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Cupcake classic

Is it not true, when you say «classic cupcake», first of all you see this equally strict and pretentious form of the product with hollows and bulges, remotely resembling an inverted daisy. But, however, it can be baked in the form of an elongated loaf or loaf. The main thing in a cake is not […]

Jelly «Festive»  

4 servings Ingredients eggs — 8 pcs. cherry, lemon, apple, orange jelly — 1 sachet Nucleoli of walnuts — 8 halves grapes (red and white) — 8 berries cream (fat content 33%) — 200 g powdered sugar — 100 g

Lemon-raspberry cakes

Rinse oil with sugar. Add flour, grind until crumbs are obtained. Add eggs, salt, knead the dough. Keep in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Distribute the dough in the form (30×20 cm), prick with a fork, put into the refrigerator for another 30 minutes. Bake at 180 ° C for about 15 minutes. […]

Creme brulee under the crust

For 4 servings: Ingredients vanilla — 1/2 pod milk — 250 ml egg or creamy liqueur — 100 ml dry mix for making cream ice cream — 200 g brown sugar — 4 tbsp. l.

Coffee cakes with cream

  We need 6 pieces: Eggs — 4 pcs. almond flour — 2.5 dl (110 g) Coconut flour — 0.5 dl (30 g) Sukrin — 1.5 dl (135 g) or Sukrin: 1 / Sukrin Gold is 30% smaller Cream for whipping — 1 dl (100 ml) The natural yoghurt is 1 dl (100 ml)

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