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Cottage cheese with raspberries

The recipe for a delicate dessert, which will be loved by those who follow the figure. 6 servings Ingredients frozen raspberry — 150 g cottage cheese (fat content 18%) — 800 g eggs — 4 pcs. sugar — 300 g Vanilla Sugar — 1/2 Sachet

Strawberry cream cheese

  The perfect summer dessert – light, tasty and healthy, with fresh berries and fruits. Ingredients: sour cream-100 g, soft cottage cheese-300 g, strawberries-300 g, sugar to taste, mint for serving. How to cook:

The recipe for a children’s holiday — Layered yoghurt dessert

The recipe for a children’s holiday Take: 300 g chocolate chip cookies 300 g of fruit and berries to choose from 200 g of natural yoghurt without additives honey — to taste

Rolls with cottage cheese

The recipe for delicious desserts for the whole family. For 4 servings: Ingredients frozen puff pastry yeast — 200 g hard cheese — 50 g cottage cheese (fat content 18%) — 200 g thin slices of ham — 8 pcs. vegetable oil — for roasting

Roll with apricots

The recipe for a dessert for the whole family. For 8 servings: Ingredients canned apricots — 300 g juice — 1 lemon sugar — 100 g gelatin — 15 g eggs — 4 pcs. powdered sugar — 80 g

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