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French cranberry tart — a delicate taste!

We prepare the most delicate dessert with fruit and berry filling and sprinkling of chocolate chips. 10 servings Ingredients For the test: flour — 120 g Ground almonds — 30 g butter — 100 g powdered sugar — 50 g For filling: apples — 450 g Butter — 20 g

Cake with cherry

The most delicate cherry cake, cooked by own hands, will become an ornament of any tea party. 12 servings Ingredients For the dough: butter — 170 g sugar — 100 g eggs — 2 pcs. salt — a pinch coconut chips — 35 g cocoa powder — 2 tsp.

Lenten pie with apples and cranberries (weight loss)

«Lattice» on the cake will be even rougher and more beautiful if you bake it with strong tea brewing before baking. Ingredients fresh yeast — 50 g sugar — 200 g salt — 1/2 tsp. flour — 550 g vegetable oil — 70 ml large sweet apples — 2 pcs. frozen cowberry — 150 g


  Ingredients: ✔ kiwi 2 PCs ✔ ° orange — 1 PC Preparation: As forms a suitable silicone I was not, I did in the glasses, it turns out just like eskimo! In addition to glasses, you need sticks for ice cream. We collect them, as often prepare desserts such as » banana chocolate.» 1. […]

Sour cream cake from a cracker

  Ingredients: Sour cream-500 g – Powdered sugar-150 g – Gelatin-30 g. (2 sachets) Cookies “cracker” – 300 g. Chocolate-200 g. (2 tiles) Fruits for decoration (bananas, grapes, strawberries), jelly for cakes Preparation:

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