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Cake-meringue with nougat — are very tasty !!!

The recipe for medium complexity cake. Preparation of a delicious dessert will take 4 hours. 10 servings Ingredients milk chocolate — 350 g walnut nougat — 75 g cream (fat content 33%) — 400 ml egg whites — 6 pcs. salt — a pinch fine sugar — 170 g powdered sugar — 80 g

Biscuit chocolate in the multiсooker

It is also called «chocolate on boiling water», or a chocolate biscuit, delicate, moist, high, surprisingly tasty. Biscuit in the multivarker is quite easy to prepare for Sunday tea drinking, it can be used as a basis for a cake, it will be enough just to make a cream and an ornament. We need: • […]

Chocolate cake with oranges and almonds — Guests will be delighted!

A simple recipe for an unusual chocolate cake. Ingredients orange — 1/2 sugar — 3 tbsp. l. bitter chocolate — 300 g cream (fat content 33%) — 800 ml milk chocolate — 150 g Butter — 150 g powdered sugar — 150 g

Tart with chili

  For 6 people It will take: 100 g of butter 30 g of sugar 160 g of flour a pinch of salt 20 g of cocoa powder 400 ml cream (33% fat content)

Curd dessert with dried apricots — Delicious!

Cottage cheese mass will be more gentle and lush if you beat it with a mixer or properly «turn» it in a blender. Ingredients cottage cheese (fat content not less than 9%) — 300 g Butter — 50 g powdered sugar — 2 tbsp. l. vanillin — pinch dried apricots — 100 g coconut shaving […]

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