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Cake » Squirrel»

  Ingredients for the dough: Flour-450 gr Sugar-100 gr Sour cream-200 gr Butter-120 gr Egg-1 PC Garden-3 gr Ingredients for cream:

Cake Rigo Yanshi

  INGREDIENTS 150 g flour 180 g of sugar 5 eggs 1 tbsp corn starch berries for decoration For the cream: 120 ml of milk fat content of 3.5% 800 ml of cream with a fat content of 35%


  Cake prepared according to this recipe will surprise you with its tenderness, aroma well, and, of course, taste. Come in and treat yourself 🙂 Ingredients for » Chocolate curd cake»: Biscuit base Wheat flour-50 g Sugar-80 g Cocoa powder-1.5 tsp Chicken egg-2 PCs Impregnation for biscuit Water (boiling water) — 70 ml

Fruit cheesecake

Ingredients: — Wheat flour 1/2 Cup — Cottage cheese 700 g — Sour cream 150 — Granulated sugar 1 Cup — Milk 0.3 cups — 5 eggs — Vegetable oil 0.5 Cup Preparation:

Cake with pineapples

  INGREDIENTS ripe pineapple – 1 piece powdered sugar-2/3 Cup dark rum – 2 tbsp vanilla — 1 pod turmeric-1/2 tsp For the filling butter-180 g bitter chocolate (70%) – 200 g non-greasy cream-150 ml For the basics fine sugar-1/3 Cup

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