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Peach smoothie

  Ingredients (4-6 servings): Milk (3.2% fat) – 500 ml, Cream (any fat content) — 500 ml, Peaches-1 kg, Water – 1 Cup, Sugar-200-250 g, Cinnamon ground (or vanilla sugar) — 1/2 tsp. Preparation: Wash peaches, cut into halves and remove bones. Put in a saucepan, pour water and cook over low heat until soft. […]

Citrus lemonade

  We will need: Oranges — 2 PCs – , Tangerines-2-3 PCs – , Citric acid — 2 tsp, Sugar – to taste, Carbonated drinking water-1 liter – Put oranges and tangerines in a large container and pour boiling water, leave for 1-2 minutes. Rinse the fruit well with a brush under running water. Cut […]

Pink sangria with strawberries and vanilla

  Ingredients for 4 servings: apples 1 PC. oranges 1 PC. strawberries 200 grams sugar 2-3 tablespoons. vanilla pod (optional) 1 PC. the juice of half a lemon rum 50 ml.

Blueberry shake with honey

  Ingredients for 2 servings: honey 2 tbsp blueberries 100 grams natural plain yogurt 125 grams milk 125 ml ice cubes if berries fresh 5 pieces. Preparation recipe: All ingredients are put in a bowl of blender (frozen berries are not pre-defrosted) and grind. Pour the glasses. Bon appetit! Hello! I — blogger, love of […]

A drink for a flat stomach! (weight loss)

  Women who tried this drink and two exercises for a flat stomach at home, claimed that their stomach soon became flat. In addition, this natural, healthy mixture detoxifies the body and eliminates all dangerous toxins, prevents water retention, strengthens general health and improves brain function and activity. How to prepare a drink Ingredients: 1 […]

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