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Easter cake with taste of filling

  Thanks to these ingredients, it really turns Easter with a taste of filling at home. Delicate, fragrant and very tasty, just lick your fingers! In this case, the recipe is supplemented with a handful of candied fruits, but you can replace them with dried fruits, for example, or do not use additives at all. […]


  INGREDIENTS Flour-60 g Yolk of egg — 4 PCs Egg white-4 PCs Salt (pinch) Water (steep boiling water, 4 tbsp or) — 20 ml Sugar-40 g Puree (Apple, no sugar) — 250 g Fruit syrup (raspberry, 50 + 100) — 150 g Yogurt (thick Greek or low-calorie thick sour cream) — 900 g Powdered […]

Cupcake «Three desires»

We are accustomed to cupcakes and almost ceased to perceive them as a festive dessert. Meanwhile, the Easter cake and the «Christmas Stollen» are, in fact, cupcakes. And so much more festive! Prepare an amazing cupcake with nuts, raisins and chocolate under the beautiful name «Three Wishes», and it will give you and your guests […]

Curd cake with condensed milk

Curd cake with condensed milk without baking is an interesting dessert for a holiday. Easter turns out fragrant, gentle and just melting in the mouth. If desired, candied fruits can be replaced with dried fruits or nuts, or you can not use them at all. Melt the butter. In a deep bowl, mix cottage cheese, sour […]


  INGREDIENTS Jam (any, even, slightly fermented, I have black currant, five minutes) — 2 tbsp. (glass-250 g) -Wholegrain wheat flour — 2 tbsp. (glass 250 g) — Eggs-2 PCs. -Soda — 2 tsp (to repay vinegar) Water (boiled, cooled, if jam is too thick, approximately) — 50-100 ml (I didn’t use it) — Cream […]

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