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Chanakhi in the slow cooker

  We will need: The flesh of mutton – 500 g, Potatoes-500 g, Eggplant – 1 PC., Carrots – 2 PCs., Onions-1 PC., Tomatoes in own juice – 400 g, Garlic-3-4 cloves, Black pepper, salt – to taste, Greens – to taste.

Beef, marinated in lemons

  Lemon juice softens fine hard fibers, so the meat marinated in it, it turns out gentle and fragrant. Ingredients: Beef-1,3 kg (one piece), Lemon – 2 PCs., Olive oil – 4 tablespoons, Cayenne pepper-1 teaspoon, Salt – to taste. Preparation:


  Classic Viennese schnitzel is prepared from the tender veal, which must be repelled until the thickness of the piece will not be only 3-5 millimeters. The result is a juicy meat in a crispy breading. Ingredients: * veal (cue ball) — 2 pieces * wheat flour — 4 tbsp. * chicken egg — 1 […]

Rolls with fish and cheese filling

  Ingredients (for 2 rolls): The thin lavash – 2 sheets, Red salted fish (salmon or coho) — 300 g, Cream cheese (Philadelphia type) — 300 g, Olives stuffed with lemon or paprika-1 can, Dill-1 bunch, Lettuce leaves-12-24 PCs. (depending on size), Mustard «Russian» – 4 tsp.


  Ingredients: * Linguini-250 g * * canned tuna-370 gr * canned artichokes-400 g * arugula-50 g * avocado — 1 PC . * lemon juice-2 tablespoons * salt-to taste * ground black pepper-to taste Preparation:

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