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Coffee with walnut syrup

Ingredients: espresso — 40 ml water — 40 ml vanilla syrup — 40 ml hazelnut syrup — 60 ml

5 drinks that preserve youth and health — 2

Soymilk makes the skin supple This is due to the record content of this beverage isoflavones. These natural ingredients help the skin produce collagen — a protein that gives it elasticity and elasticity. Isoflavones are phytoestrogens, because they are similar in structure to the human hormone estrogen. Although the effectiveness of isoflavones is much weaker […]

5 drinks that preserve youth — 1

Preserving an eternal or at least long youth — this question has worried humanity since time immemorial. In ancient fairy tales of different peoples they tell about wonderful juvenile drinks, which surprisingly help to restore youth and health. But let’s return from the fairy-tale world to the real world, to find there are quite real […]

EFFECTIVE recipe for cold.

An effective recipe for cold. In my opinion it could not be easier, but the effect is simply amazing. In a cup put 1 tbsp raspberry jam

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