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  The cake is called an open cake of a special short dough, usually kneaded without the addition of salt or sugar. It can be a dessert or main dish.Tarts, baked in small molds, called tartlets. — 1 pack of cream at least 33% (450 ml) — — 1 can of condensed milk — 300 […]


Delicious! For lovers of nuts. Ingredients: — Flour-200 -300 g — Crushed walnuts-2 cups peeled nuts (250 g) — Powdered sugar or sugar – 150g — Butter-150 g — Milk-50 g – Egg-1 PC. — Salt – 1/2H. L. For the cream:

Strawberry mousse for a cake

  Strawberry cream mousse is harmoniously combined with biscuit cakes, being an excellent layer for the cake. For a light version of the dessert, instead of sour cream, use thick natural yogurt without additives and fat-free cottage cheese. When using frozen berries, they are thawed and allowed to drain excess juice. Ingredients: Strawberry — 300 […]

Sticks with sprinkling

The recipe for cooking dessert from wafers, which will especially appeal to children. 10 servings Ingredients eggs — 3 pcs. sugar — 125 g soft butter — 100 g vanilla sugar — 1 sachet salt — a pinch Liqueur — 20 ml

Cake «Cappuccino»

  Ingredients For the cream: 400 ml heavy cream 8 g gelatin 80 ml coffee liqueur 2 tablespoons cocoa powder 100 g bitter chocolate 80 ml of freshly brewed coffee 2 tsp vanilla sugar For the test: eggs — 2 PCs a pinch of baking powder 20 g starch

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