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Cake with the most delicate curd cream.

For those who like curd cream. It will take: Biscuit. 5 eggs. 1 tbsp. Sugar. 1 tbsp. Flour. 1 tsp. grated peel of lemon. Cream. 20 g of gelatin. 150 ml of water. 300 grams of cottage cheese.

Cherry cake on a crispy basis

  I like cakes based on crumbled cookies — they, of course, can not be considered quick, but they can get rid of fuss with the oven if it’s too hot or the oven is not there. You will need: For the cake: 100 g of bitter chocolate 150 grams of finished chocolate chip cookies […]

Airy mousse cake with strawberries: without baking

  A wonderful mousse cake without baking is one of the most tasty delicacies, which is distinguished by its delicate taste and piquancy. The most delicate sweet without baking, with fresh strawberries is a temptation for gourmets. From such a tasty piece of cake, no one can refuse. Mousse cake is easy to prepare and […]

Dessert with mascarpone

The recipe for 8 servings. In one portion — 440 kcal. Cooking time — 30 minutes. Ingredients cocoa powder — 2 tbsp. l. white grapes without seeds — 150 g bitter chocolate — 200 g yolks — 2 pcs. of powdered sugar — 80 g cognac — 20 ml

Dessert with cream

This dessert with cream fascinates with its beauty and taste. And most pleasantly, that in one portion only 220 kilocalories! Ingredients gelatin in granules — 25 g fresh cranberries — 200 g sugar — 100 g cream (fat content of 33%) — 200-250 ml of powdered sugar — 50 g mint leaves for decoration — […]

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