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Cake «Zuccotto»

Simple chocolate cake without flour (Diet foods)

  Ingredients: Large eggs-8 PCs — Chocolate-450 g Butter-200 g Coffee liqueur — 2 tbsp Preparation:


  INGREDIENTS for light oil biscuit: -27гр melange (mixture of yolk and albumen; eggs) — 22gr of powdered sugar — 22gr butter — 30gr of wheat flour sun __________ for chocolate biscuit: -275гр melange (mixture of yolk and albumen; eggs) -150g of sugar — 138gr wheat flour sun — 25gr 100% cocoa powder

Apricot-peanut cake.

All people are divided into two types — those who love peanut butter and those who do not. If you belong to the first type, then this recipe from Daria Saliti just for you! And if you are not imbued with peanut butter, then the more cook this cake, and perhaps you will forever reconsider […]

Cake » Squirrel»

  Ingredients for the dough: Flour-450 gr Sugar-100 gr Sour cream-200 gr Butter-120 gr Egg-1 PC Garden-3 gr Ingredients for cream:

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