin — 20 g frozen strawberry — 400 g sugar — 200 g cream (fat content of 20%) — 150 ml butter — 100 g white chocolate — 400 g Preparation

Cake «Red velvet»

Ingredients flour — 340 g sugar — 300 g cocoa — 1 tbsp. l. salt — a pinch soda — 1 tsp. baking powder — 2 tsp. eggs — 3 pcs. gt; oil — 300 ml kefir (2.5%) — 280 ml

Easter serving cupcake

  In this recipe, the Easter cake is presented and the most convenient, it is prepared portionwise. Of course, you can buy a cupcake for the holiday in the store, but it is difficult to find a good one, and in general, it is much tastier and more useful to prepare a cupcake yourself, especially […]

Easter cake with taste of filling

  Thanks to these ingredients, it really turns Easter with a taste of filling at home. Delicate, fragrant and very tasty, just lick your fingers! In this case, the recipe is supplemented with a handful of candied fruits, but you can replace them with dried fruits, for example, or do not use additives at all. […]

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