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Smoothies with strawberries are very tasty !!

INGREDIENTS: 4 glasses of strawberry 1 glass of natural yogurt 0.5 glasses of orange juice 1 tbsp. l. honey

Smoothies made of mango — Tasty and healthy!

  The recipe for a wholesome drink-dessert from exotic fruit.Ingredients mango — 1 pc. banana — 1 pc. sweet and sour apple natural yogurt or skimmed yogurt — 300 ml basil — 2 sprigs lemon — 1 pc.

The Benefits of Smoothies

  Smoothies are useful in both sports lifestyle and weight loss. In addition, these cocktails are allowed in pregnancy, diseases of internal organs and other things when it is difficult to play sports, or not at all. What is so useful and beautiful smoothies? Here is the answer: It is a natural drink containing a […]

Smoothies for dinner — Vegetable smoothies (weight loss)

It will take: Cucumber, tomato — 1-2 pcs .; Celery stalk — 1 piece; Half onion; A glass of low-fat yogurt.

Three Proven BEVERAGE cold !!!

1. Bring to a boil 2 tablespoons vodka, add 1 tsp honey, a little butter. You can pour black pepper. Drink — and in bed. Assists 100% 2. At the first sign of a cold, you can make a drink of cinnamon and raspberry jam: Take 2 tablespoons jam and 1/2 tsp cinnamon, pour boiling […]

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