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Smoothies of strawberries and milk (smoothie for weight loss)

  It will take: A glass of low-fat milk (can be yogurt); A quarter cup of low-fat yogurt; A handful of strawberries; Wheaten sprouts and honey — 2 tsp.

Fasting day

  diet Periodically, the body needs rest, not only from physical activities, work, environment, but also from food. Why do I need a day off? Even with the healthiest way of life, people often eat «something wrong», and if the regime of the day and the correctness of food intake are not observed, the organism […]

Smoothies of kiwi with oatmeal (low-calorie dish)

Nutritious smoothie is the perfect choice for breakfast in the summer. Ingredients boiled oatmeal — 2 tbsp. l. kiwi fruit — 3 pcs. low-fat kefir or natural yogurt — 200 ml

Lemonade with lime and rhubarb is tasty and healthy!

  For 4 servings: 400 grams of rhubarb 3 limes 200 g of sugar 4 sprigs of mint ice cubes Preparation: The rhubarb should be cleaned, washed and chopped coarsely.

Grilled hamburger

Ingredients for 6 pieces: beef or pork minced meat 700 grams buns for hamburgers 6 PCs. white salad bulb 1 PC. lettuce leaves 150 grams large tomato 1-2 PCs. salt & pepper to taste Preparation recipe:

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