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30 minutes4 portions Refreshing homemade ice cream with bananas and chocolate is an excellent dessert for hot summer. INGREDIENTS 500 g of bananas 300 ml confectionery cream 26% 2 egg yolks 5 tbsp. l. Sahara 50 g of dark chocolate


  Homemade chocolate ganache — simple, but refined chocolate cream-glaze for various desserts. INGREDIENTS 220 ml of cream 33% 200 g of dark chocolate 50 g of butter 2 bags of vanilla sugar Chocolate ganache you can use as a layer or glaze for various cakes and cakes, and you can also serve it as […]

Lenten chocolate cake

Very tasty and beautiful lean cake without the content of animal products. Step-by-step recipe. Ingredients flour — 2 cups cocoa powder — 0.5 cup baking powder — 0.5 tsp. salt — a pinch coconut milk — 1 glass lemon juice — 1 tbsp. l. sugar — 1 glass vegetable oil — 0.5 cups

Very tasty jellied curd cake with berries

Ingredients: Cottage cheese fat-free — 150 g Natural yogurt — 150 g Berries — 150 g (we have blueberries and strawberries) Gelatin — 2 tbsp Sweetener — to taste Water 100 g Preparation:

Sweets with nuts and jam

Sweets with nuts and jam On 20 items: Ingredients raspberry or strawberry jam — 100 g shortbread cookies (small round products) — 200 g (40 pcs.) milk chocolate — 200 g nut paste — 250 g rum — 1 tbsp. l. bitter chocolate — 100 g

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